Window Tint for Malibu Homes

The picturesque seaside town of Malibu, California is home to fewer than 20,000 permanent residents, yet Malibu is known all around the world thanks to the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, verdant canyons, and the rolling mountains, and its many famous residents and lovely homes. Malibu residences display a wide range of architectural styles, but almost every home in the area has one thing in common: it is a valuable piece of property.

Thus most residents in Malibu are understandably quite concerned with home security issues. One of the most affordable and effective ways to enhance the security of a Malibu home is applying window film on all ground level or easily accessed windows of your residence. With residential window film Malibu homes are protected from three of the most common hazards people all across the Los Angeles region face: burglaries, sun-damaged interiors, and the sting of a sky-high power bill.

Window film reinforces the glass of your home’s windows, preventing them from shattering into pieces even when a criminal hits the panes with a hammer or brick or when windblown debris or the violent shaking of an earthquake breaks the glass. The window will stay together as one solid piece instead of cracking into jagged shards; that keeps a thief outside the home where he belongs and reduces the chance of injuries for you, your family, and your pets.

Window tint also blocks out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing most of the fading that can leave your flooring discolored, your upholstery and linens bleached, and your artwork and photos washed out and devalued. The more you treasure the interior of your home in Malibu, the more window tint makes sense.

And finally, window film blocks out a large portion of the near-infrared solar radiation responsible for interior heat gain. Even on a cloudy or foggy day, if it’s warm out, invisible solar radiation can enter your home and elevate the temperature, causing discomfort and leading to the use of fans and AC which in turn runs up your power bill. Window tint blocks much of this solar energy and keeps the home cooler, and it also adds better insulation to the windows, therefore helping your residence maintain the temperature you have established.

home window tinting malibu

Maintain your natural view when looking out with window film.

house window tinting near me

Film installed to block 99.9% of harmful UV rays!

break and entry security window film

Security film installed on glass garage door to prevent break in.

solar window film reduce heat uv protection

Window film installed to reduce heat in beautiful beachfront home

window tinting for home

Window film includes a lifetime residential warranty!

Privacy Frost For Beach Front Home

For this beach front home in Malibu the owners were looking for a little bit of privacy on the balcony. After meeting with one of our senior consultants they chose to go with Huper Optik Frost. By adding frost it will block the visibility from both sides looking in and out of the windows. While giving you the privacy that you need the film will also add a certain aesthetic to your home.

Call Window Tint LA we offers a free consultation were we will provide you with film samples, answer your questions and give you a quote at that time. We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule.

Huper Optik Frost Specs

Thickness 2MIL

UV Rejection 99%

Glare Reduction 19%

Visible Light Transmission 73%

Total Solar Energy Rejected 25%

Below are some pictures of the home’s balcony

Privacy Frost

Before balcony was frosted

Privacy Frost

Close up of the balcony after the frost was applied

Privacy Frost

Frosted Window Film was applied to the window

Privacy Frost

Free consultation and Lifetime Residential Warranty

Huper Optik Window Film For Beautiful Malibu Home

If you have recently considered home window tinting, you most likely have a good idea of how far window film technology has come in the recent years. Window films now have many advantages that can greatly improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and comfort in your home or office. Modern window films allow you to control the amount of light that enters your space while blocking harmful UV rays.

The homeowners of this exquisite Malibu home were interested in increasing privacy in their home while maintaining the beautiful view of the ocean. We installed Huper Optik Fusion 20% and 28% in the home. Fusion films use a blend of technologies of neutral tones, sustainability, performance, and aesthetics that provide both privacy and high heat rejection year around. Fusion films provide increased comfort, help prevent hot spots, and assist in reducing high energy bills.

daytime privacy window film

Professionally installed window film in Malibu.

home window tinting in Malibu

Decrease energy bills with window film!

best home energy saving tips

Maintain a natural view while increasing privacy in your home.

Malibu house window tint

Protect your floors and furniture with window film.

Call to schedule your free consultation today! We are open 7 days a week. We will visit your home or business, measure your glass, provide you with film samples, answer your questions, and provide a quote on the spot!

