West Hollywood Window Tint: Your More Affordable Home

West Hollywood is home to a plethora of classic Los Angeles architecture. The bungalows, townhouses, single family homes, and apartments of West Hollywood were largely built in the earlier and middle decades of the 1900s, and much of the construction is elegant and stylish. Many of the homes in West Hollywood are also dated in terms of amenities, however.

The older West Hollywood homes usually lack modern attributes like central air conditioning, double-paned energy efficient windows, and other facets people living in newer homes take for granted. That means when the sun shines brightly as it does so often in LA, West Hollywood residences are often too hot for comfort and can even be at risk of interior damage caused by all that sunshine.

Windows let invisible infrared light enter a home, and it is this type of solar energy that causes interior temperatures to rise. This elevated heat leads to the use of fans and AC systems in order to get the heat back down to a tolerable level. As it happens, air conditioning costs are usually the largest portion of residential power bills in West Hollywood homes.

In most properties in West Hollywood, CA the same single-pane that windows let warming infrared sunlight in are also the primary cause of treated, cool air leaking out of the residence. Windows are the most poorly insulated part of most residences, and the thin glass of the windows of older homes is the worst insulated of all.

With window film West Hollywood homes can stay cooler thanks to blocked infrared solar energy and thanks to the enhanced insulation provided by the film itself. In fact window film allows a single-paned window to offer as much insulation as a double-paned unit. And applying window film costs only a fraction of the price of replacing the windows in your West Hollywood home, especially if the frames are cut into a unique, custom shape.

Window tint is ideal for keeping your West Hollywood home cooler and for reducing power bills, but it can also help in another major way: window film blocks out an amazing 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet light, therefore effectively preventing the fading of the interior. That means wood floors that won’t become discolored, carpets and upholstery that won’t bleach, and artwork and photos that will last for years.

what percentage will house tint lower heat

Ceramic window film installed to reduce heat in this beautiful Hollywood home

heat control 99 anti uv residential

Protect your home against harmful UV rays with window film!

tint for a house that completely keeps heat out

Window film installed to control solar heat

heat blocking residential window film

Protect your wood floors against UV and heat by installing window film

solar window film reduce heat uv protection

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Heat Reduction Window Film for Homes in Los Angeles

The advantages of home window tinting are wide-ranging. Windows will open a house to warmth, natural lighting, as well as views of the world outside. Here in this post we will go into detail on the benefits of heat reduction window films for homes:

Reduce Home Energy Costs with Window Film

There isn’t anything worse than having the sunlight interrupt an afternoon TV binge by creating glare on your television screen. Alright, there are millions of worse things, yet did you know there is an alternative to curtains and blinds that assist in cutting down the glare from sunlight? Window film can not just block this glare, yet it may assist in protecting your furnishings from fading because of sun damage and also can help to save on utility bills by rejecting lots of heat which derives from the rays of the sun.

Around 50% of a home’s energy bills are wasted by heat gain and loss of heat through untreated windows, according to the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Energy Star Buildings Manual. Home window tinting significantly can improve energy efficiency with a virtually invisible, thin addition to a house’s existing windows.

Anti Glare Window Film for your Home Windows

Open your draperies, shades, or blinds, and allow the sunlight in. Besides blocking heat, home window tinting decreases glare by up to 87 percent, and makes it easier to work on a computer or watch TV in the comfort of your own home. Due to window film being designed with distortion-free, ultra-clear materials, you will not even know it is there.

UV Blocking Home Window Film

Most artwork, furnishings, and fabrics may fade just by permitting daylight to pass through untreated windows. Home window tinting using window films blocks up to 99.9 percent of all UVB and UVA rays, assisting in protecting your family and preserving the color of your carpets, fabrics, and furnishings.

Protect Your Family and Home with Safety / Security Window Film

Glass may be a real danger in the home as broken from storms, break-ins, or accidents. Safeguard your property and your family using safety films. The transparent yet powerful barrier aids in holding glass in place if an impact occurs, and assists you in defending against the unforeseen.

Home Window Film Inexpensive Alternative to Window Replacement

While deteriorating or damaged windows merely need to be replaced, home window tinting offers an inexpensive alternative to replacement as the goal includes improving energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, the cost for professional, quick installation is around 1/10 the price of replacement windows!

clear uv film for house windows

Clear window film installed to block heat

clear uv tint for house windows

Clear residential window film

home window tinting Los Angeles

Clear tint installed in Los Angeles home to reduce heat and block UV rays

safety film tempered glass

Strengthen your windows with security window film

security window film

Security film installed to deter burglars.

Decorative Window Film For Your Bathroom

Do you get tired of looking at the curtains or blinds that area covering the bathroom window? Do you wish you could look at something more colorful? Are you tired of having to take those curtains down in order to clean them? There is a solution to that problem, Decorative Window Film. Adding decorative window film will give you privacy and create a beautiful appearance of etched glass. With decorative window film you will turn your bathroom into an attractive and tranquil space to be in. Also eliminating the hassle of having to clean curtains or blinds.

