Keep Your Privacy and Stay Stylish with Frost Film!

Some people would like to add 24 hour privacy to their space without compromising the look. If you’re one of those people, frost may be the choice for you! Frost window films are the one of only options on the market that provide you with privacy all day and night. There are other privacy films available but it is based on the strongest source of light. So during the day you can see out and others cant see in, however, at night when the lights are on in your house you will be visible. There are also black/white out options that provide 24 hour privacy but they aren’t the most attractive to some, especially for the home. Frost films provide you with the best of both worlds!

Our client here decided to go with the HuperOptik Dusted Crystal option. This gives them some privacy from people walking on the street for their outside seating area. It’s a smart choice that improves the look of their modern home.

huper optik dusted crystal

Frost film for a modern home

frost privacy film

Providing privacy to their outside seating area

Frost privacy film

Complete privacy for ground level seating

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Avoid Office Accidents by Adding Distraction Markers to Glass

Have you ever been on your phone while walking and accidentally ran into something? Embarrassing, right? Now imagine this happening in your place of business. Not only will it be a distraction to others, but it could also potentially be dangerous. While glass walls are a great way to give the office an open and airy feeling, they can also be a hazard for those who aren’t careful. You can avoid these incidents by adding distraction markers to your glass. Distraction markers are visible interruptions on glass that make it easy for people to see that the glass is there.

There are multiple benefits to adding markers to your glass panels or doors beyond just safety. They are a great way to give privacy to conference rooms and offices. You can also further market your brand or show your company’s personality by adding personalized graphics by Window Tint LA. We can create any look you are trying to accomplish with our talented graphic designers. Call us today to schedule a completely free consultation and see what magic can be created!

graphics in frosted films

Nice graphics in film to bring safety, privacy and visual interest to the office.


frosted window films

You can add descriptions in the film to help define spaces.distraction markers for officeLike a more simplistic look? We can do that as well!

Privacy in office with frosted window film

Add some much needed privacy with simple, classic designs.

privacy in office with window film

marketing with window film

Make sure people know who you are!

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Add Privacy In Your Home With Frosted Window Film

Have you ever considered increasing the amount of privacy in your home, but you would rather not install curtains or blinds? Did you know installing window film is the perfect solution? Window film offers a variety of privacy options for your home.

Frost window film will give your glass a frosted look. You will get 24-hour privacy. This film will block visibility in and out of your windows. This film is most commonly applied to bathroom windows and shower doors. Here are a few examples.

tinted house windows cost

Frost film installed in residential bathroom for added privacy

home window tinting service

Frosted vine window film

day and night privacy window film

Frosted window film is available in a variety of colors and designs

huper optik dusted crystal privacy frost

Block visibility in and out your windows with frost!

window glass privacy film

Block neighbors from viewing inside your home with window tint

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Business Window Film in Saugus – An Old-Town Vibe in Santa Clarita

Officially it’s not the “Old Town” of Santa Clarita, but with plenty of businesses operating there, business window film for Saugus establishments are a solid investment for customers and employees alike. Modern business window films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays, also called UV light) as well as most of the warming infra-red rays (IR rays) to keep interiors cooler and air-conditioning systems off. Happier customers inside are more likely to return to comfortable establishments, and cooler, happier employees tend to be more productive.

Multitude of Retail Establishments – and Window Glass – to Protect

Since it’s part of a city now (Santa Clarita, incorporated in 1987 to combine 4 neighborhoods in the area) it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the community starts and ends, but overall there are plenty of companies that could benefit from business window film in Saugus. Whereas Valencia got Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Newhall retains the “Old Town” of the Santa Clarita Valley, Saugus has Soledad Canyon Road and the multitude of retail establishments there including a Wal-Mart Supercenter at Golden Valley Road. Retail businesses can benefit from today’s clear commercial window films that reject harmful sun rays while still letting passersby see the goods inside.

Not Just Protection: Buildings can Look Better, Too

Then there’s the aesthetics of business window film for Saugus business properties. Commercial structure owners can make their properties look much better from the street or sidewalks, more attractive for people driving or walking by to stop, look and maybe buy. High-quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik carry glare-reduction qualities and are known to be very durable, lasting years and letting you enjoy cost savings on electricity bills for years to come. The more solar power these window films reject, the less you have to run the A/C unit.

