Best Window Film for Heat Reduction – Office Window Tint

We provide the best window films for blocking heat in offices in Los Angeles as well as all commercial and residential properties. Office window tint is does not have to
be dark to block heat.

Clear Heat Block Window Tint Film

The amount of heat an office window tint blocks has to do with the construction and quality of the tint, not the shade being dark or light. If fact, office window tint can be completely clear and block a huge amount of heat and stop 99.9% of the UV from passing through the office window.

Clear heat blocking window films are one of our most popular commercial window tints, especially for storefronts where it is important for customers to be able to see in. Storefront window tinting will also protect the merchandise from fading and discoloring which is a very common problem.

Window Film to Block Sun Heat - Commercial Window Tinting in Los Angeles

best heat control window film

Commercial Window Tinting in Los Angeles

Window Tint LA specializes in commercial and residential window tinting in Los Angeles, providing window film solutions for such issues as glare, privacy, heat reduction, UV protection, graffiti protection for windows and more.

Commercial window film increases comfort and protection for both customers and employees. Contact us today for a completely free consultation at which time we can bring you heat blocking window tint samples, measure the windows, and find the perfect heat blocking solution for your office windows.

Window Film to Block Sun Heat - Commercial Window Tinting in Los Angeles

window film to block sun heat

Keep your Beautiful Views While Reducing Heat and Light Inside!

While living on the beach has it’s advantages, like the amazing view, it also can have some disadvantages as well. This includes the blazing summer heat that can occur as well as the harsh light invading your space from the same sun that gives you those gorgeous morning sunrises and evening sunsets. You can minimize the effect of these by applying a window film to the most vulnerable sides of your house.

If your main focus is to reduce heat, we usually recommend Huper Optik’s Ceramic line because they are the absolute best on the market and will block up to 98% of infrared heat. Infrared heat is the heat that you feel radiating through the glass even when the sun isn’t shining directly on it. This is the main reason why your house stays hot long after “high noon”. You can select a clear film so that there is no dimming your fantastic view or you can even go with a slightly darker tint to reduce the glare of the sun.

If you’d like to make sure that the sun isn’t too harsh inside of your house, we have quite the number of options for you. All of the films that we carry block 99.9% of UV rays. Besides the skin concerns we all have regarding UV rays, they are also the cause of fading of furniture and floors. By applying window films to your glass you can keep yourself and your belongings looking top notch for much longer!

Call us today to schedule a completely free consultation! We will come out, bring window samples which are yours to keep and answer any questions that you may have. We want to make sure that you are aware of any and all options available to you. This way you can make the best choice that will meet all of your needs and wants for your house!

Block heat

House before tint. Extremely hot and harsh sun.

block heat

We applied Huper Optik Ceramic with tint to reduce heat and glare from sun

Commercial Window Film for Downtown Long Beach

The need for commercial window film in downtown Long Beach is evident from the moment you walk off the southernmost end of the Blue Line commuter train: thousands of square feet of window glass, all around, seemingly endless. Inside, you wonder how all that square footage is kept cool. Savvy business and commercial property owners are aware of commercial window films for their properties and how very many benefits they bring on top of just looking cool. Looking cool might be a car-tinting thing; and automotive window tint films do a great job at that. But for businesses, it’s all about dollars and … sense.

Mesmerizing: Why Don’t More Downtown LB Businesses Invest in Protection?

Commercial window film in downtown Long Beach can be a mesmerizing experience. Why? Few business owners would NOT be impressed with the monthly savings on electricity bills, after commercial window film for Long Beach businesses is installed. The impact is immediate: modern quality glass films, like those produced by Huper Optik or LLumar, reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays, sometimes called UV light); as well as most of the infra-red light (UV rays) that is the sun’s way of causing warmth. Block IR light, and you’re making progress toward a more comfortable workplace.

