Protective Residential Window Film for Valley Village Homes

Its name may be a bit bland but don’t underestimate the need for protective residential window film on Valley Village homes, in a place that Wikipedia simply describes as “a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, located within the San Fernando Valley.” That’s it? Not necessarily, as Valley Village has always been a known section of North Hollywood dating back to the 1930s when motion picture studios built homes there. Many of these houses are older with insufficient weatherproofing and even cooling systems – strong reasons to invest in residential window tint films.

Dangers and Damages are Real for Valley Village Properties

Many of the homes in this central San Fernando Valley neighborhood are older and therefore leak cold air when you can least afford it, those hot summer months, and even autumn weeks where the Santa Ana winds make it dry as heck. Hardwood floors, carpet, drapes, blinds are all susceptible to solar energy that pounds the Valley Village area and its homes. Not improving all that glass on the outside of your Valley Village home is doing so at your own peril. The dangers and potentials for damage are real; think protective window film for Valley Village homes and protect your real estate investment.

Add Protection for your Valley Village Home from the ‘Silent Destroyer’

The sun’s harmful rays can be considered “silent destroyers” of properties; present even when it’s cloudy or hazy and dinging away at the value of your Valley Village property. High-quality, protective residential window film in Valley Village, and in nearby neighborhoods like Universal City, provides a long-lasting solution that works all the time to protect your home and valuables inside. These residential window films are one-time investments that can pay off royally over time. Think about the cost to repair or replace carpet faded in one spot by too many ultraviolet rays (UV rays). That project alone could be costly; there are others waiting to happen.

Reject Away those Pesky IR Rays and all the Warmth

There also are infra-red rays (IR rays, also called IR light) that produce the sun’s warmth and heat, and letting too much penetrate into Valley Village homes means keeping the air conditioning system running more often, which means … money. Add residential window film for Valley Village homes and keep that A/C system off more often during the months when it matters most – summer and autumn months. Older homes in particular are harder to keep cool all the time due to insufficient weatherproofing and generally leaky window and door seams. Address it with protective residential window film for Valley Village properties.

Simple Action to Make Your Valley Village Home More Comfortable Always

This specific piece of land in the San Fernando Valley and City of Los Angeles gets lots of sunshine – and heat. Who wants to return home after a long, sweaty commute from work on a hot L.A. day to walk into … an even hotter atmosphere? Residential window films significantly cool home interiors, all the time. Contact us today and learn how Valley Village residential window film options such as tint shading or decorative films can benefit you big-time.


Protective Residential Window Film In Valley Village

Before we applied film for privacy

Protective Residential Window Film for Valley Village

Before we applied Huper Optiks Dusted Crystal film

Protective Residential Window Film In Valley Village

Block 99% of harmful UV rays!

Protective Residential Window Film In Valley Village

Increase privacy in your home with window tint!

Protective Residential Window Film In Valley Village

After we installed Huper Optiks Dusted Crystal film

UV Protection Window Film in Eagle Rock: Among America’s ‘Hottest’ Cities

Not long ago the neighborhood was proclaimed as one of the “hottest” neighborhoods in America, so UV protection window film in Eagle Rock seems a sound concept. Of course, by “hottest,” the 2014 news reports referred to real estate, not weather conditions. Regardless, protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays or UV light) is important not only for us humans and our skin and eyes, but also for the insides of our homes, cars, business structures and marine vessels. Ultraviolet rays and the heating infra-red rays (IR rays or IR light) bake interiors and fade upholsteries, carpets, hardwood flooring and more.

Paint Protection or UV-Rejecting Window Film Avoids Fading or Discoloring

Sun-related fading and discoloring is a strong reason for UV protection window film in Eagle Rock or nearby communities. Homes in Eagle Rock are the older variety, not the new stucco’d Lego-looking structures that seem to sprout in communities overnight. These older homes often have hardwood flooring, older wood support structures like door and window frames, and owners who are older and therefore have antiques or collectibles inside. All are vulnerable to over-exposure to the sun and its UV rays and IV rays, meaning costs down the road for repairs or replacements. Modern window tint films are an investment now for big savings later.

