Finding the Right Security Window Film for Your Home

Here at Window Tint LA, we know that protecting our family is an extremely important responsibility. Let us help you protect your family and your home with security window film. We carry a variety of security film options to help secure your home windows and valuables.

What Is Security Film and How Does It Work?

Not all window films are made the same. Security film is a window film that is applied to the window to strengthen the glass against breaking or shattering. It also helps protect you and your family from razor-sharp glass particles in case of an emergency or if the glass shatters. It is designed to give you protection while maintaining the integrity and appearance of your home.

In case of a break-in, the security window film can deter a thief from penetrating or breaking your windows. It will increase the amount of force needed to break the glass and prevent the glass from shattering into a million pieces and allowing the burglar to come into your home. The security film on your window can protect your family from injuries from broken glass as well as help you keep your valuables safe at home.

In instances of natural disasters or severe weather, the film will protect your glass from high winds or flying objects that might cause the glass to shatter. We also highly recommend installing security window film in areas near swimming pools. There are many instances where someone might slip near a pool and crash into a sliding door. The window film will help keep accidents and injuries to a minimal degree.

Security window film is also perfect for areas frequented by children, such as children’s bedrooms, playrooms, or study. Because the film prevents glass shattering on windows, you can be assured that children won’t be stepping on glass shards if the window does break.

This film is also applied differently from solar film. Security film is applied to the interior of the glass. In addition, we offer an attachment system which is a structural silicone sealant system that will bond the film to the window frame for extra strength. The silicon sealant system will also increase the security film’s performance. While this window film is very strong, it is not resistant to bullets.

Security Films and Different Thicknesses

Security film comes in different thicknesses to meet your specific needs, unlike a solar film. To prevent break-ins, typically we would recommend a safety film with a thickness of 6 Mil to 7 Mil. Thicker films such as 8 Mil to 15 Mil would be best in instances where the film is intended to help protect against natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes.

The thicker the film, the stronger and more resistant it will be.  The films won’t necessarily prevent the glass from breaking, but it will help keep the glass intact to protect you from glass fragments and shards.

How Much Does Security Film Cost?

The cost of security film depends on multiple factors. The best way to get an accurate price is by having one of our highly experienced consultants visit your property. Our consultants will take measurements, bring you different film samples that are yours to keep, and provide you with an estimate. Of course, the safety of your family doesn’t have a price, and the satisfaction of knowing they are safe is priceless.

Window Tinting Home

Beautiful Los Angeles home had security window film applied to it

Window Tinting Home

Gorgeous Los Angeles home still gets to keep their beautiful view while protecting their windows

Window Tinting Home

Maintain your beautiful view

Window Tinting Home

Protect your home and valuables with our film

Window Tinting Home

Protect your patio doors with the film

Window Tinting Home

Add security film to strengthen your glass doors

Window Tinting Home

Maintain a clear view our with clear security film

Window Tinting Home

Here we placed security film on a child’s bedroom for extra protection

Window Tinting Home

Security film is basically clear so you won’t notice it is there

Security window film installation requires a lot of skill, so let our team of experts help you! We offer a lifetime warranty on all residential films. Call us to ask us about our free estimates (310) 935-1748 and how you can protect your home and family today!

Bird Safety Window Film in Rancho Palos Verdes

The hilltop location right on the ocean makes it unsurprising that bird safety window film in Rancho Palos Verdes is an attractive home-improvement option for owners of homes or business structures. Besides the abundance of seagulls and other aviary friends natural to the seaside setting, Rancho Palos Verdes is known to have a significant population of wild peafowl. All this along with an abundance of sunshine and other dangers to windows make residential window film a wise idea for Rancho Palos Verdes property owners. Bird safety window film, in particular, makes sense because it’s a simple measure to protect both birds and people inside homes.

Big Windows: Cons Come with the Pros

Rancho Palos Verdes is a city, incorporated in the early 1970s, atop the Palos Verdes Hills in a noticeable location between San Pedro and Torrance. Most longtime Los Angeles area residents are aware that the city’s biggest attraction point is its hilltop location and cliffs that drop off to 15,561 Pacific Ocean, allowing awesome views of the sea as well as Santa Catalina Island. To take advantage, many homes there feature large windows to allow for viewing out. The trouble is those same big windows let in a lot of solar energy, and if unimproved with window film present a danger from fast-flying birds.

