Block Heat and Add Privacy with Home Window Tint in Santa Monica, CA 90405

Heat blocking window tint for this home in Santa Monica is what the owner requested and that is what they got! We installed home window tint to their Santa Monica home that will provide privacy for the windows as well as block heat and UV.

Window Film to Block UV Rays

UV rays is what is primarily responsible for fading of floor and furniture. This home window tint we installed has a 99.9% UV Protection which is UVa and UVb, providing fade protection from the suns rays.

Block Heat and Add Privacy with Home Window Tint in Santa Monica, CA 90405

Heating blocking window film for home in Santa Monica installed by Window Tint LA!

Privacy window tint allows for natural light to shine in, and perfect visibility out, so you can enjoy your view without people seeing you from outside during the day.

Block Heat and Add Privacy with Home Window Tint in Santa Monica, CA 90405

Privacy home window tint in Santa Monica installed

Window Film to Block Sun Heat

Privacy and heat blocking can be achieved within one window tint as well as fade protection from UV. We have many options of window film to block heat, ranging from dark to completely clear and invisible.

Clear Heat Block Window Film

Window film can be completely clear and still block heat and UV. Technology has come a long way and we now have ceramic window films that are completely free of any dye or metal, and block heat as well as block 99.9% of UV rays. The home window films are completely invisible and will not change your view making them popular window tint for ocean front homes on the beach.

Block Heat and Add Privacy with Home Window Tint in Santa Monica, CA 90405

Privacy home window tint in Santa Monica with Lifetime Warranty.

Home window tinting in Santa Monica

Home window tinting in Santa Monica is something we do daily so we are in Santa Monica 7 days / week. Call or use our contact page to schedule a completely free consultation.

During our completely free home window tint consultation, we provide samples based on what you’re looking for as well as measure the glass and answer any questions.

All of our home window tints include a lifetime warranty covering film and installation so this can be a one time upgrade for your home windows.

Block Heat and Add Privacy with Home Window Tint in Santa Monica, CA 90405

Home window tint in Santa Monica installed to block heat and to increase privacy.

Whiteboard Film Installed In Santa Monica Financial Center

Whiteboard is a glossy white surface made for temporary markings. Whiteboard was invented by a photographer named Martin Heit; as an alternative to chalkboards and blackboards. Whiteboards gained increased popularity in the 1990’s. The smooth texture allowed for rapid writing and more efficient erasing. The whiteboard has become a staple in offices and classrooms around the world.

Currently, there are six types of materials that are commonly used for whiteboard surfaces. Believe it or not, one of the surfaces is a window film. This film can be applied to virtually any flat surface. Applying the film creates more space for writing and brainstorming in offices. The film allows you to write on the walls of your space without causing permanent damage.

We installed whiteboard film at this financial center in Santa Monica, CA. Our client wanted to create more writing space in their conference room. Our consultant went to visit and survey the space, we provided the client with film samples, and answered any questions the client had regarding the film and installation.

If you need whiteboard window film, or any other type of film don’t hesitate to call us. We are open 7 days a week and are ready to find the perfect solution for you!

commercial window tinting near me city of santa monica

Image of wall before window film installation

commercial window tinting near me

Before installation our client was unable to use this wall as additional writing space.

professional commercial window tinting

Our installers installed a sample to allow our client to test the film before installation.

different types of commercial window film

View of wall after installation!

kinds of commercial window film

Expand your writing space with window film!

places that do window tint on commercial building

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Safety And Security Window Film For Residence

Not many people know the benefits of safety and security window film. When it comes to natural disasters or potential break-ins the weakest structure in your home is your windows. When an earthquake strikes you need to be absolutely prepared when it comes to earthquake kits filled with essentials to having your windows properly protected. Safety and security window film will help hold the glass together to prevent shards of glass from injuring those in close proximity. We all can never be too careful when it comes to the potential threat of break-ins. When a burglar can easily see into your home they think they can easily break in. This presents a danger to you, your family and home. Once you have professionally installed safety and security window film you can breathe a sigh of relief. When a criminal goes to try and break the glass to infiltrate your home this film will seriously delay them from breaking in for more that several minutes, long enough for them to get scared and run away.

For this project our clients main concern was safety and security since they live in an elegant single family style home. They have any windows and doors that give direct visibility inside, showing their valuables making them a prime target for theft. Also living in Southern California another major concern is earth quakes. This family wanted to make sure their home was prepared for anything.