Gain Peace of Mind that your Eagle Rock Home is Protected 24-7

Homeowners tend to assume a lot of things will get done each and every day, like watering lawns, or shutting curtains or blinds, but in reality it’s just not true. These tasks are mundane and easy to forget, so trying to fight off sun-related damage inside with what’s hanging right behind the glass is wishful thinking. Besides, what’s to stop the sun rays from deteriorating those same blinds or drapes? There’s yet another cost right there. Get UV protection window film for Eagle Rock homes and take UV rays right out of your mind.

Modern UV Protection Window Films Reject up to 99.9 Percent of UV Rays

Today’s modern UV protection window films for Eagle Rock homes or structures nearby reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays and most infra-red rays (IR rays or IR light) that cause heating or warmth. High-performing window tint films like those produced Huper Optik protect floorings, especially hardwood floors, along with furnishings, antiques, art or photos on the walls and much more by controlling the type and amount of light that goes through window glass. Have a lot of windows on your Eagle Rock home, or very large windows? Well, just multiply the potential for damages by that much more.

Window Film: One-Time Investment for Long-Term Dividends

Eagle Rock is a popular and long-standing neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles that presents plenty of chic with the number of stars who have lived there over the years including Marlon Brando and noted American author John Steinbeck. Many movies and television shows have been filmed there, for many reasons including how much you can trust that the weather will cooperate. The sun shines a majority of days each year and Eagle Rock homes get warmed each and every day by that solar energy. On the flip side that solar power damages your property inside and dings your pocketbook. Contact us today to learn how a one-time investment into UV protection film for Eagle Rock homes and commercial structures can pay big-time dividends down the road.

tint for home windows

Virtually clear film installed to protect floors and furniture from harmful UV rays!

residential house tinting in eagle rock

Huper Optik ceramic films are completely metal and dye free!

how much to tint house windows

Window film allows a natural view when looking out.

non reflective residential window tint glare reduction

Call today to find out about our lifetime residential warranty.

Enjoying Sunny Santa Monica with Window Tint

Santa Monica is one of the most famous towns in Southern California. In fact, people all across America and from around the world have heard of this lovely ocean-side city and have seen it in movies and television shows and heard its name in songs. Real estate in Santa Monica is extremely valuable, and those people who live there know that they are fortunate to call such a desirable area home. If you are looking to make an update to your Santa Monica home that can increase its value even more, one of the best ways to do so is to update the windows with window tint. And think of this: window film might be the only residential improvement that ends up paying for itself in just a few short years.

Most days of the year (after the morning fog burns off) sunshine fills a Santa Monica home with light, making the property bright and inviting. But sunlight also fills a home with infrared solar energy, which can send the temperature soaring and make a residence too warm for comfort without the use of fans and air conditioning systems. Most homes in fact expend as much as fifty percent of their power bill on climate control. Residential window tint blocks as much as sixty percent or more of infrared warmth primarily responsible for heat gain, and keeps interiors cooler whether the sun is shining directly on the windows or not (infrared energy is not directional, so it can warm up your home even if the sun’s rays are coming right through the windows). The reduced use of AC will in turn reduce your energy bill enough to see window tint covering the cost of its own installation in time.

The other invisible portion of sunshine is ultraviolet light; this type of sunshine does not cause as much heat gain as infrared light, but it is the primary cause of faded and damaged interiors. UV light can discolor wood floors, bleach carpets, drapes, and upholstery, and fade (and eventually ruin) artwork and photographs you have hung on the walls. Museums and galleries use window film to protect the fine wares within their walls, and you can protect the furnishings in your Santa Monica home in just the same way. And when you don’t have to repair, restore, or replace the flooring, furniture, and decorations in your Santa Monica home, that means even more cost savings you will enjoy thanks to window tint. (And of course some things in your home can’t be replaced, so you need to protect them from ever becoming damaged.)


Santa Monica Tint

Window tint can help lower your energy costs.

Santa Monica Window Tint

Help reduce heat in your home with window tint.

Tinting for homes

Give your home some privacy with our frost film.

Window Tint Near Me

Protect your floors and furniture form 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Belmont Shore Home Window Tinting Insight

We love the opportunity to explore the advantages and benefits of Belmont Shore home window tinting to anyone who will listen. This community in the southeast corner of Long Beach – essentially along the southernmost portion of the “long beach” – features many, many restaurants, bars, shops and business offices and attracts quite the legion of visitors young and old. For the property owner, keeping visitors cool while inside is imperative. Those who live in Belmont Shore enjoy old-time structures in a unique area that they want to show off. Can you keep visitors comfy inside, though? Think home window tinting for interior comfort along with protection from the outside.