Getting that Home Edge in the RPV

With an estimated 15,561 households in RPV (as many locals call it), and many of them upscale larger structures, many homeowners seek an edge in any number of areas – an exterior addition to differentiate from others homes, shading elements from certain angles, crime-deterrent changes just in case. Quality residential window films like those offered by Huper Optik or the newer Vista Window Film brand provide benefits in a number of areas. First, quality window film can add a touch of style to a home’s front façade with, say, a mild tint shade, or even a decorative frost on certain windows like to bathrooms or side rooms.

Electricity Bill Savings Significant with Residential Window Film

Perhaps more importantly, bird safety window film in Rancho Palos Verdes can provide significant savings on electricity bills because modern window films reject a tremendous amount of solar energy and keep home interiors cooler. Keeping the air conditioning unit off more of the time eases pressure on the electrical grid and can result in hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in savings annually. On top of that owners can enjoy more comfortable living conditions without having to think much about it. The residential window films keep the heat out naturally, many with modern film technology advances.

Back to Bird Safety Window Film for Rancho Palos Verdes Properties

Finally there’s protection from all those birds in Rancho Palos Verdes and nearby neighborhoods like Rolling Hills. With bird safety film, a tint shade of even the lightest like maybe 75 percent provides a visual so birds are more likely to avoid flying into the glass. As well, with window film applied, upon a major impact a window won’t explode into countless small sharp objects and leave a gaping unprotected hole. With film, a broken window’s pieces are held together maintaining an obstacle for would-be intruders and protecting people and pets inside from potential injury. In this city of about 42,000 residents, any advantage to add to a home is a worthwhile investment.



Window Tinting In Rancho Palos Verdes

Before bird security film was installed in Rancho Palos Verdes home

Window Tinting In Rancho Palos Verdes

Call for your free consultation today!

Window Tinting In Rancho Palos Verdes

Strengthen your windows with profession window film installation

Window Tinting In Rancho Palos Verdes

Security film will not propel shards of glass upon impact.

Home Window Tinting in Bell Canyon: What You Need to Know

The draw of home window tinting in Bell Canyon, a cozy gated community connected to West Hills in the western San Fernando Valley, is evident. While Bell Canyon residents appreciate the security of the gates and surrounding hills, the area is prone to powerful sun rays and waves of dry heat. Many Bell Canyon homes are relatively large structures, making it difficult (or just costly) to keep all the square footage cool enough. Add to that large windows, and many of them, and the battle to beat the heat could be never-ending. Enter residential window tinting in this hidden gem of the Valley.

Improve Your Home’s Look, while Adding Cooling and Security

Probably not everyone living in Bell Canyon has thought of using window tint on home glass. In the Valley area nearly everyone is aware of window tint on cars, as it’s a hot spot for cars, and for auto enthusiasts who like to customize their rides. You see that all the time on major boulevards in nearby Woodland Hills and even Chatsworth. But for homes? You’d be surprised how many window tint films are made just for homes, to make them look better from the street, to protect from the sun, or to provide more privacy and security. While there’s little crime in Bell Canyon, there are nosy intruders from time to time, and why let them see easily into your home’s interior?

Combat the Sun’s Rays in Bell Canyon with Home Window Tinting

A major element for home window tinting in Bell Canyon is combating the sun’s rays. Ever notice a spot inside the home where the sun seems to bake day in and day out? Maybe the corner of the living room, or that spot in your bedroom? Well, long-term those places can feature faded carpeting, or drapes so dried they’re about to fall off the hooks. The sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are powerful and are known to cause skin cancer. But UV rays, along with infra-red rays (IR rays), hurt properties too. In the long run, letting these rays beat upon furniture, carpets and more can be a costly mistake.

Go One Up on the Neighbors with Home Window Tinting

While Bell Canyon is considered small with more than 2,000 residents, it’s a well-knit community where neighbors talk, socialize together and, yes, compete. Ever cruised down Bell Canyon streets during the holidays? It’s a game of one-upmanship for house and yard decorations. True, also, is the competition for making homes look different or better (without raising the ire of the homeowners’ association). Decorative window tinting can add much to a home’s façade; and just going with a darker tint shade can change dramatically what is known as a home’s “elevation” – how it appears from the curb.