Discourage Potential Trouble with Commercial Window Film

Customers and clients alike will feel cooler, more comfortable, and are more likely to continue coming to your business. Little frustrates business customers more than a graffiti-scarred front façade, or undesirables hanging out in front of a property. Commercial window film provides deterrence to criminal activity, because would-be suspects can’t see into the insides of a structure. Why even provide an incentive to burglarize? Get commercial window film, blur their vision into your property, and gain peace of mind that you’re done everything possible to enhance the weakest point of a building’s defense (the glass).

Back to the Cost Savings: Send Less to Edison or the DWP

Let’s say it up front: commercial window film for Long Beach businesses saves a ton of cash. Every month property owners or managers cut checks to local utilities for all that time the air conditioner was running. Imagine leaving the A/C off most of the time. Get commercial window tint film installed and force utility managers to look for other work. Just a joke, but not entirely. Commercial window film in Long Beach can be serious business – and mean serious business sense.

Stay Cool with Quality Commercial Window Film on Long Beach Properties

Quality window films like those manufactured by companies like Huper Optik or LLumar shield the view of valuable items located inside your business, such as computers, or inventory. Quality window films reject more than 99 percent of UV rays which are known to cause skin cancer, plus a much of the heating infra-red rays (IR rays). In the end, your return on investment (ROI) is a few years, maybe as little as a couple of years depending on savings on utility bills. Contact us today for more information about commercial window film for Long Beach properties, or real estate nearby like in Lakewood or Cerritos

Downtown Long Beach at a Glance

Long Beach, Calif. is at the southernmost portion of Los Angeles County and is the biggest city besides L.A. In many states, Long Beach would be a dominant or regionally significant municipality; but where it is located now, it will always be in the enormous shadow the City of Angels. And that’s just fine for those who live there. The population is around 465,000, and neighboring are Seal Beach and Los Alamitos of Orange County to the east; Lakewood, Paramount, Rancho Dominguez and Compton to the north; and over the L.A. River to the west, Wilmington and San Pedro. Long Beach is the 36th most-populous city in the United States, and 7th most-populated in the state of California.

commercial window tinting long beach

Window film installed at commercial space in Long Beach

building window tinting prices

UV protection film installed to protect floors and valuables inside commercial building

where to buy window tint commercial in long beach

Reduce heat with ceramic window tint!

Commercial tinting

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UV Protection Window Film in Eagle Rock: Among America’s ‘Hottest’ Cities

Not long ago the neighborhood was proclaimed as one of the “hottest” neighborhoods in America, so UV protection window film in Eagle Rock seems a sound concept. Of course, by “hottest,” the 2014 news reports referred to real estate, not weather conditions. Regardless, protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays or UV light) is important not only for us humans and our skin and eyes, but also for the insides of our homes, cars, business structures and marine vessels. Ultraviolet rays and the heating infra-red rays (IR rays or IR light) bake interiors and fade upholsteries, carpets, hardwood flooring and more.

Paint Protection or UV-Rejecting Window Film Avoids Fading or Discoloring

Sun-related fading and discoloring is a strong reason for UV protection window film in Eagle Rock or nearby communities. Homes in Eagle Rock are the older variety, not the new stucco’d Lego-looking structures that seem to sprout in communities overnight. These older homes often have hardwood flooring, older wood support structures like door and window frames, and owners who are older and therefore have antiques or collectibles inside. All are vulnerable to over-exposure to the sun and its UV rays and IV rays, meaning costs down the road for repairs or replacements. Modern window tint films are an investment now for big savings later.

Gain Peace of Mind that your Eagle Rock Home is Protected 24-7

Homeowners tend to assume a lot of things will get done each and every day, like watering lawns, or shutting curtains or blinds, but in reality it’s just not true. These tasks are mundane and easy to forget, so trying to fight off sun-related damage inside with what’s hanging right behind the glass is wishful thinking. Besides, what’s to stop the sun rays from deteriorating those same blinds or drapes? There’s yet another cost right there. Get UV protection window film for Eagle Rock homes and take UV rays right out of your mind.