Decorative Window Film

Immerse yourself in a aesthetic serenity with Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Just a wave of beauty with this window film

Decorative Window Film

Lifetime Residential warranty covering film and installation

Decorative Window Film

Get privacy and a decorative view with window film

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film blocks 99.9% of UV rays and gives you privacy

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Window film is easy to clean and can be removed if needed

Decorative Window Film

We are ope 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule

Decorative Window Film

Reduce glare and heat with decorative window film

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Frosted And Decorative Films For Your Bathroom Shower Door

When you spend a lot of time in a room of your home you like to have something nice to look at. With the bathroom being one of the rooms in your home that people tend to spend a lot of time in (wink wink), Especially if your a woman. We like to soak in the tub, take a long shower or just do our makeup. Here at Window Tint LA we can turn your ordinary bathroom in to a lavish powder room just by applying a decorative film to your shower doors. If your looking for Privacy and some glamor you can also add a frost. This will block visibility when you are in the shower or tub just relaxing.

Decorative Film

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Decorative Film

this is a very starry image. Plus who doesn’t like a little sparkle

Decorative Film

StingRays, fish and sharks are so amazing to look at. this is a beautiful image to look at while taking a shower

Decorative frost

This a beautiful decorative Film to apply to bathroom showers or just the window

Diamond square pattern was applied to this shower for the look and to add a hint of privacy

Diamond square pattern was applied to this shower for the look and to add a hint of privacy

Decorative frost

Pink Floating Bubbles

Decorative frost

This film will give any bathroom a more modern look and feel

Decorative frost

Get privacy in the shower by applying film

Decorative frost

Decorative frost

Adding a frosted design to your shower doors will give your bathroom a very classy look

Decorative frost

If you have an idea of what you would like we will create a mock up for you. And bring that vision to life

Decorative frost

We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schdeule

Decorative frost

A Bamboo Frost pattern was applied to shower

Decorative Film

Dandelions are all the rage on shower doors

decorative frost

This is a great decorative frost for the kids

Decorative Film

Black floating bubbles

Decorative Film

Decorative Butterflies were applied

Decorative Film

Decorative Bubbles were applied to shower door

Decorative Film

If you have a favorite color we can do that for you just like this the Blue film that was applied to this shower door

With films from Window Tint LA you can lay back light some candles and have a glass of wine while enjoying the sight around you on your shower. Are you ready to not only relax your mind, body and soul and also your view. We do offer a completely free consultation. We will come to you measure your glass provide your with samples or create a mock up for you. Call us today at 310-935-1748 we would love to hear from you.

Professional Window Film Installation; The Better Choice

Many homeowners recognize the importance of installing window film in their home. However, in some cases homeowners believe they can simply complete the install themselves. They feel this will save them both time and money. While this may be true, more often than not most find this eventually causes problems and is much more expensive down the line.

The film that you purchase at your local home improvement store is low quality. These films often times are made with dye, which will begin to fade and turn colors over time. The films also do not protect you from harmful UV rays, which cause your floors and furniture to fade. Professional installers use long lasting high quality films that provide several benefits.

Installing film is not as easy as most think. Most think it’s a fairly simple task. After attempting to install the film, people start to realize it is definitely not as easy as it looks. Installation requires special tools that can be very expensive. Most times it is less expensive to hire a professional than to pay for all the tools needed to perform the installation.

Professional window film companies can guarantee their work. Every company is different as far as the warranty provided. At Window Tint LA your install includes a lifetime residential warranty. The warranty covers both the film and the installation. When you install the film yourself, you will not have the peace of mind in knowing that if anything goes wrong with your film you’re covered.
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home depot window tinting

Film will not peel, fade, or bubble over time.

residential window tinting home depot

Professionally installed with high grade window film

tint your home windows yourself

Window film includes a lifetime residential warranty.

house window tinting diy

Professionally installed window film

Heat Reduction and UV Protection

Huper Optik Select Sech is highest performing window film in the industry. The film is made with precious metals to provide natural views, which are designed to allow the highest amount of light to enter your space while rejecting the greatest amount of heat.

The owner for this home wanted a film that would reject heat to provide relief from the harsh sunrays and common hot spots in their home. They also wanted protect their artwork from UV rays while maintaining their natural view when looking out of their windows. Our senior consultants recommended Huper Optik Select Sech as the best window film choice.

uv window film

Huper Optik film installed to reduce heat, block UV rays, and reduce glare.

window tint for houses

Maintain a natural view when looking out of windows

window film heat glare

Reduce heat and glare with Huper Optik window film

tint for a house that completely keeps heat out

Huper Optik window film installed to block heat

Do you have a hot spot in your home? Do you want to block UV rays? If so, let one of our tint experts recommend a window film to solve your problem. We are open 7 days a week. We offer completely free consultations! We come to you, measure your glass, provide film samples that are yours to keep, and your questions and provide a quote on the spot!

