Bird Safety Window Film in Seacliff Area of Huntington Beach

The community name itself speaks volumes for the need for bird safety window film in Seacliff, an enclave near Huntington Beach in one of the most desirable beach areas of Orange County. This is an area with an exclusive country club but perhaps more importantly some very valuable real estate including huge homes – with massive windows. The windows of course were designed to allow killer views of the ocean and nearby sites. But they also let in a considerable amount of solar energy, and pose a danger to the many seagulls and other bird life known for the area.

Ongoing Protection from Harmful Sun Rays

Seacliff homes are valued typically around the seven-figure range, if not much higher. The SeaCliff Country Club is among the best-known private clubs and golf courses in the region if not the nation. For those unfamiliar with Huntington Beach, there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular beachside communities in Southern California. The geographic situation makes for stunning sunsets, the great waves, and total beach vibe. But all that sunshine that locals and visitors appreciate can be harmful if not handled properly. Ultraviolet rays (UV rays) in particular are troublesome as they can cause skin cancer in humans, and inside houses they dry out and damage things like carpets, hardwood floors and drapery.

Bird Danger is Real for Large Windows

Residential window films, bird safety window film in particular, do wonders on properties in places like Seacliff or nearby locales like Huntington Beach or Seal Beach. Not only do these window films reject nearly all UV rays and a good portion of the heat-bearing infra-red rays from the sun, they offer protection from bad things that can happen from the outside. Birds for instance. Anyone who’s ever witnessed or heard a fast-flying bird crash into a major home or business window understands. Not only can birds cause an expensive window replacement, there are the winged friends themselves to consider. By simply adding a little tint shade or decorative element to the glass this can be avoided.

Helping Birds See – but also Improving the Look of Your Home

The bottom line is the better birds can see the glass the less likely they are to crash into it. And there are a lot of birds in this seaside paradise, not just from the ocean but also from sanctuaries like nearby Bolsa Chica State Beach. With quality window films like those made by Vista Window Film or the renowned Huper Optik you have a myriad of choices in terms of tint shades or even decorative touches like frosting. It may not sound like much, but you can be amazed what a little color can do on square footage on a house frontage – all that clear glass, which unimproved is essentially wasted space.

In the End, Residential Window Film Saves Money

So bird safety film in Seacliff offers a property protection from window breakage in case of an errant bird – and much more. Of interest to cost-conscious Orange County residents is the significant savings in electricity costs each month as modern window films reject an amazing amount of solar energy. The UV ray and IR ray rejections alone keep a house cooler naturally. This means less reliance on the air conditioning unit – and ongoing savings. Call us today for more information about bird safety window film, or other types of window tinting for residences, in Seacliff, Huntington Beach or elsewhere in Orange County.

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Bird safety window films have lines visible by birds to prevent crashing

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Help keep birds alive by installing bird safety window film

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Bird Safety Window Film in Rancho Palos Verdes

The hilltop location right on the ocean makes it unsurprising that bird safety window film in Rancho Palos Verdes is an attractive home-improvement option for owners of homes or business structures. Besides the abundance of seagulls and other aviary friends natural to the seaside setting, Rancho Palos Verdes is known to have a significant population of wild peafowl. All this along with an abundance of sunshine and other dangers to windows make residential window film a wise idea for Rancho Palos Verdes property owners. Bird safety window film, in particular, makes sense because it’s a simple measure to protect both birds and people inside homes.

Big Windows: Cons Come with the Pros

Rancho Palos Verdes is a city, incorporated in the early 1970s, atop the Palos Verdes Hills in a noticeable location between San Pedro and Torrance. Most longtime Los Angeles area residents are aware that the city’s biggest attraction point is its hilltop location and cliffs that drop off to 15,561 Pacific Ocean, allowing awesome views of the sea as well as Santa Catalina Island. To take advantage, many homes there feature large windows to allow for viewing out. The trouble is those same big windows let in a lot of solar energy, and if unimproved with window film present a danger from fast-flying birds.