Modern UV Protection Window Films Reject up to 99.9 Percent of UV Rays

Today’s modern UV protection window films for Eagle Rock homes or structures nearby reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays and most infra-red rays (IR rays or IR light) that cause heating or warmth. High-performing window tint films like those produced Huper Optik protect floorings, especially hardwood floors, along with furnishings, antiques, art or photos on the walls and much more by controlling the type and amount of light that goes through window glass. Have a lot of windows on your Eagle Rock home, or very large windows? Well, just multiply the potential for damages by that much more.

Window Film: One-Time Investment for Long-Term Dividends

Eagle Rock is a popular and long-standing neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles that presents plenty of chic with the number of stars who have lived there over the years including Marlon Brando and noted American author John Steinbeck. Many movies and television shows have been filmed there, for many reasons including how much you can trust that the weather will cooperate. The sun shines a majority of days each year and Eagle Rock homes get warmed each and every day by that solar energy. On the flip side that solar power damages your property inside and dings your pocketbook. Contact us today to learn how a one-time investment into UV protection film for Eagle Rock homes and commercial structures can pay big-time dividends down the road.

tint for home windows

Virtually clear film installed to protect floors and furniture from harmful UV rays!

residential house tinting in eagle rock

Huper Optik ceramic films are completely metal and dye free!

how much to tint house windows

Window film allows a natural view when looking out.

non reflective residential window tint glare reduction

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Window Film Tinting for Mission Hills Homes

Many areas of the San Fernando Valley could use help combating the sun’s harmful rays, so thinking about window film tinting in Mission Hills is natural. This part of the Valley, in the northeast quadrant, seems to get prolonged exposure to the sun each day and homeowners can struggle keeping houses cool through tough summer and early autumn days. Add to it the warm or sometimes hot winds that blow through the area and it can be an ongoing battle for Mission Hills homeowners to keep their houses cool and cozy. Hence the argument for residential window film tinting in Mission Hills and nearby communities like Sylmar, Pacoima and Arleta.

The Sun’s Spectrum of Light and Solar Power

Starting deliberations for residential window film tinting in Mission Hills, get an understanding of sunlight and the pieces of its spectrum. There’s visible light that we’re all familiar with, but there’s also infra-red light (IR rays) that provides the warmth. Finally there is ultraviolet light (UV rays) that provides the most damage. The latter two, IR rays and UV rays, if left unaddressed can wreak havoc inside your home both to humans and property inside. UV rays are known to cause skin cancer, can cause premature aging, and on property like hardwood floors or carpeting cause fading or discoloration.

Invisible but Ever-Working Danger in Mission Hills Homes

Both UV and IR light are invisible to our eyes but their work is ongoing especially in the Valley where the sun shines a good portion of the days in the year. While us residents and visiting tourists love all the sunshine, when it comes to your health and your property it is dangerous to overlook it. Hardwood floors, artwork on walls, photos in frames, merchandise in stores … You name it and UV light exposure can permanently alter it. Ultraviolet light creates a photochemical reaction when it hits floors, like hardwood especially those made of maple or oak which can turn yellow or get bleached with too much exposure.

Modern Window Tint Films Provide Steady Protection

Don’t forget about other items inside your Mission Hills homes that may be susceptible to prolonged exposure to sun rays, like carpeting, area rugs, even tiles. Ultraviolet light also damages upholstery, fabrics, cotton, linen, wool, silk, pretty much anything we typically see inside houses. Think about the big windows in the front of many older homes, or even skylights above, and how much sunlight they let in. Today’s modern window films can reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays and a good portion of IR light, even without overdoing the tint shade. These films can be ultra-protective and even add a touch of style to the exterior look of your Mission Hills home.

Learn How to Save Money, Get other Benefits with Window Film on Mission Hills Homes

Many housed in the Los Angeles area including in Mission Hills and Arleta are filled with exterior windows, purposely placed there long ago to enjoy all the sunshine and help add light ambiance to home interiors. Yet too much exposure can harm your health, cost you money in replacing faded items, and ultimately cost you money to keep your home cooler. Contact us today for more information about how quality window film tinting can save money on electricity bills, along with a slew of other benefits.