Climate Considerations for Window Tinting in Belmont Shore

The Belmont Shore Residents Association is a good place to start for more information about the area and its events – and to engage others who might already have tinted their home windows. The climate there is quite often cool due to incoming ocean breezes and marine layers; but the sun shines plenty, too. There’ll be times when keeping those old houses cool will be a challenge. It also can prove costly in times of excessive sunshine or heat waves. Cooling older houses can be problematic because of escaping air through non-weatherproofed cracks, old electrical wiring and other reasons.

Glare Reduction Provides more Comfort

So some Belmont Shore homeowners have turned to home window tinting, especially on windows facing certain directions. Homes with big windows facing east or west have morning or afternoon trouble with rising or setting suns glaring inside. A dark window tint shade can help; or a high-quality window film that’s clear without tint shade, but still carries strong glare-reduction qualities. Think high-quality window films like those made by companies like Huper Optik, LLumar and 3M. These window films will provide the utmost protection from the sun’s rays while also lasting a long time.

Increase Privacy, Security with Window Tinting

Residing in Belmont Shore means living with an influx of people in the area any time of year. There are numerous attractions to go along with the many restaurants and bars, including a pier, beach dog park and special events all the time. So the chance that passersby will peer into your house through open windows is pretty good. Darker window tint shading can help mar views from outside-in. Perhaps better yet, consider residential safety window film, which greatly strengthen and reinforce windows to a nearly shatter-proof state. Windows treated with window film will usually hold to the frame even when broken. This slows down burglars – and saves people and animals inside safe from flying glass shards.

Mass Choices for Belmont Shore Window Tint Applications

There are so many options for residential window tinting in Belmont Shore that it’s really up to the owner and particular property. You can go with frost privacy film, for instance. Or, consider skylight tinting; even bird safety window film for those who care about our flying friends. Even anti-graffiti film to easily peel away work of those darn vandals. There are so many types of structures in Belmont Shore that you could take advantage of window film treatment in any number of areas – and each would prove advantageous. For more information about window tinting in Belmont Shore, Long Beach or nearby communities like Seal Beach or Los Alamitos please contact us today!

home window tint near me

Window film allows you to keep your beautiful view while blocking 99% of UV rays!

best home window tinting in long beach

Virtually clear film installed to reduce heat inside this beautiful home!

energy saving assistance program

Save on energy costs by installing window film!

do tinted windows keep house cooler

Call today for a free consultation!

Clear Window Film That Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Do you want window film but don’t want to change the look of your windows? Are looking for a film that people wont be able to tell is one your windows? Not looking to darken the shade of your windows, but looking for the window protection? Window Tint LA has the perfect film for you.

We installed Huper Optik Klar 85 to the windows of this home. Huper OPtik Klar 85 is a clear window film that protect you from harmful UV rays which are the cause of your floors and furniture fading/discoloring, and also plays a factor in causing aging, eye problems and cancer.

Huper Optik Klar 85 Specs:

 Allows 85% of light into the room

Blocks 99% of harmful UV Rays

Reduces 42% of Infrared Heat

Reduces 4% of glare

Huper Optik Klar 85

Huper Optik Klar 85 was professionally installed in this home

UV Protection

Protect your furniture and floors from fading/discoloring with window film

UV Protection

Window film will block the Harmful UV Rays that come from the sun

UV Protection

Call Window Tint LA today and scheduled your free consultation today. We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule.


Undetectable Window Film

Are you interested in installing new window film? Our client requested to have their previous film removed and replaced. The client requested to have virtually clear film installed. Our consultant offered the best choice for our client, which is Huper Optik Klar 85. This film is both dye and metal free. This means you will maintain a natural view when looking through the windows and the film will not fade over time.

This film provides great benefits. Here are a few specifics:

Visible Light Transmission: 85%

Visible Light Reflectance: 8%

Infrared Rejection: 42%

UV Light Rejection: 99.9%

Total Solar Energy: 32%

Glare Reduction: 4%

As you can see from above, this film allows visible light into your space while dramatically reducing heat and blocking harmful UV rays.