Safety and Security Important for Bell Canyon Residents

The unincorporated community of Bell Canyon is a neat place, enclosed by rolling hills and separated from the San Fernando Valley not only by the gates but a county line (It’s in Ventura County but not connected to that county directly by road; its streets feed into West Hills). Its residents appreciate their relative anonymity, and safety. The median income here is about $230,000 a year, making it the seventh-wealthiest community in California. Home window tinting in Bell Canyon is a wise investment to increasing privacy inside your home, and darker tint shades can add that much more security and peace of mind. For more information about Bell Canyon home window tinting call us today!


Close up of Security film on Windows

Security Film

Prevent your glass from shattering in case of Break ins

Security Film

Protect your family against harmful UV rays

Security Film

Glass will NOT break with Security Window Film it will only spiderweb

Security Window Film in Villa Park – ‘The Hidden Jewel

You can never be totally safe – even in this O.C. haven

Security window film in Village Park might not be atop the home accessories wish list. Called “The Hidden Jewel,” this city with a population around 6,000 residents is the smallest municipality in Orange County. Basically it features newer homes and affluent, think-ahead homeowners. Which is why you would imagine that security window film would be popular in Villa Park and nearby cities like Anaheim and Anaheim Hills. Being too secure just because of your surroundings is asking for trouble. Savvy homeowners take extra steps for precaution just in case.

We Love Our Sunshine; but Too Much is Perilous

Village Park is the hometown of actor Kevin Costner, as well as former and current Major League Baseball players Bert Blyleven, Aaron Boone, Freddie Freeman and Mark Trumbo. (Likewise with the author of “The Vampire Diaries”). Homes there are new compared with almost any community in the region. They also are typically large with multiple, good-sized windows. Southern Californians love their sun and their homes were built to let it in. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can hurt you, and your property. Leaving all that glass unimproved and the result can be harm to yourself, persons inside your home, and your home and interior items.

Security Tint: Address the Weakest Point of Your Home’s Defense

A security window film in Villa Park addresses the weakest (and least secure) point of a home. Potential culprits or just vandals out on the night can simply break the pane and enter. Security window films are also known as “safety window films” – because not only do they deter people from entering, if the glass is somehow impacted they protect those on the other side. Security window films usually do not fall off the frame during impact; the film holds it all on in big pieces if there is breakage. So culprits have no quick entry. On the other side there are no flying shards of glass, protecting humans and pets.

Add a Crime-Deterrent Element to Protect Your Home

Window treatments by Window Tint LA can strengthen windows dramatically, offering reinforcement to make them nearly un-penetrable. The security of holding cracked glass pieces in place can be invaluable – that can either scare a burglar away, or at least slow it down so someone nearby might hear the commotion. Villa Park is a very quiet community, so this type of deterrent can be effective. On top of the security and safety benefits, residential window tint provides a myriad of other benefits including protection from the sun’s harmful rays and additional privacy.

More Benefits to a Security Tint in Villa Park

Other pros to adding security tint in Villa Park homes include protection of hardwood floors, carpets, drapes and furniture from fading or drying to the point of replacement. The sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are known to cause skin cancer in humans and certainly are powerful enough to dry and damage anything else given long-term exposure. Window tint films also strengthen windows in case of strong winds, like those we get each fall when the Santa Ana winds kick in. Finally, there’s the “cool” factor. Put a nicely shaded or decorative film on your home’s windows and boost the “wow” factor to those passing by.

Security Film

Protect the valuables with Security film

Security Film

Prevent accidental glass breakage with Security window film

Security Film

Free consultation and warranty

Security Film

Stop burglars in their tracks with Security window film

Residential Security Films for Child and Pet Safety

Nowadays protecting your family is very high on your priority list if not number 1. You get alarm systems, cameras and security window film incase of break ins. But I bet you never thought to get security window film to protect your child or even your pets from breaking the glass causing them step on, cut or even get glass in their eyes and mouth.