Window Tinting In Mission Hills

Maintain your natural view when looking out with window film

Window Tinting In Mission Hills

Residential window film includes a lifetime warranty!

Window Tinting In Mission Hills

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Window Tinting In Mission Hills

Strengthen your windows with profession window film installation

Window Tinting In Mission Hills

Reduce the Blinding Glare coming into your home with Widow Film

Window Tinting In Mission Hills

Lower the cost of your monthly energy bills


Residential Window Film in Westminster, the Orange County Mainstay

It’s rather amusing that the first line on Wikipedia about the place is it’s a city in Orange County in the “Los Angeles metropolitan area,” because there is so much more to Westminster and residential window tint can be so much a part of it. With about 90,000 people living in an estimated 26,400 households there’s a big demand for keeping cool inside in this community in the northwest part of the “OC.” It’s near enough to the ocean to get cool breezes sometimes but highs in August can reach 74 degrees on average. You can run air conditioning units all you want but eventually the monthly electricity bills take a toll.

Modern Technology Combating the Sun’s Harmful Effects

Quality residential window films like those made by Huper Optik or the American upstart Vista Window Film engage modern technology that doesn’t depend on deep dark tints to block sunlight. To start, most modern quality window films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer in humans and wreak havoc on personal property inside homes over time. Most also block a good portion of the heating infra-red rays (IR rays) that are responsible for heating your home when you don’t want it. In Westminster that could be any time of year.

A Home Improvement Addition to Modernize Westminster Homes

Residential window film in Westminster as well as in nearby communities like Seal Beach and Garden Grove makes sense because most of these post-war homes are not modernized with weatherproofing and other measures to keep coolness inside the house. No matter how much you blast the A/C it always seems like you need to crank it up. How many people remember mom yelling “Shut the door!” Because keeping older homes cool in hot days can be a real challenge. And it’s costly. Anyone interested in cutting electricity bills significantly should consider this simple one-time investment: window film on your home (or business) windows.

Crime-Deterrent Additional Side Bennie

Think about this: the average temperature in December in Westminster is 57 degrees. People are clicking on the A/C units in the winter, which is unnecessary. Quality window films like those by Vista Window Film can automatically keep home interiors cooler, without anyone hardly noticing why. Add to that a nice shade tint, maybe a 50 percent charcoal tint, or even a frosted decorative tint, and add to that. Plus with a shade tint or decorative feature you block the view of people passing by from peering into your home. Residential window film not only saves money, keeps your home comfortable and looks pretty cool from the outside – it also helps deter crime.

Westminster Home Owners can Control their Own Destiny

Westminster was founded in 1870 but like most cities nearby incorporated as a city in the post-war 1950s to control their own destiny – it was cityhood or be eaten by Los Angeles or Long Beach back then. Many old-time City of Westminster residents remain like that: they like to control their own destiny and don’t like outsiders telling them what to do. They can control the destiny of their property with residential window film on the glass openings into their homes. They can deter potential break-ins, enjoy a cooler and more comfortable interior and have more money to themselves to spend because their electricity bills will go down. Call us today for more information about residential window film in Westminster and nearby neighborhoods like Fountain Valley.



Window Tinting in Westminster

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Window Tinting In Westminster

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Window Tinting in Westminster

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Window Tinting In Westminster

Enhance your windows and prevent break ins with Security Window Film

3M Sun Control Window Film – Prestige Series – Residential

3M Sun Control Window Film – Prestige Series – Residential

Window Tint LA recommends 3M Prestige Series Window Film to many of our residential window tint clients for one main reason in particular: they love their homes and want them to look their very best. And in our opinion, residential window film is at its best when you can’t even tell it’s there, except in terms of…

Lowered Cooling Costs

Reduced Fading to Floors and Furnishings

Less Harsh Interior Glare

Pleasant Interior Temperature Without “Hot Spots”

3M Prestige Series window tint offers all those benefits to your residence. And more, in fact. Feel free to contact our offices today to discuss what 3M Prestige Series Sun Control Window Film can do your residence, or read on to learn more right now.