Getting that Home Edge in the RPV

With an estimated 15,561 households in RPV (as many locals call it), and many of them upscale larger structures, many homeowners seek an edge in any number of areas – an exterior addition to differentiate from others homes, shading elements from certain angles, crime-deterrent changes just in case. Quality residential window films like those offered by Huper Optik or the newer Vista Window Film brand provide benefits in a number of areas. First, quality window film can add a touch of style to a home’s front façade with, say, a mild tint shade, or even a decorative frost on certain windows like to bathrooms or side rooms.

Electricity Bill Savings Significant with Residential Window Film

Perhaps more importantly, bird safety window film in Rancho Palos Verdes can provide significant savings on electricity bills because modern window films reject a tremendous amount of solar energy and keep home interiors cooler. Keeping the air conditioning unit off more of the time eases pressure on the electrical grid and can result in hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in savings annually. On top of that owners can enjoy more comfortable living conditions without having to think much about it. The residential window films keep the heat out naturally, many with modern film technology advances.

Back to Bird Safety Window Film for Rancho Palos Verdes Properties

Finally there’s protection from all those birds in Rancho Palos Verdes and nearby neighborhoods like Rolling Hills. With bird safety film, a tint shade of even the lightest like maybe 75 percent provides a visual so birds are more likely to avoid flying into the glass. As well, with window film applied, upon a major impact a window won’t explode into countless small sharp objects and leave a gaping unprotected hole. With film, a broken window’s pieces are held together maintaining an obstacle for would-be intruders and protecting people and pets inside from potential injury. In this city of about 42,000 residents, any advantage to add to a home is a worthwhile investment.



Window Tinting In Rancho Palos Verdes

Before bird security film was installed in Rancho Palos Verdes home

Window Tinting In Rancho Palos Verdes

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Window Tinting In Rancho Palos Verdes

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Window Tinting In Rancho Palos Verdes

Security film will not propel shards of glass upon impact.

Bird Safety Window Film in Bluff Heights of Long Beach

“Owners might be amazed at how much cooler their home stays all the time with window film on Bluff Heights homes.”

The neighborhood’s name along suggests that bird safety window film in Bluff Heights could be a good idea. This seaside community in the southernmost part of Long Beach features many older homes with “architectural integrity” that owners wish to preserve, mostly in the Craftsman or California Mission styles. These homes look neat but often have large windows to enjoy the sunshine and views – but that are an open target for a misguided bird, or troublesome vandals. The neighborhood’s location atop the major bluff overlooking the “long beach” means many of our winged friends frequent the area.

Nitty-Gritty on Bird Safety Window Film for Bluff Heights Homes

What would bird safety window film in Bluff Heights accomplish? First, the window film provides protection for both the bird and people inside the home should a fast-moving or large bird accidentally crash into a window. Not everyone has experienced this but it does happen: birds do not see the glass and crash into the window. Second, a bird safety window film can be shade tinted or even frosted decoratively, which makes a home façade look cool but also makes the glass visible so birds might steer clear. Finally, the added film strengthens glass and holds pieces together upon breakage, preventing injuries inside.

Quality Window Films Protect from Overbearing Sunshine, Too

Bluff Heights homeowners not convinced that birds are a danger should know that all that sunlight dripping into the interior does indeed pose problems. Sun-driven ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and heating infra-red light (IR rays) dry out and damage items inside a home like hardwood floors, carpet, blinds, drapes and nearby furniture. Ultraviolet rays also are known to damage human skin. A modern, quality residential window film rejects more than 99 percent of UV rays and provides other benefits such as glare reduction, IR ray rejection and total solar energy rejected (TSER).

Long-Term Investment into Preservation

The Bluff Heights neighborhood is recognized as a historic district so major building changes fall under special codes to preserve the architecture. Actually, quality window films will do just that: protect the wood and support elements inside from too much drying due to sunlight exposure. A window tint film on a home is an investment toward protecting the structure and what’s inside. Since this is a seaside community there is potential not only for too much sunlight from above but also from the horizon as sun rays bounce off the ocean. Owners might be amazed at how much cooler their home stays all the time with window film on Bluff Heights homes.