Control Heat Gain With Skylight Window Film!

Skylights offer large amounts of natural light and also increase the aesthetics of your home. When making the decision to install skylights, most do not consider the negative effects. Skylights can cause severe heat build-up, problematic glare, and unnecessary air conditioning costs.

Tinting your skylight will solve your problem. Adding exterior window film to your skylights will allow you to appreciate the things you love about your skylights, and significantly reduce the things that you don’t love as much. HanitaTek offers exterior skylight films that are specifically designed to undergo horizontal or slopped exterior rooftop applications.

Here are some specs for the window film:

Visible light transmitted: 17%
Ultraviolent light rejection: 99%
Total solar energy rejection: 81%
Glare reduction: 81%

Call Window Tint LA today so we can help you get the most out of your skylights! We will come to you, measure your glass, provide you with film samples that are yours to keep, give you a quote, and answer your questions. Our consultations are COMPLETELY free! We are open 7 days a week and ready to assist you! Click here to schedule your consultation!

tinted skylights

Skylights before installation.

how to tint skylights los angeles

View of skylights from inside the home

glass company that do tinting skylights in area malibu, ca

Our client placed a cloth over the skylight to block heat, prior to installation

how to tint skylights los angeles

Professionally installed skylight window tint

residential window tinting near me

Call today for a completely free consultation!

tinted skylight covers

Window tint installed to reduce heat and block UV rays

residential window film installers

Close up of skylights after installation

Floor Graphic For Weddings

Almost every little girl or grown woman dreams about their perfect wedding day. How can they make it better? What food to have? Who to invite? What band or DJ should they get? Or just simply how can they make their day a little different by some special touch.

Well I bet you have never though of simply having some floor graphics added to the reception dance floor. Or to the floor where you will actually become man and wife.

We can do something as simple as writing your names and adding the wedding day to doing something completely extravagant. You would be amazed at what a simple Floor Graphic can do to transform a room.

Below are some examples of what Window Tint LA can do for you:

Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics for Weddings

Floor Graphics for Weddings/Receptions

Impress you guest with amazing Floor Graphics


Floor Graphics for Weddings/Receptions

Party with your friends on the dance floor with Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics for Weddings/Receptions

Beautiful Floor Graphics were applied to this dance for at the wedding reception

Floor Graphics for Weddings/Receptions

Floor Graphics were installed on the Floor of this elegant room

Floor Graphics for Weddings/Receptions

Floor Graphic on the dance floor of this wedding reception

Floor Graphics for Weddings/Receptions

Floor Graphics of just initials of the bride and groom are so cute

Floor Graphics for Weddings

Get Floor Graphics for Weddings for big or small wedding events

Floor Graphics for Weddings

Classy Floor Graphic applied to the dance floor

Floor Graphics for Weddings

Floor Graphics for Weddings

Make your wedding dance floor your own with Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics

A simple Floor Graphic can make all the difference in the look of the room

Call us today and we can send out one of our senior consultants to help you come up with a design or bring to life something that you already have in mind. This consultation is COMPLETELY FREE and we are open everyday, so we can accommodate any schedule.

One-Way Privacy Reflective Window Films

One way glass film includes a kind of privacy window film which may be utilized to prevent people on one part of a window from having the ability to peer through to the other part of the window. This kind of privacy window film commonly is utilized for both commercial and residential applications to receive privacy from the outside world. But, it also can be used inside for warehouses, offices, and additional commercial applications to develop a one-way glass film in between interview bays, conference rooms, waiting rooms, or offices.

Privacy is developed in one of two ways. Either the film utilizes heavy tinting, creating an opaque, dark view for an observer, or it’ll use a mirrored effect in order for the outside viewer to see a mirrored reflection. The film is made so an observer’s view is obstructed, yet the internal occupants of a business or home still will have an unhampered look outside, and still will benefit from natural lighting.

One-way window films are manufactured utilizing vaporized metal layers which are laminated using a scratch-resistant layer. They’re resistant to damage and easy to clean. But, should a film become etched through vandalism or scratched, they’re a lot cheaper and easier to replace than a new window.
Besides privacy, the darkly tinted or mirrored window films also are very energy efficient, and block up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’ll considerably mitigate solar heat gain, which drastically can decrease your yearly cooling expenses.