Here at Window Tint LA we only work high quality films to insure 100% customer satisfaction. We provide completely free consultations with one of our expert consultants, we come to your location, measure the glass, bring your film samples (which are yours too keep!) answer any questions you may have and also provide you with an estimate. We are open 7 days a week and service areas such as Oxnard all the way to San Diego so we are in your area often. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the quality of work we provide. Give us a call! 310-935-1748 we would love to hear from you.


Safety film near me

Before we installed safety and security film for this beautiful home.

Safety film near me

Before we installed safety and security film to help prevent break-ins

Safety And Security Window Film For Residence

Residential security window film includes a lifetime warranty!

Safety and Security window film near me

Block harmful UV rays while increasing security in your home

Safety And Security Window Film For Residence

After we applied safety and security film

Safety And Security Window Film For Residence

Call for your free consultation!

Residential Window Film In Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a beautiful beach city located in the western part of Los Angeles California. Santa Monica is an extremely desirable place to live, local dining, night life, and the beach are just a few major reasons why Santa Monica is so popular.There aren’t many downsides to calling this sunny enclave of Los Angeles home however living in a warm costal climate can present some problems. Residents have to worry about uv protection, heat, privacy and sea salt air deposits. Professionally installed window film can combat these problems. Here at Window Tint LA we strive to protect your loved ones, homes and valuables.

Don’t fall victim to corrosion– Sea salt air deposits will cause corrosion damage to your windows, this is a unnecessary problem that can definitely be avoided with ceramic window film. Ceramic window film will not only protect your windows but it will also enhance the look of your windows while still keeping a beautiful natural view out. This boosts the value of your home as well; a wise investment.

Uv damage– Have you ever noticed that your floors, furniture and valuables are fading over time? Uv rays are the culprit. Having to replace your precious valuables can be costly and tiresome. Installing window film is a great way to alleviate this problem. Prolonged exposure to the suns harsh uv rays can result in skin diseases and pre-mature aging, here at Window Tint LA all the films we carry block 99% of uv rays an easy way to prevent any harm done to your skin.

Beat the heat– Southern Californians know that summer heat can be dreadful. During the summer months residents run their air cooling systems around the clock for relief; this means spending more on monthly energy bills. When we are using more energy that impacts our environment in a negative way. Little things such as lowering your energy use can make a huge positive impact on the ecological foot print you leave behind.

We offer completely free consultations with one of our expert consultants. We service residents from Oxnard to San Diego so we are in your area daily! We offer life time residential warranties and strive to deliver the most excellent service. You wont be disappointed calling us!


Residential Window Film In Santa Monica

Before we installed film to reduce heat

Residential Window Film In Santa Monica

Protect your home interior with window film (Before Photo)

Residential Window Film In Santa Monica

Ask about our lifetime warranty!

Residential Window Film In Santa Monica

Call today for completely free consultation!

Residential Window Film In Santa Monica

Block harmful UV rays with window film!


Enjoying Sunny Santa Monica with Window Tint

Santa Monica is one of the most famous towns in Southern California. In fact, people all across America and from around the world have heard of this lovely ocean-side city and have seen it in movies and television shows and heard its name in songs. Real estate in Santa Monica is extremely valuable, and those people who live there know that they are fortunate to call such a desirable area home. If you are looking to make an update to your Santa Monica home that can increase its value even more, one of the best ways to do so is to update the windows with window tint. And think of this: window film might be the only residential improvement that ends up paying for itself in just a few short years.

Most days of the year (after the morning fog burns off) sunshine fills a Santa Monica home with light, making the property bright and inviting. But sunlight also fills a home with infrared solar energy, which can send the temperature soaring and make a residence too warm for comfort without the use of fans and air conditioning systems. Most homes in fact expend as much as fifty percent of their power bill on climate control. Residential window tint blocks as much as sixty percent or more of infrared warmth primarily responsible for heat gain, and keeps interiors cooler whether the sun is shining directly on the windows or not (infrared energy is not directional, so it can warm up your home even if the sun’s rays are coming right through the windows). The reduced use of AC will in turn reduce your energy bill enough to see window tint covering the cost of its own installation in time.

The other invisible portion of sunshine is ultraviolet light; this type of sunshine does not cause as much heat gain as infrared light, but it is the primary cause of faded and damaged interiors. UV light can discolor wood floors, bleach carpets, drapes, and upholstery, and fade (and eventually ruin) artwork and photographs you have hung on the walls. Museums and galleries use window film to protect the fine wares within their walls, and you can protect the furnishings in your Santa Monica home in just the same way. And when you don’t have to repair, restore, or replace the flooring, furniture, and decorations in your Santa Monica home, that means even more cost savings you will enjoy thanks to window tint. (And of course some things in your home can’t be replaced, so you need to protect them from ever becoming damaged.)


