Best Window Film for Heat Reduction – Office Window Tint

We provide the best window films for blocking heat in offices in Los Angeles as well as all commercial and residential properties. Office window tint is does not have to
be dark to block heat.

Clear Heat Block Window Tint Film

The amount of heat an office window tint blocks has to do with the construction and quality of the tint, not the shade being dark or light. If fact, office window tint can be completely clear and block a huge amount of heat and stop 99.9% of the UV from passing through the office window.

Clear heat blocking window films are one of our most popular commercial window tints, especially for storefronts where it is important for customers to be able to see in. Storefront window tinting will also protect the merchandise from fading and discoloring which is a very common problem.

Window Film to Block Sun Heat - Commercial Window Tinting in Los Angeles

best heat control window film

Commercial Window Tinting in Los Angeles

Window Tint LA specializes in commercial and residential window tinting in Los Angeles, providing window film solutions for such issues as glare, privacy, heat reduction, UV protection, graffiti protection for windows and more.

Commercial window film increases comfort and protection for both customers and employees. Contact us today for a completely free consultation at which time we can bring you heat blocking window tint samples, measure the windows, and find the perfect heat blocking solution for your office windows.

Window Film to Block Sun Heat - Commercial Window Tinting in Los Angeles

window film to block sun heat

UV Protection Window Film for South Park, the Commercial District of Downtown Los Angeles


It’s a blossoming commercial district with Staples Center and a huge new skyscraper coming, so it’s an opportune time to consider UV protection window film for South Park properties in downtown Los Angeles. Already planned for construction is what will be one of the tallest building in Los Angeles, by developer Crescent Heights, a tower of 714 feet tall at Olive and 11th streets that would house up to 800 condominiums above ground-floor commercial space in a mixed-use configuration. Already there’s a ton of window glass in South Park to be protected, and clearly more is to come.

Nearly Immeasurable Amount of Square Feet to Keep Cool

Anyone who’s been to Staples Center – and we assume most adult Angelenos have – know how much glass went into that structure’s exterior. With Staples Center came a lot of new construction around it, and this is one of the most vibrant and visited areas in all of downtown Los Angeles. With so much square footage to keep cool, plus thousands of employees and tenants to protect from the sun’s harmful rays, it’s wise to understand modern UV protection window film for South Park, Los Angeles properties.

Rejecting the Sun’s Powerful Rays in the South Park District of L.A.

The concept of UV protection window film in South Park of downtown Los Angeles – or privacy window film or security window film for that matter – is something commercial property owners or managers must be aware of in today’s energy-saving-conscious world. These modern films can reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays, also called UV light) that are known to cause skin cancer and cause damages to properties inside buildings over time such as flooring, blinds, drapes and more. Additionally, these films block most infra-red light (IR light, also called IR rays at times) which are responsible for the sun’s warmth.

Protection for Property, Workers and Visitors for these Buildings Downtown

Adding UV protection window film in South Park means dealing with properties bounded by the Santa Monica Freeway (10) and Harbor Freeway (110) on the south and west, respectively; and Main Street to the east, and Eighth Street on the north. It is home to the Los Angeles Convention Center, the aforementioned Staples Center, and the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Nearby are the neighborhoods of West Adams to the southwest, Pico-Union on the west, South Los Angeles to the southeast and the Financial District on the northeast.

Note on the Tallest Buildings of L.A.

The Olive-11th streets mixed-use tower won’t become the tallest building in Los Angeles – but it’s close. The tallest building in Los Angeles is the Wilshire Grand at 73 stories and 1,100 feet tall. The new structure, however, will rise above City National Tower, which with 52 stories reaches up 699 feet to the sky.

Notes on the ‘2 South Parks’ of L.A. (and the Fictional ‘South Park’)

This is not to be confused with the South Park neighborhood southwest of downtown, which is bounded by the neighborhoods of Vermont Square on the west, Central-Alameda on the east, Historic South Central on the north and Florence on the south.[LINK,_Los_Angeles ]. Also, obviously, the South Park commercial district and South Park neighborhood of Los Angeles are not part of the fictional community portrayed in the “South Park” television cartoon show.

uv blocking window film

Window film blocks 99% of UV rays which are responsible for fading floors and furniture.

commercial window tinting los angeles

Install window film at your business to reduce heat in your office space.

window tinting for offices

Window film allows you to maintain natural light and natural view when looking out.

uv protective window film

Add privacy and UV protection to your commercial windows with high performance window film.

window tint business

Professional installers installing window film at a high rise in Downtown Los Angeles

UV Protection and Heat Rejection For Homes

This client was looking reduce the amount of heat that was coming into the home, But they didn’t want to block the amazing views that they had with any kind of dark colored tint.

