Business Window Film in Saugus – An Old-Town Vibe in Santa Clarita

Officially it’s not the “Old Town” of Santa Clarita, but with plenty of businesses operating there, business window film for Saugus establishments are a solid investment for customers and employees alike. Modern business window films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays, also called UV light) as well as most of the warming infra-red rays (IR rays) to keep interiors cooler and air-conditioning systems off. Happier customers inside are more likely to return to comfortable establishments, and cooler, happier employees tend to be more productive.

Multitude of Retail Establishments – and Window Glass – to Protect

Since it’s part of a city now (Santa Clarita, incorporated in 1987 to combine 4 neighborhoods in the area) it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the community starts and ends, but overall there are plenty of companies that could benefit from business window film in Saugus. Whereas Valencia got Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Newhall retains the “Old Town” of the Santa Clarita Valley, Saugus has Soledad Canyon Road and the multitude of retail establishments there including a Wal-Mart Supercenter at Golden Valley Road. Retail businesses can benefit from today’s clear commercial window films that reject harmful sun rays while still letting passersby see the goods inside.

Not Just Protection: Buildings can Look Better, Too

Then there’s the aesthetics of business window film for Saugus business properties. Commercial structure owners can make their properties look much better from the street or sidewalks, more attractive for people driving or walking by to stop, look and maybe buy. High-quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik carry glare-reduction qualities and are known to be very durable, lasting years and letting you enjoy cost savings on electricity bills for years to come. The more solar power these window films reject, the less you have to run the A/C unit.

Affordable, Timely Precaution to Nip Crime in the Bud

The economic benefits are apparent with business window film in Saugus and nearby communities like Newhall. A commercial property can be improved to deter criminal acts by blocking visual access into the interiors. That is, bolster the weakest points of a structure’s defense: those gaping holes protected only by glass. A vision-blocking commercial window film can be installed with a decent yet subtle tint shade, like a 50 percent tint, letting in about half the light. This vision-blocking element is a barrier to potential break-ins – crooks are less likely to act if they don’t know what’s inside.

End Result is Business Window Film in Saugus Saves Money

Commercial or business window films in Saugus provide companies with an edge over the competition, and can make properties more attractive when viewed from streets or sidewalks. Those in the retail business understand how first impressions can mean all the difference in the world. Have your property look better than those nearby only increases the opportunities for more sales. Contact us today for more information about commercial window tint film in Saugus or nearby communities like Valencia.

History Tidbit: Saugus is named after the town of Saugus, Massachusetts, which is the hometown of Henry Newhall. The Saugus Café on San Fernando Road opened in 1887 and is one of the oldest restaurants in all of Los Angeles County. Overall the population of Saugus is about 45,000 residents today.


Business Window Film In Saugus

Before we applied privacy film to commercial building

Business Window Film In Saugus

Reduce glare with window film! (Before Photo)

Business Window Film In Saugus

Enjoy a natural view when looking out while blocking heat inside your business.

Business Window Film In Saugus

Frosted film installed to increase privacy

Business Window Film In Saugus

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Commercial Window Film in Saugus – among the Oldest Business Areas of L.A.


” … the customers will be scarce unless your property looks enticing.”

Old-time residents here are keenly aware that one of the oldest establishments in all of Los Angeles County is there, so talk about commercial window film in Saugus makes residents think business-savvy. Why not add something that will make customers more comfortable while saving money on monthly electricity bills, they might ask. Longtime owners of businesses in Saugus understand what makes or breaks commerce. Traffic is one thing; converting that traffic something else entirely. You can run a business to the precise specs of a business plan, but the customers will be scarce unless your property looks enticing.

Community Unto its Own in Santa Clarita

Not that Saugus is a crime-wary community – it’s far from it. Long ago incorporated into a city that also includes Newhall, Valencia and Canyon Country, Saugus is a place that still pops on a map and reminds people from the region of the old racetrack there. Or the amusement park nearby. Overall, Saugus has plenty to attract people – like its median home value exceeding $500,000, or the fact that more than 80 percent of homes are occupied by owners. For these reasons, commercial window film in Saugus is an investment for the future.