Energy Savings Galore with Window Film in Bluff Heights

Then there is the savings on electricity bills each month by not running the air conditioning system as much thanks to the energy-rejecting quality of the film on one or more windows. Quality window films are known to reduce the heat invading your home through window glass by as much as 84 percent. Do the math and get an idea on how much you can save on electricity bills. The savings can reach into four figures on an annual basis. Plus your home looks cooler from the outside, and feels more comfortable on the inside.

Bluff Heights at a Glance

The Bluff Heights neighborhood of south Long Beach is directly north of Bluff Park, a beautiful grassy leisure area with excellent views of the ocean and nearby harbor. The neighborhood is sandwiched along the shore by Alamitos Beach in the west and Belmont Heights to the east. It stretches roughly from 4th Street toward the ocean to Broadway, and between Junipero and Redondo avenues.

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Bird Safety Window Film in Lake Manor near Chatsworth

“Sometimes very large birds, ones that can make nights noisy, and pose a threat to windows on your property.”

Quaint is one word that residents offered to describe the community, an indication that bird safety window film in Lake Manor in the west San Fernando Valley could catch on. There’s quite a bit of history in this nook of the Simi Hills – old flyers once advertised “cabin sites,” and plenty of evidence of the past remains. Regarding current structures there are threats in Lake Manor and nearby communities like Chatsworth and West Hills. Lots of rocks lie around, chipped off the huge sandstone boulders notable for the area. And there are birds. Sometimes very large birds, ones that can make nights noisy, and pose a threat to windows on your property.

When ‘Peacock’ Sighting Makes Community Headlines

A Lake Manor neighborhood website page local to Lake Manor recently featured a post letting everyone know where … a peacock was sighted. Peacocks and peahens are an import to the region, namely “over the hill” in the Santa Susana Knolls neighborhood of Simi Valley. These large, flightless fowl are noisy at night, perch on porches and leave large droppings. In short, they are an annoyance for many homeowners. But nuisance is one thing; forcing costly repairs something else entirely. If you have concerns about accidental window breakage in Lake Manor, look into bird safety window film or security window film for peace of mind.

Window Film as an Interior Safety Amenity

Residential bird safety window film in Lake Manor means having experienced technicians properly adhere a thin coat of film to the glass where you want it (not every owner chooses to tint every window). More on the qualities of the film later, but first, think about when a solid object hits and breaks glass. Without reinforcement the window would shatter and propel small sharp glass fragments all over the place, causing potential for injury. A window film on the same window would prevent the fragmenting and hold the window – albeit in damaged pieces – together and often to the frame.

Reinforce those Large Openings around Your Lake Manor Home

The aspect of reinforcing your home’s windows is too often overlooked. Windows are the weakest point in the overall protection scheme for a home. All that’s stopping the outside world from penetrating these large openings is thin glass. With film attached and a window not disappearing during impact, an obstacle remains for would-be intruders. Any deterrent to an illegal entry should be welcomed by homeowners. Add to that a film tint shade, or even ornamental window film like the frosted variety, and your windows help distort the vision of would-be culprits into your home. They may not be likely to attempt entry if they’re unsure about the prize inside.

Contact Us for Details about Window Film in Lake Manor

Finally, there’s bird protection in Lake Manor, and window film can help. First, as mentioned above, film-adhered windows do not shatter on impact. This protects the poor peacock or fast-flying bird that crashed into the glass in the first place. Secondly, if you add a tint shade or decorative window film, the window glass no longer is invisible to birds. Why do you think they fly into windows in the first place? They don’t know the glass is there! Shaded or decorative window film is a protective measure for residential properties in a number of ways. Please contact us today to learn more about window film in Lake Manor or any other Los Angeles area community.

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Help protect birds with window film

window film for birds

Make your home safe for birds

window film for birds

Bird safety window films have lines visible by birds to prevent crashing

bird safety window film

Help keep birds alive by installing bird safety window film

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Bird Safety Window Film in Santa Susana Knolls of Simi Valley

“It’s one reason why Susana Knolls homes are strong candidate for bird safety window film.”