At Window Tint LA we have a wide variety of films. We offer virtually clear films, like the one mentioned above, to blackout films and everything in between. We even offer customer graphics! Call us today at 310-935-1748 to schedule a free consultation. We can bring you various film samples, measure your glass, and answer any questions that you have.

los angeles home window tinting

Film includes a lifetime warranty and will never fade, peel, or bubble.

best home window tinting in la

Klar 85 window film is virtually undetectable

home window tint near me

Client has natural view when looking in and out of windows.

window tint film for home

View of window after window film has been installed.

Hüper Optik Klar 85 for Sunroom

Below are some pictures of a home in Los Angeles where we applied Hüper Optik Klar 85 to the windows in the sunroom. The Klar 85 is a clear and undetectable film. Blocking 99.9% of UV rays while still letting in 85% light into the room. You will also get a lifetime residential warranty covering the installation and film.

Hüper Optik Klar 85

Hüper Opitk Klar 85 is a clear film and is undetectable

Hüper Optik Klar 85

After film was applied to windows in sunroom

Hüper Optik Klar 85

Lifetime Residential warranty which covers installation and film

Hüper Optik Klar 85

Hüper Optik Klar 85 was applied to windows to block harmful UV rays

Window Tint LA is open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule. We offer a completely free consultation where we come to you, provide film samples for you to keep and answer all your question!! Call us today at 310-935-1748

Window Tint For Orange County Home

Serving Orange County EVERYDAY

Is glare a problem for you? Do you need to protect your floors, furniture and artwork from fading and or discoloring? Does it get really hot in your home? Window Tint LA has many film options that will solve these problems. Also giving you protection from harmful UV rays.

In this home we did apply a few different films to protect from UV rays, reduce glare and heat that was coming into the home. Our films can also reduce your energy bill. With such beautiful views the owner didn’t want to use shades or blinds on the windows.

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60 blocks 60% of infrared heat, 34% glare reduction, 99.9% UV ray protection and will allow 60% of light in.

Hüper Optik Fusion 28 blocks 99.9% UV rays, reduces glare by 70% and allows 27% of light to come in.

Hüper Optik Klar 85 is a clear film that blocks 99.9% UV rays and blocks 42% of infrared heat which is the heat the you feel when the sun is not shining directly on your windows.

Window Tint LA is in Orange County everyday giving people the comfort and upscale service that they deserve. Call us today for a completely free consultation at 310-935-1748.

Hüper Optik Klar 85 was applied to the dining room window to protect from Harmful UV rays

Hüper Optik Klar 85 was applied to the dining room window to protect from Harmful UV rays

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Lifetime residential Warranty that covers installation and film

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Before and After Hüper Optik Ceramic 60 was applied to window

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Installer applying window film to the windows

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Block 60% of infrared heat with Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Keep a natural view from the inside looking out with Hüper Optik Cermamic 60

Window Tint

Reduce the glare in your home with window tint

Hüper Optik Fusion 28 was applied to window for privacy

Hüper Optik Fusion 28 was applied to window for privacy

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Block heat and UV rays with window tint

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60 was applied to the windows to block 60% of infrared heat

San Clemente Home Window Tinting – Heat and UV Protection Window Film

San Clemente Home Window Tinting

The home owners of this beautiful San Clemente home fell in love with the layout. With large windows, they’re able to enjoy their beautiful view. Their house is always bright and cheery because of all the natural light and their home feels spacious and expansive because of the large windows. But what they fell in love with most is also what they dislike. With such large windows their home gets really hot in the afternoon and it being Souther California where the weather is always beautiful, the amount of sunlight entering through the windows caused damage to their floors and furniture.

From the begging the home owners knew they did not want to add blinds. To resolve the fading issue and increase comfort by decreasing the heat entering the home there was only one real option and that was window film.

When we met with the home owners we brought many different window film options that would block 99.9% of UV light which is responsible for fading of floors and furniture and the films that we brought block 60-98% of infrared heat. Infrared heat is the heat that enters your home even when the sun isn’t shinning.

During the consultation, the home owners picked Huper Optiks Ceramic 60% and Khlar 85% they wanted a film that would block heat and UV but didn’t want a dark film.

Huper Optik’s Ceramic 60 and Klar 85 are both metal free and dye free films. For a home that’s near the ocean, a film that is dye free and metal free is very important and Huper Optik is the only company with patented technology that offers completely dye and metal free window films.