With the Huper Optik Select Sech films you will get the maximum protection and a incomparable level of heat rejection. Your views will not be compromised at all yet you get all of Protection that you will need. The film will not fade or discolor over time since it is 100% dye free.

Heat Rejection

Heat rejection

Huper Optik Select Sech film will provide a soft neutral tone that won’t appear to be shiny or made with metal. Huper Optik Select Sech blocks 83% of Infrared Heat, reduces glare by 34%, blocks 99.9% of UV rays and allows in 59% of light.

UV protection

UV protection

At Window Tint LA all of our films come with a Lifetime Residential Warranty which covers the film and installation. We also provide a free consultation. We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule. Call today or click here to get scheduled today.

Graphic Colored Films For Offices and Business Windows

Graphic Colored Films for Office business can make your place stand out from the rest. It’s amazing what a little color can do. Attract more foot traffic to your business, draw more attention to the building or just brighten up the inside of the office for the employees.

It is a proven fact they by having certain colors in your building will not only make people happier it can brighten and even change their moods to be more positive. Creating the ultimate work place full of happy people. And who wouldn’t want to come into a business were they know the employees are happy which means your customers will be treated even better

Call us today for a free consultation. We will come out measure the glass and also provide you with film samples. We will answer all of your questions and give you a quote at that time.

Colored Graphics

This is a collage of 4 different office done with Graphic Colored Films

Colored Graphics

Graphic Colored Films for office buildings make your business stand out from the rest

Colored Graphics for offices

Still have view from the inside looking out

Colored Graphics

Graphic Colored Films were professionally applied to the windows

Colored Graphics

Graphic Colored Films
(view from the inside and outside)

Colored Graphics

Free consultation

Commercial Window Film for Storefront Business in Los Angeles

Did you have any idea that with commercial window film installation, businesses are able to reap a broad array of benefits? Those benefits will range from thwarting thieves to saving cash on cooling or heating costs for your commercial space, whether the space is a store, an office, a hospital, a hotel, a factory, a school, a warehouse, or any additional structure other than a house. Let us look at some of the benefits a company might gain from installing commercial window film:

1. Cutting energy costs was discussed, with the energy efficiency window film installation which blocks heat gain within the summertime and heat loss within the winter seasons. The more windows a business has, and the larger these windows, the more cash energy saving window film is going to save you. The high-performance item is ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools, and any commercial building which is searching to discover a method of lowering overhead.

Huper Optik Energy Saver 35

Energy Saving window film will cut your monthly energy cost in half

Hüper Optik Energy Saver 35

Insulating window film for your business

Huper Optik Energy Saver

Keep the heat in during winter and out during the summer, lowering your energy bill with Energy Saver window film

Hüper Optik Energy Saver

Energy Saving window film

2. Thwarting thieves was also discussed. With loss prevention or security window film, the windows are going to look the same yet won’t respond the same if somebody attempts to break them. The glass is going to stay inside the frame, denying a thief or vandal entry, as well as avoiding the issue of shattered glass all over the outside or inside of the space. With this kind of commercial window film, owners of businesses may add another critical protection layer to any security system.

Security Film

Security window film with frost and logo will not break, it only spiderwebs

Security Film

Frosted Security film
(Before and After)

Security Film

Security Film will prevent the glass from shattering incase of burglary

3. Are you curious about cutting glare? With a dependence on phone and computer screens today, glare has increasingly become a larger problem within the workplace. Using glare reduction window film, companies may ensure the productivity of their employees, prevent eye strain, and for an added bonus, block the sunlight’s UVB and UVA rays which cause furnishings to fade.