Most people don’t even think that having blinds or curtains can also be dangerous to their children and pets. Children can wrap the cord from the blinds around their neck and pets can get tangled in the blind cords or even the curtains, causing strangulation/suffocation in either situation. A lot of people just never imagine this ever happening

One way to prevent any of these situations from happening is with Huper Optik Clear Shield ranging in thickness from 4-15MIL. The film will also keep the glass held together incase of Burglary, Earthquake and turbulent weather, all while still blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays, PLUS no dangers cords. Protecting your family has never been easier.

At Window Tint LA we provide completely free consultations and will gladly send out one of skilled senior consultants to measure the glass, bring you film samples and answer any questions that you have. You will also get your quote right there on the spot. Call us today at 310-935-1748 and get scheduled.

Pet and child safety security window film

Residential Security Window Film will stop your glass from breaking preventing injury to your kids and pets

Child and Pet Safety

Prevent Child and pet accidents by getting Security Window Film

Pet and child safety security window film

Pet and Child friendly Window Film


Pet and child safety security window film

Protect your pets and your widows from glass breaking and scratches

Pet and child safety security window film

Pets are our family to. Protect them from shards of glass that are left when a window breaks

Pet and child safety security window film

Prevent glass breaking and strangulation by cords from blinds with Security Window Film

Pet and child safety security window film

Pets and Kids love looking out of the window. Protect them from breaking the glass with Security Film

Pet and child safety security window film

Residential Security Window Film to protect your children and pets

Pet and child safety security window film

Stop this from happening with Residential Security Film

Protect Your Family With Security Film

Hüper Optik Clear Shield Security Film provides you and your family with comfort by knowing that your well being and protection comes first. By applying security film to your windows will prevent your glass from breaking incase an intruder is trying to get in. Instead of the glass breaking it will just spider web.

Security film is also good to have in case of explosions, extremely bad weather, and/or natural disasters by preventing the glass from breaking and shattering into a lot of tiny little pieces. Instead the film will hold the glass in place. The film is also available in different thickness ranging from 4MIL to 15MIL and will block 99.0% of harmful UV rays.

Security Film

Hüper Optik Clear Shield Security Film will protect you from break-ins and also block 99.0 of harmful UV rays

Security Film

Hüper Optik Clear Shield Security Film will protect against earthquakes, hurricanes, explosions and burglary’s

Security Film

Security films are designed to absorb the impact from intruders and natural disasters

Security Film

Give your family a peace of mind and added security in your home with Hüper Optik Clear Shield Security Film

Call us today for your free consultation. We strive to be the best at everything we do from customer service, to the consultation and installation. We hope to hear from you soon!

Security Film – Protect Your Home or Business From Burglaries and Natural Disasters

There are many types of glass and when broken glass breaks into large and small sharp pieces wich can be extremely dangerous to people and pets that are in the vicinity. Glass can be broken by accident, by a burglar trying to gain access to your home, and during a natural disaster such as earthquakes.

Security Film is a great safety measure. The Film is applied directly on the glass and it holds glass fragments together in the event of an attempted break-in or a natural disaster.

Security film comes in 4 MIL, 8 MIL, 12 MIL and 15 MIL thick and it also has a layer of UV protection blocking 99.0% of harmful UV rays

We offer a completely free consultation. We will come out, measure the glass and answer any questions that you may have. Call us today at 310-935-1748 we service all of Los Angeles County, Orange County, The Valley and San Diego.

Security Film

Hüper Optik Clear Shield Security Film will protect against earthquakes, hurricanes, explosions and burglary’s

Security Film

protect your family from shards of glass flying during a earthquake with Security Film from Window Tint LA

Security Film

Get smash and Grab protection with our security window film

Security Film

Lifetime Residential warranty which covers installation and film

Security Film

Call us today to schedule your free consultation at 310-935-1748

Security Film

Security films are designed to absorb the impact from intruders and natural disasters

Security Film

Give your family a peace of mind and added security in your home with Hüper Optik Clear Shield Security Film

Security Film

Get protection from flying shards of glass from a broken window

Security Film

Security Film will not shatter

Security Film

Clear Shield Security Film will protect your windows from breaking in the event of a break-in

High Performing Security Window Film

Your home is a major investment, and we want to assist you with securing it. The owners of this beautiful Los Angeles home, have added additional security by installing security film to their windows. Security window film protects your glass from shattering in the event of a natural disaster or break in.