Among any Los Angeles-area neighborhood, bird safety window film in Santa Susana Knolls could top the list in terms of need. Old-timers in this unincorporated rock-dotted corner of east Simi Valley dispute how it started, but peacocks and peahens have a history here. Their noises – a distinct preening sound usually at night – are a joy to some, nuisance to others. Where they can be problematic though is in their size. A peacock can cause real damage to a home property. With so many in the Knolls neighborhood the odds increase for a high-speed peacock to crash into cars, walls and, yes, windows.

Strong Candidates for Bird Safety Window Film

It’s one reason why Susana Knolls homes are strong candidate for bird safety window film. Peacocks and -hens and other species of birds are always a threat to windows, especially larger homes with big windows. The Knolls with its rolling terrain can feature properties with views, and big windows are commonly situated just for that reason. The larger the window, the bigger the potential for a big break. Bird safety window film can add a touch of charcoal tint shading, or a decorative element like frosting, to window glass to let birds see it and hopefully avoid. Such touches also boost privacy inside the home.

Boost Privacy and Security in Susana Knolls

Besides the disposition of local winged friends, bird safety window film can provide other benefits for Susana Knolls homes. The increased privacy is important from a security perspective, because the area is patrolled by county sheriff’s deputies, and not regularly. And Knolls residents like it that way. They are notoriously private, and wary of unknown visitors. Add something to your home windows to prevent would-be troublemakers from peering inside, and they might be less likely to attempt a break-in later. You can get added privacy and crime-deterrence at the same time.

Be Prepared for Mischief and the Unexpected

Understand that birds aren’t the only threat to windows in Susana Knolls. This is a territory dominate by large sandstone rock formations, which chip off plenty of smaller stones available for mischievous children to throw around. Huge ancient oak trees drop branches and large acorns, and strange wildlife can roam the shadowy hills. Having a window tint film on your Knolls home windows is an amenity that can impress visitors, and potential home buyers down the road. There’s not a lot of room for significant home improvement addition projects in the Knolls, so every little additional feature means that much more value-wise.

Safety Outside – and Inside – in Susana Knolls

Contact us and ask about bird safety window film, in Santa Susana Knolls or nearby communities like Chatsworth, Sinaloa Lake or Wood Ranch. These window films help protect our winged friends as much as they benefit property owners. A window film reinforces glass on windows, preventing breakage into small, sharp flying pieces that can hurt people and pets inside. This interior safety element can be important for many homeowners, and actually could maintain an obstacle should an intruder attempt entry. Window film-reinforced window glass tends to stay attached to the frame, in bigger albeit damaged pieces. The glass won’t just break away en masse and leave an unprotected opening to your home.

Santa Susana Knolls at a Glance

This neighborhood is not to be confused with what is known as Santa Susana, which is centered at Tapo Street and Los Angeles Avenue to the west. That community was rather absorbed into the City of Simi Valley upon incorporation in 1969. That same vote excluded the Knolls from city consideration – by choice of its residents. The Knolls as it’s commonly known is located at the southern end of Kuehner Drive, along Katherine Street where Santa Susana Pass Road bends toward Chatsworth and Los Angeles.

Bird Safety Film

Save a life with Bird Safety Window Film

Bird Safety Film

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Bird Safety Film

Stop birds from flying into the glass

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Bird Safety Window Film in Victor Heights, near Chinatown

“A window film reinforces glass on windows, preventing it from breaking into a lot of small, sharp flying pieces upon breakage.”

Of all the Los Angeles neighborhoods and sub-districts, bird safety window film in Victor Heights may be most attractive. This is, after all, a neighborhood made famous for its peafowl by a 2009 Los Angeles Times article. Like other neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles area, notably the Susana Knolls community in east Simi Valley, peacocks and -hens are commonplace in Victor Heights, which is west of Chinatown outside of downtown. Besides their noisiness – they are known for peculiar preening sounds at night – peacocks and hens pose danger for home windows. It’s a reason why Victor Heights is a prime candidate for bird safety window film.