Ceramic Window Film Installed in Studio City

The owner of this gorgeous home in Studio City was interested in reducing the amount of heat entering the home and rejecting harmful UV rays. Our experts knew the perfect film to solve this problem. We recommended Huper Optik Ceramic 60.

Some benefits of this film are listed below:

1. Visible Light Transmission: 60%
2. Visible Light Reflectance: 9%
3. Infrared Rejection: 60%
4. UV Light Rejection: 99%
5. Total Solar Energy Rejected: 43%
6. Glare Reduction: 34%

Here are photos of the windows after the film has been installed:

ceramic huper optik

Ceramic 60 window tint installed

house window tinting film

View of window after installation

window tinting residential

Huper Optik ceramic 60 film installed

home window tint near me

Window film provides a natural view when looking out

best home window tinting in la

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huper optik ceramic

Huper Optik window film professionally installed in Studio City home

heat blocking residential window film

Window film installed to reduce the amount of heat that enters the home

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The Difference Between Reflective film VS Privacy Frost

In this day an age there are more and more sinister people in the world. Which makes people have to protect themselves more from harm, peeping toms and people just wanting to brake into your hoe because they see that nice piece of artwork or a huge TV in your home. There are a couple of options that you can go with in order to get more privacy.

What is Reflective Film?

Reflective film is a film that gives you a natural view from the inside looking out but you will have a mirror/reflective look from the out side looking in. The Film we use for this is Hüper Optik Fusion10,20,28 and 40 and those are different shades from dark to light. There is also a Hüper Optik Silver 18 and 30 which will give you more of a silver look. Then we also have a Hüper Optik Bronze 25 and 40 ad this film will give you a bronze look. All of the films will block 99.0% of UV rays. Depending on which film and the shade that you choose it will also reduce glare 88%-54%, reject Total Solar Energy 77%-47% and still allow 11%-41% of light into the room

Hüper Optik Silver 18

Hüper Opitk silver 18 was applied to this window. It is a reflective film that will give a more silver look

Hüper Optik Bronze

Hüper Optik Bronze. This is also a reflective film

Hüper Optik Fusion 40

For this home we applied Fusion 40

Hüper Optik Fusion 28

This is an outside view of the Fusion 28 that was applied to this beautiful home

Hüper Optik Fusion 20

Fusion 20 was applied to this home owners wondows

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

A Fusion 10 was applied to these windows

What is Privacy Frost?

Privacy Frost is a film that looks like etched glass. This will give you total privacy day and night. Not only will privacy frost give you privacy it will also improve the aesthetics of the area. There is also a Llumar Bronze Frost. Frost does block 99.0% UV rays reduces 29% of glare, rejects 25% Total Solar Energy and still allows 73% of light into the room. The frost film also has a thickness of 2MIL.

Privacy Frost

we are open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule

Privacy Frost

Privacy Frost applied to window

Hüper Optik Bronze Frost

Hüper Optik Bronze Frost with Custom Graphics

Hüper Optik Bronze

Hüper Optik Bronze Frost was applied to this door window

Privacy Frost

Window Tint LA is open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule. We provide a completely free consultation where we will come out to you, measure the glass, provide you with samples that are yours to keep and answer all of your question.

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How To Clean Window Film

If you have recently had window film installed or are considering installing window film, you may be wondering how to clean your film and maintain it. Window Tint LA is here to help. We can answer your questions to help you maintain the quality and beauty of your window film.

The Curing Process

The curing process is the drying time for your window film. When your film is installed, the installer will use a squeegee to remove as much of the solution as possible. It is nearly impossible to remove it all; therefore your film goes through the curing process.

After your installation is complete, keep in mind it can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks for your film to fully cure. It is perfectly normal to see small water bubbles or hazing during this time. Be sure that you do not attempt to burst or poke the water bubbles during this time, as this will damage your film. The bubbles and cloudy appearance will eventually disappear.

Cleaning Your Film

It is recommended that you wait at least 30 days before cleaning your film. This will allow the film to cure properly. When cleaning use a clean soft cloth, clean synthetic sponge, or soft paper towel. Be sure not to scrub the film aggressively and do not use abrasive cleaning tools.

Normal glass cleaning products are safe to use on your film. Do not use solutions that have harsh materials such baking soda and ammonia-based products like Windex. These products can ruin the colors and adhesion of your film.

How Often You Should Clean Your Film

Window film is virtually maintenance free, unlike curtains or drapes. You only need to clean your film occasionally to prevent build up of dust. If you have children, pets, or if the window is low to the ground you may need to clean the film more often.

Window Tint LA

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window film curing process

Film can take up to 8 weeks to fully cure

Residential window film cleaning

Clean window film with non abrasive cleaners and cloths

cleaning residential window film

Window film installed to block UV rays

window film cleaning

Window film installed helps to reduce heat and glare

ceramic huper optik

Window film installed in Los Angeles home

huper optik ceramic cleaning

Residential window film installed