One-Way Glass Privacy Window Film

Some uses of one-way glass film are:

Exterior Residential Windows – If your house borders a busy street or is inside an exposed area, privacy window film prevents neighbors or passersby from getting a clear view inside your house. It may be particularly critical for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Exterior Commercial Windows – Companies that have large glass facades oftentimes use some kind of film to keep views of the inside of the structure obscured from the general public. In many instances, commercial businesses select mirrored window film for a modern, sleek look. You also can have the privacy film imprinted with the company’s contact information, logo, or colorful geometric patterns for extra aesthetic appeal.

Internal Windows – Utilize tinted or mirrored window film in waiting rooms, board rooms, or offices. Inside a small area, the one-way film gives workers a sense of spaciousness, by offering them a view through the window, all the while preventing clients and customers from seeing inside office spaces. They’re also helpful in interview bays, executive office suites, and board rooms.

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Privacy window film natural view from the inside looking out, mirrored look from the outside looking in

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

One-Way Reflective Window Film was applied to windows

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Block harmful UV rays and reduce heat in commercial buildigs

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Residential Window Tint One-Way Privacy Window Tinting

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Privacy Film for French Doors

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Business Window Tinting For One-Way Privacy

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Commercial Window Tinting for Privacy

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

One-Way Privacy Window film for Garage Doors

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Before and After Privacy Window Film was installed

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

UV ray protection and heat reduction with One-Way Privacy Window Film for homes

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Get privacy and reduce heat with One-Way Privacy Window Film

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

One-Way Privacy Window Film for commercial buildings

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Privacy Window Tint for Commercial Buildings

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Privacy Window Tint For Homes

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Office Building Privacy window Tint

Security Window Film for Burglary Prevention

Adding security window film to your home or business and relieving some of the fear and uncertainty. We can apply security window film to your home or business to protect you from burglars, explosions, and even natural disasters.  Using a thick security film will provide you with that added protection to give you a peace of mind even when you’re not there. Security films are available in different thicknesses to meet the individual needs of everyone. They are available in 4 mil, 8 mil, and 12 mil and are offered in a clear or silver shade.

How Security Window Film Works:
Security films work by strengthening the glass and holding it together when a force is trying to break the glass either purposefully or accidentally. The security film will stick to the glass providing an added layer of protection to your window.  This type of film will make the glass more durable and harder to break. Although the glass is harder to break it does not mean it cannot be broken. If it is unfortunately broken, the security film acts as a glue to the broken glass keeping the glass predominately intact. This will keep the glass from shattering all over the place and making it safer.

Security Window Film for Burglary Prevention
Unfortunately there is always a chance of an intruder wanting to get inside your home or business. However, if you have a Security Film installed on your windows it can defer the burglar or even stop the break in from happening. When an intruder is trying to enter through a window or glass on your door they are using a strong force to get inside. If there is a layer of security film installed on the glass it will slow down the process of the break in. This is will happen because the glass will stick to the film making the break in attempt more difficult for the burglar. It will also keep the glass intact and prevent it from flying all over the place, making it easier and safer to clean up.

Stained Glass Widow Film

Security film will hold the glass together incase of a break in

Security Film

Protect your home from burglary with security window film

Security Film

in the events of a natural disaster the film will hold the glass in place

Security Film

Lifetime Residential warranty covering the film and installation

Security Film

Security film was applied to prevent to glass from breaking and still have a natural view

Security Film

be smash and grab protected with security window film

Protect Floors & Furnishings From Sun Damage with UV Window Film

Did you know the sun’s rays can damage the interior of your home or business? If your floors and furniture are being damaged, applying tint to your windows can help. Here at Window Tint LA we carry a variety of window films that block out 99.9% of UV rays. The sun’s powerful rays are responsible for the fading of flooring, furniture, paintings and more. Installing window tint to your home or business can prevent the sun’s damage, helping keep your interior looking fresh. Our film will never fade, bubble, peel, or crack and include a Lifetime Residential and 15 Year Commercial Warranty.

