Commercial Window Tint Film in Koreatown

“With investment comes risk management, and a lot more windows, which are an easy target for trouble.”

Applying commercial window tint film for Koreatown commercial structures is more significant compared with other Los Angeles neighborhoods, for several reasons. First, there are many, many business buildings in Koreatown, from storefronts to mom-and-pop operations to the typical chains seen all over America. Significant economic investment into the area, especially South Korean investment, has blossomed an estimated $1 billion in new construction since early this century. All these new business buildings mix with older and historic structures to create a vibrant, modern shopping and economic hub. With investment comes risk management, and a lot more windows, which are an easy target for trouble.

Commercial Window Tint Film a Crime Deterrent

The weakest points for any structure is often the windows, where big openings are protected only by glass. Commercial window tint film in Koreatown strengthens that glass and holds it together in case of a strike by hard objects. After impact, film-adhered glass tends to stick with the frame, not falling away in many sharp little pieces to leave the opening. The film acts as a crime-deterrent that way, slowing down would-be intruders. This also is a safety film matter as people and pets inside can avoid flying shards of glass – a great consideration for retail store owners.

Other Benefits of Window Film on Koreatown Commercial Structures

Aside from deterring criminal activity, commercial window tint film in Koreatown provides a list of benefits that any business would want. Such as:

  • Save money. Solar energy can be rejected from buildings by up to 70 percent. This means reducing the cooling load of air conditioning systems which results in lower electricity bills. The return on investment (ROI) is reasonably short and ultimately a business’s bottom line rises.
  • Protect from harmful rays. Quality commercial window films such as those made by Huper Optik or LLumar reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer. They also keep infra-red radiation (IR rays) from entering buildings. Besides protecting humans, these films prevent items inside like drapes, carpets or furniture, from drying out and needing replacement.
  • Increase comfort. Commercial window tint films make interior boost comfort for customers, and productivity from workers happy about cool temperatures and less glare.
  • Durability. Quality window films like those by Huper Optik are free of dyes and metals, and do not discolor or “demetalize.” Ceramic window films in particular are known to last: they are said to be 25 times more durable than conventional films.

Peace of Mind with Commercial Window Tint Film

Commercial window tint film in Koreatown is available for the many businesses that have sprouted in an area bounded by Olympic Boulevard, Vermont Avenue, 8th Street and Western Avenue. The economic area also a vibrant nightlife with many clubs and restaurants, and late-nighters are not always the best behaved. Aside from midnight revelers there’s always potential for out-of-town visitors. Koreatown business and property owners are wise to invest in commercial window tint film to protect what’s inside and provide an ongoing peace of mind.


These are a few commercial projects we have worked on:

Storefront Tint

Protect your merchandise with our films that block 99.9% of UV rays.

Commercial Tint

We have frost options available for aesthetics and privacy.

Privacy Tint

Frost also provides privacy.

Window Tint Near Me

All our films block 99.9% of UV rays.

Commercial Window Tint for Miracle Mile Business Properties: a Must-Have

“Commercial window tint has business implications.”

Owners of these properties are cognizant of gains and losses; so weighing commercial window tint for Miracle Mile business property glass is an attractive proposition. Like to pay less in electricity bills each month? Want happier and more productive workers? How can you attract more passing motorists? Savvy business operators will understand what a commercial window tint can bring to the bottom line. Add in potential savings from a risk management perspective and you have a winner. Commercial window tint for Miracle Mile business properties at a glance:

Commercial Window Tint for Business Considerations

The name Miracle Mile itself is a testament to forward-thinking marketing genius: it contemplated the rise of the automobile in the consumer decision-making process. Therefore Miracle Mile commercial and business properties would be wise to reduce glare off windows, and when necessary make it easier for passersby to see what’s inside. Quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik do just that. Glare reduction, heat rejection and UV-ray protection come with the investment. These aren’t just your typical car window tints, trying to make youngsters look that much more hip. Commercial window tint has business implications.

Considerations to Choose a Commercial Window Tint

Considering commercial window tint for Miracle Mile properties, think about the focus of the business. If it’s purely retail, you can get window film that lets people see the products inside while still providing a protective shield against incoming sun rays. If it’s office-oriented, consider darker tint shades or even decorative window film where seeing inside is not a big deal but boosting privacy is paramount. Potential burglars are more apt to break into properties where they already know what’s inside. Why leave the opportunity? Boost your privacy – and security – with a commercial window film expertly installed.