Affordable, Timely Precaution to Nip Crime in the Bud

The economic benefits are apparent with business window film in Saugus and nearby communities like Newhall. A commercial property can be improved to deter criminal acts by blocking visual access into the interiors. That is, bolster the weakest points of a structure’s defense: those gaping holes protected only by glass. A vision-blocking commercial window film can be installed with a decent yet subtle tint shade, like a 50 percent tint, letting in about half the light. This vision-blocking element is a barrier to potential break-ins – crooks are less likely to act if they don’t know what’s inside.

End Result is Business Window Film in Saugus Saves Money

Commercial or business window films in Saugus provide companies with an edge over the competition, and can make properties more attractive when viewed from streets or sidewalks. Those in the retail business understand how first impressions can mean all the difference in the world. Have your property look better than those nearby only increases the opportunities for more sales. Contact us today for more information about commercial window tint film in Saugus or nearby communities like Valencia.

History Tidbit: Saugus is named after the town of Saugus, Massachusetts, which is the hometown of Henry Newhall. The Saugus Café on San Fernando Road opened in 1887 and is one of the oldest restaurants in all of Los Angeles County. Overall the population of Saugus is about 45,000 residents today.


Business Window Film In Saugus

Before we applied privacy film to commercial building

Business Window Film In Saugus

Reduce glare with window film! (Before Photo)

Business Window Film In Saugus

Enjoy a natural view when looking out while blocking heat inside your business.

Business Window Film In Saugus

Frosted film installed to increase privacy

Business Window Film In Saugus

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Commercial Window Film for Reseda – Land of Many Businesses, Plenty of Traffic

This neighborhood in the middle of the San Fernando Valley is mostly homes, but it can be surprising how commercial window film for Reseda businesses takes off due to the sheer number of businesses here. The very many retail establishments in Reseda are at a disadvantage if they don’t have commercial window film applied to all that glass, to protect customers and employees alike. More comfortable customers are more likely to return again; and cooler, happier employees are more productive and safe. It’s a win-win all the way around.

Commercial Window Films to Save Monthly on Electricity Bills

Overall, Reseda has a remarkable number of business properties – and many of them could benefit greatly from improvements like adding commercial window film. Business and commercial property owners should become acquainted with the many benefits of adding window film, especially for what it can mean in cost savings. These window films on all that glass reject solar energy and keep interiors cooler, which means you can leave air-conditioning systems off more often. Long-term commercial window films can save thousands of dollars on electricity bills.

Make Your Business Property More Attractive to those who Pass By

Commercial window film in Reseda is notable due to this neighborhood’s location, right in the middle of the Valley proper, south of Northridge and also bordering the Los Angeles River to the south, Winnetka to the west and Tarzana and Encino to the east. Unofficially the neighborhood stretches past the L.A. River to Victory Boulevard, and sometimes it can be hard to know where the line is with Northridge. This area sees a tremendous number of cars every day, each of which could bring in your next dollar as a business. Make sure your property is as attractive as possible with commercial window film in Reseda.

Also Makes Your Commercial Building Safer

If you are involved with operating a business in Reseda, you should get to know about commercial window tint films especially the high-quality options like those produced by Huper Optik or LLumar. Today’s quality films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays, or UV light) which are known to cause skin cancer and other health impacts for human beings and pets. These window films also reject most infra-red light (IR rays), which are the sun’s light that make us feel warm or hot in sunlight. Block IR rays and easily keep your business interior cooler.

Commercial Window Films Mean Better Business Environments
For a business, in the end it can be all about saving money – which commercial window film in Reseda delivers, in spades. It helps make customers inside more comfortable, which in turn increases the probability that they’ll return. Good business operators know of the importance of return customers. Additionally, inside these buildings protected by commercial window film, employees are happier in cooler climates, which helps boost production. Ever fought through a late afternoon in an insufficiently cooled office? Sluggishness can cause mistakes or accidents, costing businesses dearly. A simple one-time investment into commercial window film can prevent it.