Birds ‘Part of the Neighborhood’

“They’re part of the neighborhood,” a Victor Heights neighbor told the Times. “They’re nice to have around, and they’re not hurting anybody.” Well, peacocks and hens, and other types of birds are always a threat to windows, especially larger homes with bigger windows and lots of them. Ask your window tint installation company about bird safety window film, which helps protect our winged friends as much as it benefits home owners. A window film reinforces glass on windows, preventing them from breaking into a lot of small, sharp flying pieces upon breakage. It’s an interior safety element many homeowners do not consider.

Window Film as a Crime-Deterrent Home Improvement Project

Besides protecting those inside the home, bird safety window film in Victor Heights or nearby communities like Chinatown and Echo Park deters those outside from getting in. Because the film tends to hold broken glass pieces to the window frame, upon impact with a solid object the glass does not just break away leaving a gaping hole. By holding the broken window pieces in place, albeit in a very cracked mode, it remains an obstacle for someone trying to enter. Add a darker tint shade or even frosted decorative window film and they might not make the attempt in the first place. Culprits are less apt to try to enter properties when they don’t know what’s inside.

‘Forgotten’ by Some, Not by All

Victor Heights long ago got the nickname “Forgotten Edge,” because police couldn’t locate the district after calls to report crimes. That’s not always true for no-gooders out looking to take your property. Why even give them that itch? Bird safety window film, or tint-shaded or decorative window film, blocks views from the outside into your home. If you have valuables like clocks or art, you can’t remember to keep the blinds or shades drawn all the time. Plus, window film provides extra protection from the sun’s rays, which help not only you but the property items inside. The sun’s rays, particularly ultraviolet rays (UV rays) dry out and seriously damage things like carpets over time.

Preventative Measure for Bird-Related Window Breaks

Victor Heights is a neat Los Angeles neighborhood with often stunning views into downtown L.A. The height noted in its name, though, make homes there target for accidental bird crashing into windows. Anyone who’s witnessed or heard a flying bird colliding with a home window knows how frightening it can be. Besides the sound, if a bird is large enough or carries enough velocity, the glass could break – causing a costly mess that also could cause injuries if preventative measures are not there. Bird safety window film is a good option for homes prone to large flocks of birds in the area.

Bird Safety Film

Prevent Birds from flying into your windows

Bird Safety Film

Prevent bird suicide with Bird Safety Film

Bird Safety Film

Save a feathered life, Bird Safety Window FIlm

Bird Safety Film

Film not only save a bird’s life it will also protect your family from harmful uv rays

Bird Safety Window Film in Cardiff, a Jewel in North San Diego


” … for homeowners it can mean a broken front window, a very expensive proposition.”

Not too many homeowners in other communities may think much of this; but bird safety window film in Cardiff by the Sea can be a hot commodity. This little enclave of North San Diego County hosts beautiful homes facing the Pacific Ocean and fine beaches as far as the eye can see. It also features a robust amount of animal life, including birds and seagulls. Cardiff property values can be high due to the proximity to the sea; so many homeowners go with very large windows to enjoy views. Hence the problem: birds that can’t see glass come crashing into windows. And there are a lot of birds in San Diego County.

Prevent Breakage and Replacement Costs with Bird Safety Window Film

Now, the situation is bad enough for bird lovers who worry about their flying friends. But for homeowners it can mean a broken front window, a very expensive proposition. It also can scare the heck out of you, if you’ve ever experienced seeing or hearing a bird in full flight crash into a window. Luckily there’s bird safety window film for residents of Cardiff or nearby communities like Leucadia. Sunsets at Cardiff Beach can be stunning, and that’s an understatement. The bluffs near Cardiff and nearby provide excellent viewing spots – and nesting places for birds of many varieties. And there are always plenty of pesky seagulls.