Santa Monica Tint

Window tint can help lower your energy costs.

Santa Monica Window Tint

Help reduce heat in your home with window tint.

Tinting for homes

Give your home some privacy with our frost film.

Window Tint Near Me

Protect your floors and furniture form 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Window Tint For Santa Monica Homes

Santa Monica is a beautiful place to live being that it is a beachfront city. Also having other popular and beautiful cites around it. Along with the beaches who wouldn’t want to live here. You have The Santa Monica Pier which is a really popular destination not only for the tourist but the locals as well.

Now of course with all the positive thing that you can say about the city there is one thing that can make it a little bit uncomfortable. Santa Monica typically has about 310 days of sunshine a year which means that its going to be very hot most of the time. One positive is that since you are so close to the ocean you will get that nice cool breeze blowing by occasionally.

With all of these high temperatures brings another equation to the table. You will be running your air conditioner a bit more raising the energy cost in your home. Have you ever thought of window film in order to keeping you cool and also lowering your monthly energy bill. With window film you can keep your home cooler, lower energy cost and even add privacy to your home if needed.

Window Tint LA has all that you will need to keep yourself cooler. Plus we provide a completely free consultation were we will come out to you measure your glass, bring you film samples, answer your questions and give your quote at that time. We are open 7 days a week in order to better serve you with all of your window tinting needs.

Below are some pictures of homes in Santa Monica that we have applied tint to.

Window Tint For Homes

Professionally installed window film

Window Tint For Homes

Window film also comes in shades that are virtually clear (Huper Optik Klar 85)

Privacy Film

Keep your natural view on from the inside looking out and a mirrored look from the outside looking in

Privacy window film

Privacy window film wit a reflective view on the outside

Heat Reduction

Lower your home energy bills with window film

Home Window Tint

Lifetime Residential Warranty covering the installation and film

Window Tint for homes

Huper Optik Ceramic 70 was applied to these windows

Home window tint

Window film comes in many shades from light to dark

Heat reduction

Reduce the amount of heat coming into your home with window film. (Huper Optik Ceramic 40)

Window Film That Blocks UV Rays

Huper Optik Ceramic 60 blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays and will reject 60% of infrared heat. Huper Optik Ceramic window film is available in different shades, The Ceramic 60 is one of the lighter films when it comes to the darkness.

UV protection

Protect your floors and furniture from fading/discoloring

The client of this home was mostly concerned about protecting his floors and the artwork that was In his home. The ceramic 60 will block the harmful UV rays they will cause the floors to fade and/or discolor. It will also protect your skin from aging, from causing eye problems and also protects you from the risk of cancer.

Uv Protection

Window Film was applied to windows to protect the floors from harmful UV rays

Huper Optik Ceramic 60 is 100% metal and dye free. Plus you get a lifetime residential warranty that covers installation and the film.

UV Protection

Huper Optik Ceramic 60 was professionally install

Uv Protection

Call Window Tint LA today and set up your free consultation. We will come out and measure the glass, provide you with the film samples and answer all of your questions.

Heat Reduction Window Film for Homes in Los Angeles

The advantages of home window tinting are wide-ranging. Windows will open a house to warmth, natural lighting, as well as views of the world outside. Here in this post we will go into detail on the benefits of heat reduction window films for homes:

Reduce Home Energy Costs with Window Film

There isn’t anything worse than having the sunlight interrupt an afternoon TV binge by creating glare on your television screen. Alright, there are millions of worse things, yet did you know there is an alternative to curtains and blinds that assist in cutting down the glare from sunlight? Window film can not just block this glare, yet it may assist in protecting your furnishings from fading because of sun damage and also can help to save on utility bills by rejecting lots of heat which derives from the rays of the sun.

Around 50% of a home’s energy bills are wasted by heat gain and loss of heat through untreated windows, according to the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Energy Star Buildings Manual. Home window tinting significantly can improve energy efficiency with a virtually invisible, thin addition to a house’s existing windows.

Anti Glare Window Film for your Home Windows

Open your draperies, shades, or blinds, and allow the sunlight in. Besides blocking heat, home window tinting decreases glare by up to 87 percent, and makes it easier to work on a computer or watch TV in the comfort of your own home. Due to window film being designed with distortion-free, ultra-clear materials, you will not even know it is there.

UV Blocking Home Window Film

Most artwork, furnishings, and fabrics may fade just by permitting daylight to pass through untreated windows. Home window tinting using window films blocks up to 99.9 percent of all UVB and UVA rays, assisting in protecting your family and preserving the color of your carpets, fabrics, and furnishings.