Other Benefits of Window Tint:

  • Heat Reduction
  • Enhance Privacy
  • Reduces Glare
  • Increase Home Safety

Call us today to schedule a free consultation. We will come to you and provide you with samples of the film, measure the windows, and answer any questions you might have. Our consultants are professional and eager to best serve you.

(310) 935-1748.

los angeles home window tinting

Window film blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays!

uv ray film on windows

Protect your loved ones by blocking harmful UV rays.

uv film for windows

Professionally installed window tint for beautiful Los Angeles home!

what is a good window tint for houses to keep the uv rays out

Window tint includes a lifetime residential warranty!

window uv film installation

Maintain a natural view when looking out of windows.

Window Tint Film for Beachfront Homes

Beachfront homes can provide beautiful scenic views with expansive windows to enhance the scenery. However those windows need protection along with the inside of your home. Huge windows are always enjoyable to stare out of at any beach front property. Did you know those windows can cause damage to the inside of your home if there is no window film installed for protection?

Adding any of our window films to your home will provide your home’s floors, furniture, paintings, etc with protection from the sun’s UV rays. Although UV rays are responsible for the fading of important things on the interior of your home, you can stop them. The window films we carry block out 99.9% of UV rays.

In addition to blocking out the harmful Ultra Violet rays, window film can add extra privacy to you home without jeopardizing your view and reduce the amount of heat you feel inside. There are many benefits to installing window film on your gorgeous beach front windows and we would love to help.

We offer completely free consultations and will come out to measure the windows, bring you film samples, and answer any questions you might have.

Hüper Optik Ceramic 50

Lifetime Residential warranty covering the film and installation

Hüper Optik Ceramic 50

Hüper Optik Ceramic 50

Keep your great views while also blocking 99.9% of UV rays

Hüper Optik Ceramic 50

Protect your furniture from fading and/or discoloring with window film

Hüper Optik Ceramic 50

Image of the window after film

Hüper Optik Ceramic 50

Keep a natural view from the inside looking out and still protect you floors and furniture from fading/discoloring

Custom Graphics For Your Wall

Are you looking for something different to have on your walls? Do you not want to deal with wallpaper because it is just to plan for you? Try Custom Graphics for your walls. With custom graphics there are endless designs that you can put on the wall. Whatever you can imagine or dream of we can make that happen.

With Window Tint LA you will have the ability to transform your wall into a masterpiece. Custom Wall Graphics are a great way to design your bedroom, living room and even your kitchen walls turning them into a showpiece. It’s also great when you just want to write an inspirational message on the walls at your place of business to keep the employees in a positive space.

Custom Wall Graphics

This is really cute for a girl’s room

Custom Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics

Have picture frames premenetly placed on your wall with custom wall graphics

Custom Wall Graphics

Transform a room into anything you can think of. Like wanting to take a bath in a pond with a waterfall in the back

Custom Wall Graphics

Welcome to the pride lands with Custom Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics

Get a relaxing view with custom wall graphics and feel like you are always in the mountains

Custom Wall Graphics

Sometimes you just have to smell the roses

Custom Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics are GRRRRRREAT

Custom Wall Graphics

Grapes On A Vine

Custom Wall Graphics

Who doesnt love a glass of wine? Becasue its 5 0’clock somewhere

Custom Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics

A black panther will have the neighbors talking about your walls

Custom Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics can give your home an exotic look

Custom Wall Graphics

This is one way to teach a child about the planets and the sun.

Custom Wall Graphics

This is perfect for a kids room especially if they are into video games

Custom Wall Graphics

Sometimes you just inspirational words and what better place to see them then right on your wall

Custom Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics for kids storage

Custom Wall Graphics

This is a nice and simple Custom Wall Graphic for Newlyweds

Window Tint LA we can bring your one of a kind dream, or a picture that you love to life right on your walls. We offer a free consultation where we come to you measure your wall, give you a mock up, a quote and answer all of your questions. Call us today at 310-935-1748 and schedule your consultation TODAY….