Investment into Protection – and Reducing Costs

Regardless of the type of business operated in the Miracle Mile section of Wilshire Boulevard, protecting people inside and boosting productivity have to be on the mind of any seasoned business person. Quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which are known to cause skin cancer in humans and are destructive to items inside like drapes, blinds and carpets. Getting commercial window tint on your property’s windows is kind of a risk management element – an investment into protection and therefore avoiding potential losses down the road.

Commercial Window Tint in Miracle Mile Saves Money

To the point, a commercial window tint in Miracle Mile saves money. Modern window tint films reject so much of the sun’s power that you won’t have to run the air conditioning system as much, which means ongoing savings on electricity. That alone should be a huge enticement for commercial window tint for Miracle Mile businesses. Add to that more comfortable customers and workers, preservation of carpets and items inside, and added privacy and security and you have a wise business investment. It’s forward-thinking action in a business district that has grown from a dirt road to a huge local economic contributor all because of a vision.


Tint for office

Frost film for conference rooms.

Office Tint

Frost film for office privacy.

Tint Near Me

Customize your company logo.

Commercial graphics

Store graphics.

Commercial Tint

Contact us for your custom graphics.

Commercial Tint

Custom storefront film.

Home Window Tinting in Bixby Knolls

Thought about home window tinting in Bixby Knolls, that neat upper-scale community between mid-town and North Long Beach? Bixby Knolls features a lot of really neat single-family residents spread out in neat formation and bracketing strips of commercial activity like along Atlantic Avenue. Many of the homes are older, which means either they have updated cooling systems, or keeping them cool during hot summer months is a challenge. A home window tinting job can keep these homes cooler inside, and also add a touch of style on the outside. Who doesn’t want their home’s exterior to look good?

Expert Window Tint Installations for Bixby Knolls Homes and Businesses

We are expert installers of home window tinting in Bixby Knolls, as well as surrounding Long Beach and other nearby communities like Signal Hill and Carson. Our experienced technicians can help choose the right window tint film for you and your needs. Maybe it’s lack of privacy through big bathroom windows? Do certain areas, like the living room or particular bedrooms, just get too much heat? You can address or control these problems with application of a quality window tint. Most quality tints reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) so not only do they reject heat, they protect your skin.

Durability and More from High-Quality Window Tints

Window Tint LA engages only high-quality window films to ensure long-lasting beauty on the windows of your home. Window tinting can be used strictly for beautification, whether by colorful tint shades or even frosts. But they also are sought for privacy. Dark tint shades can keep the curious minds at bay, if they cannot see inside your home to discover what they may want. Or, just too close to a busy pathway where walkers pass by often? Darken those windows, without blurring the view from inside-out. Feel comfortable in your bedroom or bathroom again! Ask about a reflective privacy window film.

Decorative Window Film not Just for Decoration

At night a reflective privacy window film will be little help, so consider architectural white frost window film. This type of decorative film provides privacy 24 hours a day while still letting in 73 percent of natural light. This can be important to some Bixby Knolls homeowners as natural light adds texture and comfort to a room, and helps highlight points of beauty. They also block nearly all UV rays, preventing discoloring or fading of furniture, floors or carpets. This could be imperative in some Bixby Knolls homes, which maintain their antique wood floors or other aging style touches. Protect your investment with a quality window tint film.

Protect Custom-Built Homes in Bixby Knolls

The Bixby Knolls neighborhood in the northern part of Long Beach, though not officially what is known as North Long Beach, has a unique history and plenty of homes to protect for the future. The majority of these homes were custom-built from 1920 to 1940, meaning this is not the usual cookie-cutter subdivision seen all over Southern California. If you’re a proud Bixby Knolls homeowner, it can be a wise investment to get quality window tint film to protect not only yourself and family from the sun’s powerful rays, but to ensure long-lasting beauty for the wood and elements inside the home.


Total Privacy Day and Night with Frost

Heat Rejection

Heat rejection window film

UV Protectuon

Protect your home and family from harmful uv rays

Heat Rejection

Window Film you can trust

Decorative Window Film For Privacy

Bring a different characteristic and function to your home windows with an astonishing array of window films that can be applied to any glass surface. Revolutionize you’re ordinary windows or doors with an extraordinary design from just a dramatic color or even on beach view on the windows when you actually live in the forest. And if you have something in mind that you would like to get let us know and we can provide you with a free mock up and create whatever you can imagine. Not only will this Decorative window film give you something nice to look at it will also add privacy and protect you and your furniture from harmful UV rays which is the cause of fading/discoloring of furniture and can cause aging and cancer.