Solar Heat Reduction – Greater Comfort, Smaller Bills

Sunlight warms your home in two ways: infrared light, which is invisible but hot, and visible light, which is of course desirable, but is also partially responsible for hotter interior spaces. 3M Prestige window tint blocks an astonishing 97% of the sun’s infrared light, but blocks only about 30% of the visible portion of the sunlight spectrum. That combination results in a reduction of as much as 60% or more of the overall solar warming your home’s windows usually allow. That means a cooler, more comfortable home that doesn’t have those “hot spots” near the windows, and it means much smaller electric bills as you use your air conditioning system less and less.

Protected Flooring, Furniture, and Furnishings

Ultraviolet sunlight can discolor floors and carpets, it can fade the upholstery of your furniture and the fabric of window treatments like drapes and curtains, and it can bleach and washout artwork and photographs. But with 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Film on your home’s windows, UV light hardly stands a chance: this impressive window tint blocks as much as 99.9% of the ultraviolet light that would otherwise damage your home over time.

A Bright But Glare-Free Home

Glass windows allow you to enjoy the view, but they also allow in way too much sunlight, especially when oriented toward the east and/or west. 3M Prestige Series window tint allows in enough sunlight to keep your home bright and inviting, but it cuts out just enough visible light to prevent that harsh interior glare that makes TVs and computer screens hard to see and that leads to eyestrain and squinting. Don’t draw the blinds and block the view, just block the excess light with residential sun control window tint.

Improved Windows, Untouched Aesthetics

As noted earlier, one of the reasons so many residential window tint customers choose 3M Prestige Series Sun Control Film for their Los Angeles homes is the fact that you can hardly even tell they have been installed. Prestige Series window tint’s reflectivity is lower than that of glass, so both day and night, you’ll be able to see right through your windows without any reduction in clarity, without distortion of color, and without any perceptible change to the surface of the glass. These window films offer added privacy by dampening the view into your home from the outside, but they don’t change the appearance of the residence one bit.


3M Sun Control Window Film

Privacy window film provides 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays!

3M Sun Control Window Film

Window film includes a residential lifetime warranty!

3M Sun Control Window Film

Reduce heat in your home with high performance window film!

3M Sun Control Window Film

Preserve your natural view looking out

3M Sun Control Window Film

Lower your energy costs with window tint.

3M Sun Control Window Film

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Residential Window Film in Bridle Path, the West Simi Valley Enclave

If any neighborhood in the East Ventura County area needs it, window film whether for security or privacy in Bridle Path of Simi Valley should be atop the list. In particular Privacy window film in Bridle Path, this pseudo equestrian community of winding wide streets among the soft rolling hills makes perfect sense. Broadly the community is safe, pretty much secluded from the rest of west Simi Valley by its location away from the main “village” of this city exceeding 125,000 people. The trouble is you often get people on horseback riding on dirt paths right in from of your home, plus cars passing by as simple looky-lookers, and trouble can arise from what they might see inside.

Add Privacy to Your Residence in an Already Private Community

This neighborhood in the southwestern corner of the City of Simi Valley is nestled among the southern hills of the town pretty much at the south end of First Street before it bends west toward Wood Ranch. This is a unique place built in the mid-1970s and is unlike most others in town because it’s zoned for property owners to keep horses on their property. This can be good or bad for homeowners. It’s not always known who precisely these horse riders are – they could come from any part of town – so additional measures to protect your privacy such as residential window film can be a wise idea.

Residential Window Film as a Crime-Deterrent Measure

The 630 or so Bridle Path homes here are pretty spread out on decent-sized lots, with a decent mix of ranch-style homes many with pretty large back yard lots. In terms of safety the area is patrolled by the police department but because of its relative lack of crime figures patrols can be sporadic. A strong deterrent to even the thought of criminal intent is residential security window film especially on front windows that tend to be large to let inhabitants see from the inside-out to the views of the beautiful open hills. Security window film can include deep tint shades or even decorative frosts that prevent passersby from seeing clearly inside.