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Commercial Window Film for Reseda

Before we installed Frosted window film

Commercial Window Film in Reseda

Before we installed HanitaTek Exterior Silver

Commercial Window Film in Reseda

Huper Optik Dusted Crystal Frost Film! applied for privacy day and night

Commercial Window Film in Reseda

Ask about our 15 year commercial warranty!

Commercial Window Film in Reseda

Lower your energy costs with window film!

Commercial Window Film In Reseda

Film blocks 99.9% of UV rays responsible for fading.

Protective Residential Window Film for Valley Village Homes

Its name may be a bit bland but don’t underestimate the need for protective residential window film on Valley Village homes, in a place that Wikipedia simply describes as “a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, located within the San Fernando Valley.” That’s it? Not necessarily, as Valley Village has always been a known section of North Hollywood dating back to the 1930s when motion picture studios built homes there. Many of these houses are older with insufficient weatherproofing and even cooling systems – strong reasons to invest in residential window tint films.

Dangers and Damages are Real for Valley Village Properties

Many of the homes in this central San Fernando Valley neighborhood are older and therefore leak cold air when you can least afford it, those hot summer months, and even autumn weeks where the Santa Ana winds make it dry as heck. Hardwood floors, carpet, drapes, blinds are all susceptible to solar energy that pounds the Valley Village area and its homes. Not improving all that glass on the outside of your Valley Village home is doing so at your own peril. The dangers and potentials for damage are real; think protective window film for Valley Village homes and protect your real estate investment.

Add Protection for your Valley Village Home from the ‘Silent Destroyer’

The sun’s harmful rays can be considered “silent destroyers” of properties; present even when it’s cloudy or hazy and dinging away at the value of your Valley Village property. High-quality, protective residential window film in Valley Village, and in nearby neighborhoods like Universal City, provides a long-lasting solution that works all the time to protect your home and valuables inside. These residential window films are one-time investments that can pay off royally over time. Think about the cost to repair or replace carpet faded in one spot by too many ultraviolet rays (UV rays). That project alone could be costly; there are others waiting to happen.

Reject Away those Pesky IR Rays and all the Warmth

There also are infra-red rays (IR rays, also called IR light) that produce the sun’s warmth and heat, and letting too much penetrate into Valley Village homes means keeping the air conditioning system running more often, which means … money. Add residential window film for Valley Village homes and keep that A/C system off more often during the months when it matters most – summer and autumn months. Older homes in particular are harder to keep cool all the time due to insufficient weatherproofing and generally leaky window and door seams. Address it with protective residential window film for Valley Village properties.

Simple Action to Make Your Valley Village Home More Comfortable Always

This specific piece of land in the San Fernando Valley and City of Los Angeles gets lots of sunshine – and heat. Who wants to return home after a long, sweaty commute from work on a hot L.A. day to walk into … an even hotter atmosphere? Residential window films significantly cool home interiors, all the time. Contact us today and learn how Valley Village residential window film options such as tint shading or decorative films can benefit you big-time.


Protective Residential Window Film In Valley Village

Before we applied film for privacy

Protective Residential Window Film for Valley Village

Before we applied Huper Optiks Dusted Crystal film

Protective Residential Window Film In Valley Village

Block 99% of harmful UV rays!

Protective Residential Window Film In Valley Village

Increase privacy in your home with window tint!

Protective Residential Window Film In Valley Village

After we installed Huper Optiks Dusted Crystal film

Commercial Window Film in Zaferia, the Long Beach ‘Little Village’

“Plus happier customers inside means more sales, and more comfortable workers means improved productivity.”

The first impression while cruising through the middle of the Long Beach district easily could be that commercial window film in Zaferia has great promise. At one point nearly a distinct city by itself, Zaferia was connected with other newly forming Southland communities by a now-gone railroad line, and the neighborhood ultimately was annexed into the City of Long Beach in 1920. The East Anaheim Street corridor has grown into a rather vibrant and diverse economic strip that anchors what actually is a fairly large residential community mixing single-family and multi-family units with hotels, restaurants, specialty shops and more.

Factors for Thriving Commercial Window Film Sales in Zaferia

The lengthy commercial and retail hub of East Anaheim Street, along with robust business activity along north-south streets like Redondo and Obispo avenues, means commercial window film sales in Zaferia should thrive for years to come. Sure, there’s the sheer number of businesses both small and large. But also, many of the structures are older and could use a little home improvement love. Adding commercial window film to these structures could keep interiors significantly cooler, and save business and property owners in electricity bills each month. Plus happier customers inside means more sales, and more comfortable workers means improved productivity.