Hüper Optik Ceramic 30

Glare Reduction window film
(inside and outside view)

Hüper Optik Ceramic 30

Anti Glare window film
(Inside and Outside view)

Hüper Optik Ceramic 30

Window Film Reduces the amount of glare that comes in through the windows

4. And graffiti? That is something most areas experience problems with. With anti-graffiti commercial window film installation, owners of businesses have an affordable and practical method of beating graffiti which landed on their windows. Merely take off the anti-graffiti window film that’s installed to the outside of the windows, and then the graffiti is gone without any time-wasting and endless clean up. A new film then is applied. Also, this product may be utilized on any steel, smooth surfaces like municipal busses.

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Window film for Storefront window

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Window film was applied to windows

Anti Graffiti Film

Stop vandals from vandalizing your store front windows with Anti Graffiti Film

5. Decorative / privacy window film provides an immediate dose of color, style, or texture to an area, while adding privacy if needed.

Privacy Film

Bronze Frost for Privacy with Graphics
(inside and outside view)

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film for privacy

Decorative Privacy

Privacy Custom Graphics

Heat Control Window Film for Homes in Los Angeles

Windows can make any room feel light and airy, but they can also allow up to 87 percent of the sun’s heat and 77 percent of its UV rays to enter the room. According to the United States Department of Energy, the right window treatments can reduce heat and UV transfer through windows and lower your monthly energy bills. Heat control window films are a simple, easy way to take control of your environment.

When sunlight hits the window that is protected by heat control film, the UV rays are blocked, and the film only allows some of the heat to pass through. This improves the thermal performance of homes and buildings in Los Angeles and increases overall energy efficiency. The heat control film can also prevent heat from escaping a building during cooler months.

Los Angeles Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

We installed Huper Optik Ceramic 30 Window Film in this home.

Heat control window films are typically made with polyester-based materials. They bounce the infrared or visible light away from the window, and some types can block up to 70 percent of the sun’s heat. These films are often reflective or mirrored in appearance, but they can also include special design features such as patterns or frosting or can be virtually clear. Some types also reduce glare, which means that you can use your electronics or watch TV easily without first closing your curtains or blinds.

Unlike other types of window treatments, solar films allow plenty of natural sunlight to enter your home, but they block the UV rays and solar heat so that you can enjoy plenty of natural light in comfort. Because the UV rays are blocked, your skin will be protected, and furniture, curtains, carpets and other fabrics will not fade as a result of sun exposure. Houseplants should continue to receive plenty of light for healthy growth but may need a few days to adjust to their new environment.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Create comfort in your home with Huper Optik Ceramic 30 Window Film.

The initial cost for the installation of heat control window film is typically lower than other window treatments, and the film begins paying for itself immediately in the form of lower air conditioning costs and less upholstery wear due to fading. Some films are simple enough for homeowners to install on their own. Residential window films can last 20 to 25 years or more and often have lifetime warranties. Commercial films typically have 10 to 15-year warranties. How long the film lasts will depend on where the film is located, the type of window upon which it is located and how it is maintained.

Windows with protective film can usually be cleaned as any other window but might need a bit more TLC. Use a glass cleaning solution free of abrasive ingredients, a squeegee and a soft, clean cloth to wipe the window free of fingerprints, buildup and other debris.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

All the films we carry block 99.9% of UV Sunlight Rays which is responsible for the fading of furniture, floors and artwork.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

All the films we carry include a lifetime residential and 15 year commercial warranty. Our films will never fade, bubble or peel.

Los Angeles Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Huper Optik’s Ceramics are the absolute best performing films on the market.

Los Angeles Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

This film rejects 86% of infrared heat, which allows this home to have a cooler interior.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Huper Optik Ceramics are the only 100% dye free, metal free films on the market. Our films will never fade.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

We specialize in residential and commercial window tinting. We are dedicated to providing the best film and the best service. Call us today to set up your free consultation at (310)935-1748.

Privacy Window Tint Film for Homes

If you are looking to increase the privacy of your home, then we have the perfect resolution for you. We have several film options that can optimize your privacy and make you feel more comfortable in your home.

For privacy concerns, we recommend the Huper Optik Fusion Film Series to enhance the privacy and comfortability of your home. We recommend this brand of film because they are a superior film and offer a lifetime residential warranty. Once this film is installed it will enhance your privacy without jeopardizing your gorgeous view. There are 4 types of Fusion films by Huper Optik to choose from. Fusion 10, Fusion 20, Fusion 28, Fusion 40 which are all one-way privacy films. Fusion 10 is the darkest option only allowing 11% of visible light transmission and Fusion 40 being the lightest film which allows 40% of visible light transmission.