Big Savings for the Business Savvy

Saugus today packs in around 45,000 people, and nothing in its demographics conveys much difference from the rest of Los Angeles County. About two-thirds of the residents are married, the median household income is high at more than $80,000 a year and home values on average exceed half-a-million dollars. It’s a place where property owners value and respect what they own and worked for. So one-time investments into improving business properties, like with commercial window film, can be seen as having an eye toward the future. There’s mass savings to be had, for the business-savvy.

How Commercial Window Film in Saugus Affects Bottom Line

How precisely can commercial window film in Saugus affect the bottom line? Think air conditioning costs. Electricity bills in the Santa Clarita Valley are bothersome to many. Today’s window tint films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which are known to cause skin cancer. On top of that there are infra-red rays which are the sun’s way of heating up an interior. Quality window films such as those made by Huper Optik reject a significant amount of solar energy and help keep the insides of businesses much cooler. Over time this results in considerable savings.

Commercial Window Film in Saugus, California: a Summary

Commercial film in Saugus, California is wonderful investment into a business property as much as it is to re-paint or adjust fixtures. In 2000, the total population of the Saugus community neared 42,ooo. Its population density was 218 persons per square mile, and the median age nearing 33 years. With a median household income of $80,940 these homeowners care about their properties and take measures to protect the investment. Commercial window film in Saugus ensures the longevity of items inside like inventory or furniture, and helps make the exterior appearance look better and more modern

commercial window tinting

LLumar 100% Whiteout film, blocks out 100% of light.

Commercial door tinting

Commercial whiteout film

commercial door tinting in Santa Clarita

White out film blocks out 100% light

Commercial window film

Whiteout film helps to block out any light

Privacy Film

Add Privacy to your business.

Heat Reduction

Reduce heat at your location with our high performance film


Prevent Turf Burning with Window Film

Summer is just around the corner, for southern California residents, that means sweltering heat. The high temperatures cause a major problem for residents with synthetic grass or turf. The glare from the sun reflects off the windows of your home and causes your turf to discolor and burn. As you know turf can be extremely expensive, therefore we want to help you maintain it.

We offer turf guard window film. The film stops the reflection so that your turf is not destroyed. We have a few different options. The most common is film that looks similar to a bug screen. The film comes in four different colors, black, gray, white, and clear. The second option is commonly used when visibility is not important. It is a frost film, which means it will block visibility in and out of the window.

The owners of this beautiful Santa Clarita home decided on the gray turf guard film. We installed the film on multiple windows of this home to prevent turf burning. We would love to help you preserve your investment. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. Our consultant will measure your windows, provide you with free film samples that are yours to keep, answer your questions, and provide an estimate on the spot! Call today, we are open 7 days a week.

residential window tinting

Turf guard window film installed to prevent burning and discoloring of turf.

non glare window film

Turf guard screen film allows visibility in and out of your windows

non reflective residential window tint glare reduction

Window film installed to reduce glare from the sun

anti glare film

View of second story windows after installation

tinting home windows cost

Close up of window film after installation

residential window tinting in santa clarita

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Glare Reduction Window Film For Santa Clarita Grocery Store

This local grocery store was in need of reducing the glare that the store receives at the end of the day. Our consultant visited the grocery store and suggested various different films that will solve this problem. Our client decided on Madico Sunscape Purelite 60.

The Purelite window film is a unique product that was generated to be an extremely light film that provides steady solar performance while appearing neutral on glass. If soft light is the effect you want, this is the window film for you.

Here are a few specs for this film:

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 43%
Infrared Rejection: 85%
Glare Reduction: 33%
UV Reduction: 99%

Based on the specs above, this film will not only reduce the glare inside the store but it will also reduce heat, which will make it more comfortable for both employees and customers. The built in UV protection will assist with preventing fading and discoloring of the floors and any artwork inside. This film is sure to solve the glare problem as well as provide many additional benefits.

Call Window Tint LA today and we can assist you with your window film needs. We have a large variety of films and we’re open 7 days a week! Call 310-935-1748 to schedule your consultation!

non reflective commercial window tint glare reduction

Window film installed to reduce glare

anti glare film

View of windows from inside store.

window film for heat and glare

Professionally installed window film

heat blocking commercial window film

Window tint installed to reduce heat inside the store.

window tinting in santa clarita

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