This heavy duty window film creates a barrier that assists with holding the glass in place when impacted. Adding security window film will not only protect you from an intruder attempting to break your window, but will also protect your family against flying glass in an earthquake.

All of our window films also block 99.9% of UV rays, which causes furniture, floors, paintings and other valuables in your home to fade. Our window films also include a lifetime residential warranty that covers both the film and installation, so your film will look perfect forever or we will replace it for free!

If you are interested in securing your home and protecting your belongings we are here to help. Window Tint LA provides completely free consultations! We will measure your glass, provide you with samples of different film options, and provide a quote for your job on the spot!

Feel free to call us 7 days a week at 310-935-1748 or click here to schedule your free consultation.

safety film prevents window from shattering

Safety film applied to french doors.

safety film to protect windows

Safety film is applied to the inside of the windows.

clear safety film

Safety film provides natural view.

window film security

Security film added to kitchen windows.

most secure window film

Safety film added to protect against shattering.

window safety film

Safety film also protects against UV rays.

break and entry security window film

Window film installed on rear doors and windows.

glass door safety film

Window treatment added to enhance security.

uv film for windows

Film added to 2nd story rear door.

safety window

Window film on bathroom window.

uv film for windows

Film with UV protection added to protect valuable belonging inside home.

security film in home

Added film makes windows in your home virtually shatterproof.

Protect Your Home From Burglaries With Clear Shield Window Film

Protecting the home or business should is a top priority for the responsible homeowner or business manager; safety and security were absolutely paramount to this homeowner.

The homeowner has a beautiful residence that he wanted to protect in a manner that would not impact the property’s appearance. We suggested a security window film that provides protection against invasions and safety in the event of an emergency, but that at the same time does not change the view out through the windows or the appearance of the residence. Huper Optik Clear Shield window film was an excellent choice indeed.

Huper Optik Clear Shield is a Security Film that protects homes and businesses from many things: clear shield film protects against insure from shards shattered glass, it prevents a successful burglary or an acts of violence, it stops the concussive force of explosive blasts, and it even keeps a property safer in the even of major accidents, extreme weather, acts of workplace terror and more.

Huper Optik Clear Shield Window Film creates a protective shell adhering to the surface of the glass; this thin shell may at some point be the only thing between you and harm’s way. Once the glass has been breached, a “spider web” of broken glass forms. However, with the films we use, which range anywhere from 4 mm to 12 mm in thickness, even this broken glass will not permit a person, a blast, or any debris to penetrate the window.

All the security window films we carry include a lifetime residential and 15 year commercial warranty. Our films will never fade, bubble, peel, or discolor. Window Tint LA specializes in Residential and Commercial Window Tinting, and every member of our team is dedicated to providing the best window film and the best service. Call us today to set up your free consultation at (310) 935-1748.

Clear Shield Window Film Installed In Los Angeles

Clear Shield Security Films is ballistics tested to withstand multiple rounds of ammunition from multiple types firearms. (A bullet may penetrate the window, but it will not shatter it out of its frame.) Protecting innocent lives is a must when someone is trying to invade your home, office, or school. Our ballistics-tested Huper Optik Shield Films will provide you with the ability to secure loved ones and thwart those trying to harm innocent lives.

Los Angeles Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

With Huper Optik Clear Shield Security Film, burglars are deterred because as the glass breaks, a “spider web” of broken glass forms that will not permit the perpetrator to enter through the window, slowing down and even stopping their burglary efforts.

Los Angeles Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Huper Optik Clear Shield also creates scratch-resistant surfaces, maximum UV Protection, high heat rejection, and can enhance privacy, too.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Huper Optik Clear Shield Window Film was installed in this Los Angeles home.

Huper Optik Clear Shield Window Film Installed In this Los Angeles Home

Huper Optik Clear Shield Protects Your Business Against:
    -Hazards of Broken Glass
    -Corporate Espionage
    -Extreme Weather or Natural Disasters
    -Acts of Workplace Terror or other Violence
    -Explosive Blasts

Los Angeles Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Huper Optik is an optically clear, energy-saving window film that bonds to the inside of the windows of your home or office and can prevent injury from shattered glass. Clear Shield can also deliver energy savings and provide an extra layer of protection against crimes such as identity theft and corporate espionage.