Boost Home Security with a Window Tint

Officially, Cardiff is part of the City of Encinitas, along the North San Diego coast between La Jolla and Carlsbad, and Oceanside. The neighborhood of about 12,000 residents is a surfer’s paradise. But like many beach communities it can attract transients, and other unwanted elements of society. Window tint film can benefit homes by not only protecting from bird-caused breakage, but also to deter crime. Deep-shaded tints or even decorative window films prevent passersby – and would-be thieves – from seeing inside your home. Unscrupulous individuals are less apt to re-visit a home at night if they don’t know what’s inside.

Bird Safety Window Tint in Cardiff as a Safety Measure

Whether birds or bad guys, with film on the glass, windows are less likely to collapse or otherwise hurt people when broken. Say a burglar hits your side window with a hard object. A window with film usually will remain in the frame, cracking and bending but not completely collapsing and leaving a gaping open hole. This slows the burglary effort down, buying time for a neighbor to hopefully hear it or scaring away the culprit entirely. Additionally, upon impact sharp shards of glass will not fly into the interior, preventing potential injury to people or pets.

Variety of Options for Window Tint – for Birds and Buyers

Bird safety window film in Cardiff and other North San Diego locales is available in a variety of colors and tint shades. Adding a tint or color helps the birds; they are more likely to see and avoid unclear glass. But also consider potential buyers of your home. A tinted window on a home can improve the look of the front façade. Likewise with a decorative window film, such as a frosted look, which would make the property stand out from others in the neighborhood. In home sales differentiation is a key sales element. Make your property stand out from the rest. And a final word: residential window tint can keep homes cooler, meaning significant long-term savings in electricity bills because you can leave the air conditioner off.

window tinting for birds

Bird safety film installed to help birds see the glass

window tinting for birds

Bird safety film has lines that are visible to birds

window tinting for birds

Help save birds by installing window film

window tinting for birds

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Bird Safety Window Film

According to a recent study, up to about 1 billion birds die from window strikes in the United States each year. Often times birds will hit glass and will become temporarily stunned and fly away. The birds often die later due to internal bruising and bleeding.

There are two main reasons why these window collisions occur. The first happens during the day, birds crash into windows after seeing the reflection of landscape. Sometimes they even see potted plants through the glass, and think that the area is safe. The second reason this happens is at night. Nocturnal migrants are regularly lured to the glass by lights. Lights frequently divert birds from their original path, mainly in foggy or low ceiling conditions. This causes the birds to either collide with each other or the lighted structure.

Safeguarding your windows is easy and can help to prevent the number of bird deaths in the United States. There are several home remedies available to solve this problem. Window Tint LA offers bird safety window film that will prevent birds from flying into your glass. The film has horizontal lines that the birds are able to see, so that they will not mistake reflections for clear flight paths.

Are you ready to help stop the number of bird deaths that occur each year? Call Window Tint LA today! We offer completely free consultations. We will measure your glass, give you film samples that are yours to keep, answer your questions and provide a quote on the spot! Call us today at 310-935-1748. We are open 7 days a week!

solyx window film

Window film to help keep birds safe

Residential Window Film

View of window film from inside

Bird Safety Film For Your Home

Its an unforgettable sound that would just make you cringe. That loud unexpected THUD…. when a bird flies into the glass. All too often birds tend to fly into glass committing bird suicide its not something that they do on purpose per say. Birds look at the glass and see the reflection of the sky, trees and think they have the freedom to fly right on through, but that it’s the worse thing they can do. Thankfully, there is a way to prevent this from happening and save a little life. By placing Bird safety film on the glass it stops birds from flying directly into the windows. Adding Bird safety film can prevent suffering, injury and or possible death by window.

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Bird Safety Film

Birds can see the lines and know that there is something in front of them

Bird Safety Film

This is the view of the Bird Safety Film from the inside

Bird Safety Film

Prevent birds from injury and possible death with Bird Safety Window Film

Bird Safety Film

Bird Safety Film was applied to the windows of this home

Bird Safety Film

Keep Bird Safe With Bird Safety Window Film

Bird Safety Film

Bird Safety Window Film with A decorative Design