No matter which option you choose each of these films will provide you with the privacy you want from the outside looking in. When outside looking in you will get a reflective mirror look. This will give you the privacy you want for the inside of your home. Although the film blocks the view from the outside in, it does allow you to enjoy the natural view outside. You can stop having to worry about people seeing inside your home and live more comfortably when privacy film is installed on your windows.

How Privacy Window Film Works
During the day when the sun is shinning people can see in your home. Once installed, a privacy film will reflect the sun from shinning inside your home and all people will see from the outside is a mirror reflection while maintaining your view looking out.

The most commonly asked questions about Privacy Film:

Question: Can you see in at night?

Answer: Privacy reflective films work by blocking out the most prominent light source. During the day the sun is the primary source of light and the tint will reflect the light from the sun and give off a mirror/reflective look.  However, at night, when there is a light on inside the house there is a chance it is the prominent light and it will allow for some visibility inside depending on the darkness of the tint.

This question is usually followed up by…

Question: Is there a film that provides privacy both day and night?

Answer: Absolutely! There a a few options that can provide you daytime and evening privacy but you must know they do obstruct your view looking out. If you are interested in total privacy day and night and don’t mind blocking your view click here to read and find out more about these options. (insert link)

Additional Benefits of Privacy Films:

  • Block 99.9% of UV Rays
  • Heat reduction
  • Glare reduction
  • Protects against fading
  • Lifetime residential warranty
  • 15 Year Commercial Warralty
commercial window tint

Window tint does not distort your view when looking out

residential window tint for privacy

Call for a free consultation!

tint for house windows

Privacy window film allows you to keep a natural view when looking out.

house window tinting film

Window film added to home to increase privacy.

commercial window tinting near me

Huper Optik Fusion series privacy window film.

Frosted Privacy Window Film in Los Angeles

Enhancing the look of your home or office with window film to help make your space more desirable and unique. Using a Frost Window Film or Dusted Crystal Film will help turn any ordinary space, with glass, into a unique one that will become more enticing. 

Here at Window Tint LA we provide home and business owners with film options that can convert a boring office, conference room, home, or even a bathroom into a exciting new space with beautiful surroundings.

Without losing the natural light, Frosted and Dusted Crystal Films can transform your home or business with a new fresh look. This film can be added to a conference room for more privacy in the work space or to a glass shower for extra privacy. It can be used to decorate any glass that might need a make over/fresh new look.

light frost window film

Frost film installed to increase privacy for Los Angeles home.

film to frost windows

Frost film added to residential bathroom windows.

complete privacy window film

Bronze frost window film. View of window from outside (left) and view from inside (right)

frosted glass film

Privacy film added to garage door to block visibility.

privacy window film opaque

Frost film installed to provide privacy in a Los Angeles office space.

daytime privacy window film

Frosted film added to shower door to increase privacy

day and night privacy window film

Frost window film provides total privacy both day and night

Anti Graffiti and Glass Protection Film in Los Angeles

Shop and building owners who have large glass windows at pedestrian level know the concern all too well: what if someone decides to deface the windows? Whether with sprayed-on graffiti, key scratches, or acid etching, this sort of damage presents the owner with nothing but bad choices. Should you replace the window, despite the time and expense and the risk that it will be damaged again? Or should you leave it in place, even though it’s unattractive and will depress business and property values? And once the first damage is done, it only encourages other vandals to leave their marks as well.

However, there’s an alternative to help keep your windows safe: graffiti protection film. This is a thin (4-7 mils, depending on type) but tough sheet of transparent plastic film that can be cut to fit your window. It is invisible once applied, without coloring or distorting the light that comes through the window. You should not know it’s there once it’s been put on. (Note that this is not the same product as shatter protection film, which usually goes on the inside of the window and helps hold the glass together if a burglar tries to smash it.)

Graffiti protection film is also referred to as sacrificial film, because its purpose is to take the damage that would otherwise harm the window. It blocks paint from touching the glass, and is strong enough to stand up to keying or razor blade attacks without allowing the window to be scratched. It can even absorb the acid that some attackers use to etch glass, without allowing it to pass through.