Decorative Window Film

Get added privacy with Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Adding some color can really brighten up a room

Custom Decorative Window Film

Custom Design your own Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Get day and night privacy with certain Decorative Window Film Designs

Decorative Window Film

A Flower Decorative Window Film was applied to the windows

Decorative Window Film

Block 99.9% of harmful UV rays

Decorative Window Film

Distort the view for added privacy

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Beach view Decorative Window Film

Call Window Tint LA today and let us answer all of your questions during a completely free consultation. We will bring you some samples or create a custom design for you. We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule.

Privacy Window Film For Your Home

There are many different types of window film out there today, and with each film doing different things its a lot to choose from. Some people don’t want the window film that gives your home a reflective look or they may not want to have frost put on the window.

This home owner wanted something that would give them privacy but also add a little decorative look to the home. So they went with the Solyx Atlantis Mosaic 35. This is a Prismatic Light Scattering window film that will not only give them the privacy that they are looking for by distorting the view if what people can see when you look in or out of the window. It will also provide a decorative aspect to the windows.

Decorative Window Film

Windows After the Mosaic Film was applied

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film that also gives you privacy

Decorative Window Film

Free consultations

Window Tint LA provides a free consultation where we will send one of our Senior consultants out to your home. They will measure the glass provide you with film samples, answer all of your questions and get your quote on the spot. Call us today and get scheduled, we are open 7 days a week.

Etched Glass vs. Window Film

We see the use of glass largely in commercial buildings, from conference rooms, partitions, and even stairwells. The use of glass allows natural light into your space while making the space feel larger. Glass is a perfect addition to any area, but bare glass is sometimes boring and doesn’t stand out. There are a couple of ways to transform your glass. You can use chemicals to etch the glass or you can apply a decorative window film. Lets compare these options.

Decorative window film can be changed as often as you like. If you decide you want a new look or if you change locations you can change your window film as well. The film I can be easily removed with no damage to the glass. Etched glass is permanent. Once the glass is etched, it cannot return to its original look.

Window film is literally a fraction of the cost of etching glass. Etched glass involves a significant amount of labor and that is extremely costly. In addition, if you want to change the design you will have to pay additional fees. Decorative window film is much less labor intensive, therefore it is less cost effective.

When customizing etched glass, things can become extremely complex. If you do not have an existing pattern, you will need an artist who is experienced with etching techniques and has their own equipment for creating the etched glass. On the contrary, with window film your options are limitless. You can select the pattern, your color, texture, and design.

Etched glass installation is timely and disturbing. Having the glass installed can interrupt your daily operations, which is not good for business owners. Window film is done quickly and quietly. You are able to run your business while the film is being installed without any problem.

When choosing between etched glass and window film, the obvious choice is window film. Window film allows you to be as imaginative as like without having to break the bank. Call Window Tint LA today, we will bring your concept to life! We offer free consultations and are available 7 days a week. Call today to schedule your consultation!

commercial window tinting near me

Window film with etched lines

window frost los angeles

Decorative window film added to increase privacy in office space

decorative frost window tinting

Diamond frost window film

residential door tinting

Residential window film installed for privacy

glass film frosted

Close up view of frosted square window film

window film frosted

Frosted square window film

The Different Types Of Window Film

Are you looking for a way to improve your home or office? Have you ever considered get window film? By applying widow film you can save monthly on your heating and cooling bill and you can also improve the privacy level in your home or office while still allowing natural light to come in. Below are some of the different types of window film.

Insulating Window Film
In order to insulate your home we use EnerLogic 35 Window Film. This film is the most effective way to keep the heat out during the summer months but it will radiate heat into the home during the winter. You will not only feel the difference, you will also see the difference when you look at your energy bill. EnerLogic 35 is the best way to reduce your energy bills and keep your home at the perfect temperature for your family.

Insulating Window Film

Keep heat in during the winter and out in the summer with insulating window film

Insulating Window Film

Feel the difference in your home with Insulating Window FIlm

Insulating Window Film

Insulating Window Film was installed to the windows

Glare Reduction
Window film is a great way to reduce the glare that is coming in through your windows. Whether your looking to just reduce that little annoying light that is causing the issue or that harsh blinding light that’s giving you a headache. Window film can solve that problem for you and it also comes in different shades from light to dark, depending on how much light you still want to come into the home.