Was it a ‘Little Village’ – or Not?

Visitors and passersby might be a bit confused as to where exactly Zaferia starts or ends. The City has stamped the district’s logo onto many street-corner sidewalks. The municipality even erected a few nice street signs proudly conveying that Zaferia was established in 1913. Yet just a few hundred feet south of Anaheim Street some residents consider their homes to be part of the Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach (which in reality is south of 10th Street). Confusion also exists regarding the origin of the name. Some say it’s a Spanish-language word for “Little Village.” Others say it could have been a man who lived in Long Beach long ago; that it has something to do with Zaferia Pass in Spain; or it’s from Greek roots. The mystery remains.

No Secret: Commercial Window Film Improves Business Properties

What’s not mysterious is how commercial window film in Zaferia and nearby neighborhoods like South Rose Park, Cambodia Town and Traffic Circle can improve business properties, protect workers and customers, and ultimately make properties safer and better. Commercial window films are available in a great variety of tint shades, and even decorative window films for a frosted look. Adding shading or a soft frost to big windows helps deter crime by distorting views into buildings. The window films provide a significant boost to interior privacy. Plus, should a window get a sudden impact and break, an adhered window film can keep the pieces to the window frame and avoid having sharp shards of glass fly into people and pets nearby.

Add Modern Technology to Older Zaferia, Long Beach Buildings

Those used to living in or dealing with older structures can be amazed by the modern technology that makes commercial window film in Zaferia and other Long Beach neighborhoods so effective. Today’s quality window films, like those produced by Huper Optik, reduce glare, improve visuals inside-to-out, and reject heat and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays). They also are known to be much more durable than the old vinyl films we see on cars. Retail establishments would be wise to go with a clear or lightly shaded tint film, so customers can see goods while walking by. For office-dominated buildings, think darker tint shades or even decorative window film as boosting privacy and blocking solar energy is paramount. Please contact us today for more information about commercial window film in Zaferia and other Los Angeles area communities.

Custom Window Graphics

Before Custom Graphic Window film was applied to the windows

Custom Window Graphics

After Custom Window Graphics were applied to window

Privacy Film

Increase the strength of your windows with window tint

Privacy Film

Natural view from the inside looking out

Privacy Film

View of Dusted Crystal window film from the outside

Privacy Film

Free consultations Call today

Privacy Film

Dusted Crystal was applied to the windows for privacy

Commercial Window Tint for Miracle Mile Business Properties: a Must-Have

“Commercial window tint has business implications.”

Owners of these properties are cognizant of gains and losses; so weighing commercial window tint for Miracle Mile business property glass is an attractive proposition. Like to pay less in electricity bills each month? Want happier and more productive workers? How can you attract more passing motorists? Savvy business operators will understand what a commercial window tint can bring to the bottom line. Add in potential savings from a risk management perspective and you have a winner. Commercial window tint for Miracle Mile business properties at a glance:

Commercial Window Tint for Business Considerations

The name Miracle Mile itself is a testament to forward-thinking marketing genius: it contemplated the rise of the automobile in the consumer decision-making process. Therefore Miracle Mile commercial and business properties would be wise to reduce glare off windows, and when necessary make it easier for passersby to see what’s inside. Quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik do just that. Glare reduction, heat rejection and UV-ray protection come with the investment. These aren’t just your typical car window tints, trying to make youngsters look that much more hip. Commercial window tint has business implications.

Considerations to Choose a Commercial Window Tint

Considering commercial window tint for Miracle Mile properties, think about the focus of the business. If it’s purely retail, you can get window film that lets people see the products inside while still providing a protective shield against incoming sun rays. If it’s office-oriented, consider darker tint shades or even decorative window film where seeing inside is not a big deal but boosting privacy is paramount. Potential burglars are more apt to break into properties where they already know what’s inside. Why leave the opportunity? Boost your privacy – and security – with a commercial window film expertly installed.