When properly applied, graffiti protection film should be impossible for passersby or vandals to pick off. But a trained technician can easily remove the damaged film and reapply a new layer, much faster than it takes a glazier to replace a damaged window. Not only does this keep your windows looking good, it helps prevent other vandals from seeing you as a target.

Agencies such as the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing agree that removing graffiti quickly is one of the best ways to ensure that it doesn’t happen again: it shows the vandals that their acts won’t be rewarded, and it discourages others who might try to compete by adding their own marks. The ideal time frame for removing graffiti is no more than 24 to 48 hours, which is difficult to schedule if you have to replace the entire pane, but entirely doable for replacing graffiti protection film.

Your windows are a major investment in keeping your building looking good and attracting customers, and unfortunately they can also be a major source of headaches as well. Having graffiti protection film applied can help cut down on those worries and ensure that your glass stays looking good for a long time.

Anti Graffiti Film

Prevent acid etching with anti graffiti window film

Anti Graffiti Film

Windows that have a lot of traffic going by them run a higher risk of being vandalized

Anti Graffiti Film

Image of window after film was applied

Anti Graffiti Film

Once applied anti Graffiti film is invisible

Anti Graffiti Film\

Window film was applied to protect the window from began scratched or acid etched by vandals

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Film was applied to the window

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti / Protective Film for Glass Windows, Mirrors, and Metal Surfaces

Graffiti is a growing problem through out Los Angeles. By using paint, acid, permanent markers or etching tools like screwdrivers, vandals can effectively deface or even destroy glass or other vulnerable surfaces.

A proven, cost-effective solution to reduce or even prevent graffiti is anti-graffiti film or sacrificial film. This nearly-invisible, removable film can effectively lessen or even eliminate the need to replace valuable glass surfaces. In fact, replacing only one window can cost between 10 and 20 times the cost of installing anti-graffiti film.

Window Tint LA can quickly and easily apply anti-graffiti film to such surfaces as vertical or sloped glass, mirrors or metal. Little do vandals know that once they deface a film-covered surface, the anti-graffiti film can be removed to expose an untouched surface ready for another layer of film to be applied. When vandals return, they’ll be disappointed to find their “work of art” gone and will likely think twice about repeating their crime.

Anti-Graffiti / Protective Film for Glass Windows

An increasingly common type of vandalism to glass is accomplished with a solution of acid mixed with white shoe polish. No cleaning product can remove the inscription that results from burning shoe polish into the acid-etched glass. Anti-graffiti film especially formulated for glass is acid resistant because of an exterior hard coat that prevents acid from penetrating a vertical surface. Acid will form into benign droplets that can easily be removed with soap and water. It’s virtually impossible for an untrained person to remove the anti-graffiti film from glass, but a trained technician can easily remove it.

Anti-graffiti film is also available that provides an added benefit for retail storefronts. This film blocks out harmful UV rays that can cause valuable merchandise to fade. Another type of tinted anti-graffiti film blocks IR rays and can be an important asset to restaurants and subways as well as storefronts where excessive heat can pose a problem.

Anti-Graffiti / Protective Film for Mirrors

Because of the privacy in a restroom setting, vandals often target mirrors knowing they have plenty of time to inflict damage with knives or screwdrivers. An anti-graffiti film can protect costly mirrors that otherwise would need replacing. In addition, the film protects mirrors from moisture-caused corrosion on mirror edges or bottoms.

Metal Shield Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti film designed for protecting metal can be found in either brushed aluminum or stainless steel finishes. Stainless steel is a popular metal because of its resistance to rust and corrosion. Even stainless, however, can be defaced by such abrasive tools as keys, screwdrivers and sandpaper. Anti-graffiti film created especially for metal will restore its original polished, factory-finished appearance.

Whether you’re looking for a product to protect a valuable surface in a mall, public transit center, restaurant, hospital, school or retail establishment, you can’t go wrong when you invest in anti-graffiti film.

anti graffiti window film 6 mil clear

Save time and money with anti graffiti window film.

anti graffiti coatings

Anti Graffiti film installed in commercial bathroom to prevent glass damage

anti graffiti film installation

Virtually clear film protects glass against vandals.

anti graffiti film installation in los angeles

Virtually clear film protects glass against vandals.

6 mil anti graffit film

Window film installed to protect glass in commercial restroom

commercial window tinting near me

Protect elevators from acid etching and other types of damage