Glare Reduction

Professionally installed Window Film

Glare Reduction

Film comes in different shades from light to dark

Glare Reduction

Reduce the Blinding Glare coming into your home with Widow Film

Glare Reduction

Glare Reduction Window Film

UV Blocking
Are your floor, furniture or valuables starting to fade and/or discolor? This is because of the UV rays that are coming in from the window. Window film can block 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Thus saving you floors, furniture and valuables. The film will also protect your skin from aging, prevent eye damage and cancer.

UV Protection

Stop the fading/discoloring of your valuables with UV Protection Window Film

UV Protection

Protect your floors, furniture and artwork from harmful UV rays

UV Protection

Blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays which are the cause of fading and discoloring

UV Protection

Keep you views out ad block UV rays. Variety of shades available

Privacy Films
When it comes to Privacy there are a few different options to choose from. You can go with a frost that will give you total privacy day and night. Or you can go with a textured Glass and completely distort the view for people looking in but will still allow light to come through. If you are not affected with how much light is coming in we also have a 100% light blocking film that come in black or white.

Privacy Film

This is the Blackout Film

Privacy Frost

Privacy Frost applied to side lights

Privacy Frost

Frost Window Film for total Privacy day and night and still allow light ti come in

Privacy Films

100% Total Light Blocking White Out

Decorative Films
Another way to go for Privacy is to get a Decorative film. Not only will you get the privacy that you are looking for but you can make a big statement or just become the topic of your block. The options are endless when it come to decorative window film especially when you can custom design your own film if you like. Let us brig your dream to life.

Decorative Window Film

Free consultation

Decorative Window Film

Custom design your own Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window film can give your home a beautiful look as well as privacy depending on which film you pick

Decorative Window Film

This is a Decorative Window Film

Safety and Security
Safety and Security film will protect people from shatter glass by holding the film together. The film is great for break ins, severe weather, earthquakes, etc. the glass will not break it will just spider web bring more safety to your family and/or your business. Safety and Security film is available in different thickness ranging from 4MIL to 15MIL depending on your needs

Security Film

Protect kids and pets from shards of glass with Safety and security window film

Security Film

Security Films holds the glass in place in case of a possible break in

Security Film

Security Film comes in many thickness from 4MIL-15MIL

Security Film

Security Film was applied to the windows

This film is a great way to protect your smooth surfaces from getting damaged by paint, acid etching scratches and carving. If someone decides to damage your property Anti Graffiti film will protect from permanent damage by being able to jus wash off paint and acid etching without harming the film. For scratches and carving you just have to replace the film that was damaged which a lot cheaper than buying a new window, mirror or trying to fix an elevator door.

Anti Graffiti Film

Protect your windows from being scratched and vandalized with Anti Graffiti window film

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Window film was applied to the windows

Anti Graffiti Film

Prevent this from happening to your windows

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Window Film is virtually clear and comes in different thickness

One Way Mirror
This film will allow you to have a natural view from the inside looking out yet a mirror reflective look from the outside looking in. this film will not give you total privacy day and night. If the light on the inside of the home is brighter than the light on the outside people will be able to see in the windows.

One Way Privacy Film

One Way Privacy Film Applied to window

One Way Privacy Film

Outside view of the One Way Privacy Window Film

One Way Privacy Film

Get a natural view from the inside looking out and a mirror reflective look from the outside looking in

Ceramic Window Films
Huper Optik is the best film on the market and has one of the newest technologies used when it comes to window film. Being a Ceramic film it has the best heat rejection and can block out an extremely high level of heat. Huper Optik is so good that it was used on one of the space shuttles, so you know you are getting the best of the best when it comes to window film.

Hüper Optik

UV protection, heat reduction and keep your natural view from the inside looking out

Hüper Optik

Lifetime Residential warranty which covers installation and film

Hüper Optik

Protect your furniture from fading with Window Tint

Call today and let Window Tint LA help you with all of your window tinting needs. We are open 7 days a week to better assist our clients. Call now for you free consultation at 310-935-1748.

Types Of Frost Window Film For Homes

Window Tint LA carries a wide variety of Frosted Window Films from brands to styles and of course the possibility is endless when it comes to creating your own design. You will work one on one with one of our consultants to get the design you have in mind out onto paper. Then our graphics team will get your design produced and with your approval we will get the designs up on your windows bringing your vision to life.


What types of Frosted Window Film Do we carry?


Basic Frost– When it comes to Basic Frost it can either let light in partially or it can completely block out the light all together. You can cover an entire window or some people just like to cover the top, bottom or even just the middle of the window. But when you cover your whole window you are guaranteed to get total privacy.