Huper Optik’s Klar is 85% is undetectably clear, blocks 99.9% UV rays and 42% Infrared Heat. Klar 85 was applied to the entryway and Dining area.  Huper Optik’s Ceramic 60% blocks 99.9% UV rays and 60% Infrared Heat and it was applied to the rest of the home; living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you’re interested in blocking heat and harmful UV rays call us today. We offer completely free consultations (310)935-1748 and service all of Los Angeles County and Orange County

Home window Tinting Orange Country

Home Window Tinting San Clemente

Home Window Tinting in San Clemente

Huper Optik Khlar 85 applied to entry way.


Home Window Tinting in San Clemente

During our consultation we will bring you film samples which are your to keep.

Home Window Tint San Clemente 92673

There are many different window film options. For this home, the home owners picked a film that is indetectably clear

Home Window Tint San Clemente 92673

Block heat and UV Rays without obstructing your view.

Home Window Tint San Clemente 92673

Call us today to schedule a free consultation (310)935-1746

Home Window Tinting Orange County

We applied Huper Optiks dye and metal free Ceramic 60%

Home Window Tinting Orange County

Home Window Tinting Orange Country

Home Window Tint San Clemente 92673

Home window tinting Orange County

Home window Tinting Orange Country

Home Window Tinting San Clemente

Home Window Tinting in San Clemente

During our consultation we will bring you film samples which are your to keep.

Home Window Tinting in San Clemente

Huper Optiks Klar 85 is undetectably clear. It blocks 99.9% UV Rays and 42% Infrared Heat.

Privacy Window Film For Home in San Clemente

This client was looking to have more privacy in her home while still maintaining her view. She made an excellent choice with Huper Optik Fusion 28. This would provide all the privacy she needed that worked during the day and night. In other rooms she wanted to go with the films that would block the most heat which were Huper Optik Ceramic Series Films. The Huper Optik’s Ceramics are the absolute highest performing films on the market and will block up to 98% of infrared heat. Infared heat is the heat that you’ll feel radiating through the glass even when the sun isn’t shining directly on the window. They also come with lifetime residential warranty. Make an appointment today.

We provide completely free consultations just give us a call at (310)935-1748 to set up a time that works best for you. We are open 7 days a week and here to satisfy your needs.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

Hüper Optik® Ceramic films are 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free and will not peel nor fade. Ceramics are known to be the most durable material capable of enduring the harshest environments, on land and at sea. Take a look at our range of Nano Ceramic Series films.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

This client wanted more privacy in her home but still wanted to maintain their view. With Huper Optik Fusion 28 not only did it provide the natural view out but also provided privacy from the outside looking in during the day.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

Hüper Optik Fusion Films use a fusion of technologies of performance, aesthetics, neutral tones, and sustainability: providing the advantages of affordability and high heat rejection. Fusion Films deliver privacy, comfort and energy efficiency year round: reducing high energy bills, preventing temperature variances and hot spots, and rejecting infrared and ultraviolet light rays.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

Hüper Optik Window Films are constructed with nano-sized coatings and hyper-clear polyester which makes for some of the best optical films available. Compare Hüper Optik films next to any competing product and you will be amazed at the difference. Views are enhanced with spectral selection of desirable wavelengths in the visible light spectrum and glare can be reduced up to 80%.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

All our films come with Lifetime Residential Warranty and 15 years Commercial Warranty.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

Window film is beneficial to a person’s health because it blocks up to 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays that can enter through windows. Home window tinting can protect skin against sun damage that may cause wrinkles and cancer. Home window tinting can also protect the interior of a home. Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays can cause art and floor coverings to fade.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

Hüper Optik nanotechnology residential window films not only greatly reduce the amount of heat (solar energy) in your home, they also reject 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays are a significant cause of skin problems and fading of home interiors. While protecting valuable home furnishings, the nonreflective films have the added feature of low reflectivity at night so that the view is not obscured.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

This client also wanted a film that would be very clear and will still be able to block the heat. Huper Optiks Klar 85% provides 85% light visibility, making it almost clear while still providing an incredible amount of heat rejection and infrared light rejection and 99% ultraviolet light rejection.

San Clemente 92673 Huper Optik Window Film

Hüper Optik is the smarter choice for your residential solar control needs. When you want to have comfort and UV Protection, paired with high performance and great aesthetics for your home, the choice is clear. Hüper Optik.