Investment into Protection – and Reducing Costs

Regardless of the type of business operated in the Miracle Mile section of Wilshire Boulevard, protecting people inside and boosting productivity have to be on the mind of any seasoned business person. Quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which are known to cause skin cancer in humans and are destructive to items inside like drapes, blinds and carpets. Getting commercial window tint on your property’s windows is kind of a risk management element – an investment into protection and therefore avoiding potential losses down the road.

Commercial Window Tint in Miracle Mile Saves Money

To the point, a commercial window tint in Miracle Mile saves money. Modern window tint films reject so much of the sun’s power that you won’t have to run the air conditioning system as much, which means ongoing savings on electricity. That alone should be a huge enticement for commercial window tint for Miracle Mile businesses. Add to that more comfortable customers and workers, preservation of carpets and items inside, and added privacy and security and you have a wise business investment. It’s forward-thinking action in a business district that has grown from a dirt road to a huge local economic contributor all because of a vision.


Tint for office

Frost film for conference rooms.

Office Tint

Frost film for office privacy.

Tint Near Me

Customize your company logo.

Commercial graphics

Store graphics.

Commercial Tint

Contact us for your custom graphics.

Commercial Tint

Custom storefront film.

Frost Window Film in Anaheim Hills

“No-gooders from adjacent areas, tired of hitting the same places or unhappy with the loot they get, take to the roads to find greener pastures.”

Think frost window film in Anaheim Hills and you don’t have to let your mind wander too far away. You can almost envision frosted windows somewhere at nearby Disneyland, or maybe even Knott’s Berry Farm. But unlike its namesake, Anaheim Hills was not developed (almost haphazardly) over many years. This planned community in the eastern edge of Anaheim is organized, relatively new and very affluent. Which is a reason why frost window film might make sense. The affluence along with clean, open and well-lit streets makes it ripe for unwanted visitors.

Make Your Home Less Attractive – to Would-Be Burglars

Too often we hear of a series of break-ins in some usually safe and quiet community. Basically no-gooders from adjacent areas, tired of hitting the same places or unhappy with the loot they get, take to the roads to find greener pastures. Anaheim Hills is not all that close to troubled areas – it’s near Yorba Linda, home of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, as well as Villa Park and Anaheim – but you’d be surprised how far seasoned burglars in the Los Angeles area will go. Adding frost window film to your home makes it that much less of a target, because culprits can’t see inside to pre-plan. Why let passersby see into your home?

Frost Window Tint Adding Style to Anaheim Hills Homes

Aside from the security angle, frost window film in Anaheim Hills can add touches of style. Look around newer planned communities. You see almost cookie-cutter subdivisions, with a few styles of homes peppered among each other. For the most part they all look alike. Now, put a shade of frost on some windows and you have added a touch that will stick out from the other house models. Believe it or not, the population of Anaheim Hills approaches 60,000, so there’s a lot of home models and making yours stand out is quite the challenge. You can only do so much with landscaping and new roof colors.

Distinctions with Frost Window Tint in Anaheim Hills and Nearby

And how exactly would frost window tint in Anaheim Hills homes make them more likely to differentiate? Frosted window film is a decorative alternative to frosted and etched glass – but frosted films also are functional. You can choose from an almost unlimited number of window film designs, which makes it easier to align with styles of your home’s décor inside and out. With frosted window film remember they look different from the inside, too. Frosted window film comes in many colors and shades also, so you can look up and down the street to see which shade will be unique.

Save Money, Too, with Frost Windows in Anaheim Hills

The median household income in Anaheim Hills is about $125,000, way up there in the scale comparing American communities. Residents there are affluent, and know what they want. What they desire is to one-up their neighbors and colleagues. Adding frost window tint helps make that distinction from the outside. Something to consider is what you don’t have to tell your neighbors: frosted window film also helps save money. They shade and otherwise reject sun rays and solar power, therefore keeping a home’s interior cooler and the air conditioning unit off. The savings on electricity bills can be considerable.

frosted window film

Frost film applied to closet doors

white frosted privacy decorative window film

Frost film comes in various different colors and designs

privacy frosted film

Frost window film provides total privacy day and night

frosted film for windows

Frost film applied to front door to increase privacy day and night

frosting film for glass windows

Protect your home from burglars with privacy film