This is a Basic Frost


A basic frost was professionally applied to the windows



Basic Frost was applied half way up the window

Dusted Crystal– Gives you sandblast or etched glass with a milky translucent effect.

Dusted Crystal

Dusted Crystal was applied to this window

Dusted Crystal

Dusted Crystal

This is an example of the Dusted Crystal Window Flm

Dusted Crystal

Textured Frost– This is a decorative window film that also has a different feel to it if you touch it. Textured will change the quality of light that comes into your home. As the day goes by the light in the house will change due to the texture in the film. This will give you plenty of privacy for your home.

Textured Window Film

Texture Frosted window Film creates the effect of a sparkle

textured window film

Close up of Textured Window Film

Textured Frost

Another close up of a different Textured Frost Window Film

Sand Blast Frost- Sandblast provides the look of frosted crystals that were blasted into the film. This offers great privacy while still allowing light to shine in. Also available in different colors.

Sandblast Window Film

This is a sandblast window film

Sandblast Window Film

sandblast window film

Decorative Frost– If your looking for something that will make your home stand out from the rest while also providing you with privacy. Get a custom look for your windows and doors with decorative window film.

Decorative frost

Custom Decorative Frosted Window film

Decorative frost

Decorative Frost Window film installed inside of a bedroom

Decorative frost

We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule

Decorative frost

Custom Made Decorative Frost. We can design anything you can come up with

Etched Glass– This is a type of Frosted film that looks like it has been Etched into. The areas of the film that are clear are the etched area ad will give you a space to look out of. It is extremely hard to tell the difference between Etched Glass and Etched Window Film.

Etched Glass

#1 in residential window tinting. Etched Glass was installed to the windows of this home

Etched Glass Window Film

Etched Glass Window Film Will give your windows an elegant look to them

Etched window film

Get tour Window film professionally installed

Etched Window Film

Etched Glass was installed

Colored Frost– When you need a little something just to brighten up the life I your home. Residential window film is the way to go. Just by adding some color into a room has bee proven to brighten up a persons mood.


Red Color Frosted window film for privacy


Free Cosultation


Pink Color Frost was applied onto french doors


Color Frosted window film to increase privacy

All of the Frosted Films block 99% of harmful UV rays, reduces glare and still allows for natural light to shine in. Call us today for your free consultation and mock up if needed at 310-935-1748. We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate at schedule. We pride our self provides the best serves and film on the market.


Inspirational Wall Decals For Walls And Staircases

Decorating your walls and even your staircase might be the last thing you think to do. By applying Custom Decals to your walls and staircase can actually add energy and strength to your home. These days everyone can use a little inspiration every now and then. Sometimes you just need some words to bright up your spirit after having a hard day or maybe you see a quote that will motivate you to keep going and never give up.

Patterns And Colors for Your Stairs:

Maybe you are just looking to add some color or a pattern to your stairs. By doing that you will definitely be adding a conversation piece to your home. Everyone will be talking about the color or pattern of your stairs/wall.

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Custom Decals applied to staircase

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Custom Decal Floral Patterns

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Color block your home by taking inspiration from this turquoise staircase

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Adding a simple design to your stairs can be so elegant

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Give your stairs a different look with Custom Decals

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Transform your staircase in minutes with custom stair decals

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

This is a cute cat and puppy design that was applied to the staircase and walls

Inspirational Quotes

Putting an inspirational quote over a child’s bed or on the wall in the bathroom can give them a bit more confidence that they need when they have had a hard day at school. Just a little quote to let them know that they are great no matter what is going on around them.

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Loving words over the bed

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Loving words can go a long way

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Just a few inspirational steps

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Free consultation

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Custom Wall Decals

Quotes For The Home

Wall and Staircase quotes can also give direction to what you might need to have done. Even just to let your family know that you love them. Most importantly letting your family know that you ARE family no matter what and that saying sorry and having forgiveness can go a long way.

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

A quote a family should live by to let even kids know its ok to say sorry and to forgive

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Rules for the Kitchen made with Custom Decals

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Remind children what they have to do in the bathroom with Custom Wall Decals

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Custom Decals For your Wall

Custom Decals For Walls and Staircases

Just a few words on the wall can change your day

Window Tint LA will come out to you for a free consultation and provide you with a free mock up of anything you can think of. Or just bring to life what you already have in mind. Call us today at 310-935-1748 and let us help you inspire the walls and staircases in your home.