Safety Measure in Case of Accidental or Vandalism Breakage

Not letting would-be culprits break in is part of the job with residential safety film in Bridle Path or nearby neighborhoods like Wood Ranch or Sinaloa Lake. The second part is safety. Should a hard object strike a window, glass improved with window film won’t just explode into a zillion little pieces and leave a gaping entrance to your property. The film holds the pieces, albeit broken, into place and often still attached to the frame serving as an obstacle to entry. On top of that, the film serves as protection from people or pets inside from the propelled flying shards of glass. Often this film is known as safety film for that very reason.

Attraction Point come Re-Sale Time in Bridle Path

The Bridle Path Homeowners Association is among the most active in town as these homeowners truly care about their properties and the neighborhood they live in. Selling a Bridle Path home usually is not difficult given their sizes, unique styles and location in town. However come re-sale time it does not hurt to differentiate by being able to say the window film actually keeps the insides cooler and therefore saves owners hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in electricity bills. Today’s modern window films reject almost all ultraviolet light from the sun, which are known to cause skin cancer but also heat up homes more than you might imagine. Call us today for more information about safety or security window film in Bridle Path or other areas of Simi Valley to learn about the true benefits of this simple home-improvement project.


Residential Window Film in Simi Valley

Add Security to your home with security film.

Residential Window Tinting Simi Valley

All of the films we carry block 99.9% of UV rays, which is responsible for fading of floors and furniture

Window Tinting in Simi Valley

Reduce the glare and provide more privacy to your home

Residential Window Film in Bridle Path

Keep a natural view looking out and still get privacy

Residential Window Film in Bridle Path, the West Simi Valley Enclave

Add glare reduction to your home with beautiful frosted film

Residential Window Film in Bridle Path, the West Simi Valley Enclave

Professionally Installed window tint to reduce heat


Commercial Window Film in Pico-Robertson Neighborhood of L.A.

“Business property owners are wise to apply commercial window film and save significantly each month in terms of air conditioning costs.”

The neighborhood’s situation sandwiched between Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles, and Mid-City to the east, means commercial window film in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles is attractive for a number of reasons. Numerous and varied businesses line major corridors like Pico and Robertson boulevards; and the entire subregion provides a lot of jobs and significant economic boost. Business property owners are wise to apply commercial window film and save significantly each month in terms of air conditioning costs. Plus cooler interiors mean happier customers, who would be more likely to return, and more-productive workers.

Old Buildings cannot Keep Temperatures Cool – without Help

Pico-Robertson is a pretty densely populated community, in what is known as the Westside area of Los Angeles. Its population today can be estimated at around 20,000, and the neighborhood has a significant Jewish population. It has one of the highest population densities in all of the City of Los Angeles, and its residents are a bit older when compared with other L.A. communities with a media age of 36. You could also say that about the structures of Pico-Robertson – they are older than most you’ll see all over Los Angeles, and because of that can be trickier to keep cool. Without significant weatherproofing these business buildings can leak cold air and stress air conditioning systems.

Clean Front Business Façade Part of Marketing

Considering its neighboring communities like Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills, Carthay and Mid-City, Pico-Robertson can be quite alluring for business owners and entrepreneurs. So many people live in this neighborhood that it’s difficult not to think about the business potential. However, no matter how solid a business (and its business plan) is, little dissuades potential customers more than evidence of vandalism on a property. Leaving graffiti uncleaned is like telling people you don’t care about your appearance. Maintaining a clean exterior appearance is a public relations position for a business, and commercial window film helps deter criminal acts before they occur.

Commercial Window Film as Crime-Deterrent Measure

Quality commercial window film, especially those with a deep tint shade or even decorative film, blurs visions into your building – and helps would-be culprits to move on. Why let passersby see your most valuable inventory or computer equipment for workers? Don’t give them an opportunity to make that decision to act. For retail establishments, however, it might be wise to go with a clear window film, one that provides protection from the sun’s powerful rays but lets people on the sidewalk what there is to purchase inside. Buildings dominate by offices can go with a deeper tint shade, say a 30-percent charcoal tint. This makes the exterior look better while adding a little protection oomph with the tint shading.