Protect Your Family and Home with Safety / Security Window Film

Glass may be a real danger in the home as broken from storms, break-ins, or accidents. Safeguard your property and your family using safety films. The transparent yet powerful barrier aids in holding glass in place if an impact occurs, and assists you in defending against the unforeseen.

Home Window Film Inexpensive Alternative to Window Replacement

While deteriorating or damaged windows merely need to be replaced, home window tinting offers an inexpensive alternative to replacement as the goal includes improving energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, the cost for professional, quick installation is around 1/10 the price of replacement windows!

clear uv film for house windows

Clear window film installed to block heat

clear uv tint for house windows

Clear residential window film

home window tinting Los Angeles

Clear tint installed in Los Angeles home to reduce heat and block UV rays

safety film tempered glass

Strengthen your windows with security window film

security window film

Security film installed to deter burglars.

Home Window Tinting In Marina Del Rey

Windows are an integral part of any home. They let in light from the outside. They let you view the surrounding outdoor areas. They also help keep out the summer heat and repeal the winter cold.

By the very nature of their transparency, however, glass windows can also create problems for the homeowner. One of these annoyances is the excessive glare caused by unfiltered sunlight that occurs within the home.

If you’ve ever tried to watch a television movie in a room bathed in sunlight during the day, you know how the outside glare can make the viewing experience a poor one. For televised night scenes, glare can totally blank out the action.

There is a solution to the home glare problem that is fairly simple to apply at a reasonable cost: window glare film.

Glare-reducing film not only prevents television and computer screens from being washed out, but they also block out up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays. This self-adhesive film is applied directly to the window glass. For single-pane window, it is applied to the inside. For double pane glass, the film is applied to the outside.

Applying Window Tint to Your Home

1 – Clean your glass panes with a solution of a teaspoon of baby shampoo added to one gallon of water. Cleaners that contain vinegar or ammonia should never be used as they can damage the film.

2 – Measure each pane, than cut the film to match. Leave an extra inch along each side as you make the cuts..

3 – Using the same liquid you used to clean the windows, spray the windows with a liberal coating. Spray some of the liquid on your hands in order to avoid leaving your fingerprints on the film.

4 – Remove the film backing. One trick to make this easy is to use transparent tape to peel back the first inch or so. Once you had exposed the small strip of film, spray the entire film backing and remove using your hands

5 – Beginning at the top, stick the film to the glass and work your way down to the bottom. Once the film has been applied and the backing peeled off, adjust the film so that it is perfectly centered.

6 – Using a window squeegee, smooth out any bubbles to the sides. It’s important to keep the film surface wet so the squeegee will pull easily.

7 – Use a utility knife and trim the film edges within 1/16-inches window edge.

8 – When finished, spray the film surface one more time to squeegee out any remaining bubbles through the tiny gap you left along the edges.

9 – Wait at least 30 days before cleaning your home windows from the inside. Allow four to eight weeks for the window film before the curing process is complete.

Once your windows have been glare-proofed with home window film, you should see an immense improvement in the interior lighting in your home. Not only are do light reflections no longer interfere with your television viewing, but you should notice a more subtle and calming environment throughout the interior rooms.

Hüper Optik Ceramic 30

Uv ray protection, Heat reduction and still keep your natural view from the inside looking out

Hüper Optik Ceramic 30

Protect your floors, furniture and artwork from fading/discoloring with professionally installed window film

Hüper Optik Ceramic 30

Professionally installed window film

Hüper Optik Ceramic 30

Lifetime residential warranty

Hüper Optik Ceramic 30

Free consultations! Call today!

UV Window Tint for Homes in Los Angeles

Looking for a way to protect the inside of your home or office from the sun’s harmful UV rays? UV rays are responsible for the fading and discoloration of floors, furniture, paintings, and much more. In order to avoid this problem we have a solution, window tint. All the films we carry block 99.9% of UV rays. Once window film is applied and properly installed by our professional window film installers you will be protecting the valuable things inside of your home, business and office without jeopardizing the view looking out.

In addition to blocking 99.9% of UV rays, our variety of films offer heat and glare reductions, privacy, and added security depending of the type of film that best fits your needs.

More Benefits of UV Window Tint for Homes:

  • Enhance privacy
  • Increase home safety
  • Heat reduction
  • Reduce Glare
house window tints

Our window films include a lifetime residential warranty

solar window film reduce heat uv protection

Call today for a completely free consultation!

clear uv window tint for homes

Virtually clear film protects your valuables from discoloring

uv film for windows

Window film allows natural light in your space, while blocking UV rays.

what is a good window tint for houses to keep the uv rays out

Prevent premature fading of furniture.