Sound Investment Delivering Dividends for Years

The bottom line is commercial window tinting in Pico-Robertson helps keep interiors of buildings much cooler. In the long run, this saves owners thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. You will notice the lack of need for the air conditioning unit to run all the time. Spots inside buildings that seem to always have the sun shining will not be as prone to damages – because modern window films reject more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and a good portion of the heating infrared rays (IR rays). Commercial window film in Pico-Robertson is a sound investment that will deliver dividends for years to come.

Commercial Window Tint

Lower your energy costs with window film.

Window Tint Near Me

Reduce the heat in your location with our film.

Home Window Film Tinting in Newbury Park

“The same window films blocking most UV light can still allow the majority of visible light to enlighten your Newbury Park home.”

In this unincorporated community of East Ventura County, broaching the topic of home window film tinting in Newbury Park should catch the ears of neighbors. The community is a mix of older and newer homes, mostly single-family residences against the backdrop of rock-formation mountains that drop away “over the hill” out to the sea. There’s plenty of sunshine to go around in Newbury Park and nearby neighborhoods like Dos Vientos and Thousand Oaks. Plus, there are numerous homes with huge windows that provide the good and the bad. The good means views, if your property is situated well there in the northwestern corner of the Conejo Valley.

A Bit on IR Rays and UV Rays in Newbury Park

The bad is this: homes with windows that let in too much of the sun’s rays. Of the three primary parts of its spectrum, sunlight’s infrared light and especially its ultraviolet light cause heating and damage inside homes. Left unaddressed, these sun rays can dry and redden skin, dry out and damage hardwood floors, blinds, drapes, carpets and more. Infra-red rays (IR rays) are responsible for the sun’s warmth, and while they’re not known to cause cancer in humans, IR rays are suspected of setting the foundation for other elements to cause cancer, such as ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and skin cancer.

Invisible Dangers Lurk in Well-Lighted Newbury Park Homes

Infra-red light and ultraviolet light both are invisible to the human eye – but we know they’re there because we can feel it. As with most communities in the Greater Los Angeles area, Newbury Park enjoys hundreds of days of sunshine each year. Sunlight is a great attraction for residents and tourists, but left unaddressed it can cause considerable problems for real properties. Hardwood floors, artwork on walls, merchandise in retail outlets, you name it and UV light has chipped away at it. Hardwood flooring especially those of maple or oak are known to bleach and yellow with too much UV exposure.

Floorings, Upholstery and More Affected by UV Light

In reality all types of flooring from hardwood to carpeting, area rugs and all types of tile, will be damaged by ultraviolet light if it’s allowed to shine down unchecked. What is known as a photochemical reaction takes place whenever UV light rests on the floors of your property. Potential damage is not limited to floors. Upholstery is not immune and fabrics, particularly those dark or richly colored, or antique fabrics, are really susceptible to UV light damage. Ultraviolet light can discolor or bleach cotton, linen, wool and silk. Sofa cushions and arm rests, foot rests, lamp shades – the losses in your Newbury Park home can form a nearly endless list.

Quality Home Window Tint Films Reject Nearly All UV Rays

Then there’s damage to people to consider with home window film tinting in Newbury Park and nearby neighborhoods like Lake Sherwood. Stock glass windows do little to reject UV light, which can increase the risk for skin issues even including skin cancer. You can let plenty of light inside to illuminate those rooms; you just should control which part of the spectrum to welcome in! Quality home window tint films such as those made by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. That doesn’t mean complete blackout window film, either. The same window films blocking most UV light can still allow the majority of visible light to light up your Newbury Park home. Please contact us today for more detailed information!

Security Film

Enhance your windows and prevent break ins with Security Window Film

UV Protection

Continue to enjoy your view looking out

UV Protection

Stop the fading of floors/furniture/valuables with UV protection film

Privacy Frost

Privacy Frost gives you total privacy day and night

UV Protection

All the films we carry block 99.9% of UV Rays