UV Protection For Your With Window Film-Protect Your Home

Did you know that Uv rays are majorly responsible for the fading of your floors, furniture and other materials in your home?. When living in sunny southern California the sun and it’s UV rays are not avoidable. Most of us won’t realize that we have UV damage caused to our valuables until it is too late. Having to replace these items is an unexpected, expensive added cost.UV protection film is the solution to your problem. All the films we carry block 99% of UV rays.

For this recently completed project our client’s main concern was the fading of their floors and furniture. We sent out one of our expert consultants for a FREE consultation to measure the glass, bring film samples (which are yours to keep) answer any questions or concerns you may have and provide an estimate. Our client was thrilled to see all of the samples we brought them and decided to go with Huper Optik Select Sech to protect their home from Uv damage. Huper Optik is an exceptional german brand making a big splash in the industry with their nano technology films that are metal and dye free. We typically recommend Huper Optik since they have the best performing films on the market but ultimately we will go with what ever film you want.

Select Sech Specs:

Visible Light Transmission:59%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 54%

UV Rejection: 99%

Infrared Reduction: 83%

Glare Reduction:34%

Here at Window Tint LA we only work with high quality films and offer a lifetime warranty for residential properties. Serving cities from Oxnard to San Diego so we are always in your area. Don’t hesitate to call us you won’t be disappointed (310) 935-1748.

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Before we installed window film

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Window tinting near me

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High Heat Rejection Window Film In Pasadena, CA

Pasadena is the ninth-largest city in the county of Los Angeles. The city is well known for hosting the annual Rose Bowl football game and the Tournament of Roses parade. Some may see the climate in the area as a downfall. The city has a Mediterranean climate, which means the residents normally get hotter summers than neighboring coastal areas. The city experiences lengthy heat waves from July through October each year. In previous years the highs have reached 104 degrees!

Pasadena residents are always trying to find ways to beat the high temperatures. Our client contacted us to help stop the sweltering heat in their beautiful Pasadena home. In this home we installed Huper Optik Select Sech window film. This is a remarkable window film that used for rejecting solar heat.

This film is the top performing non-reflective film on the market. With the use of Nano Technology, the company is able to use exquisite metals, like gold and silver which allows the film to allow the highest amount of light, while rejecting the highest amount of heat.

If you live in Pasadena or any other area that gets high temperatures during the summer, give us a call. We would love to help you lower the temperature in your home and decrease your monthly electricity bill. We are open 7 days a week and are ready to find the solution that best fits your needs!

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Heat Blocking Window Film In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most highly populated cities in Southern California. Its a melting pot for different cultures, close to the coast, and has many historic landmarks that make this city stand out. When it comes to the weather we always have sunny skies and warm temperatures. However the increased temperatures means your air cooling systems will be ran much more. Window film will help decrease the amount of heat let in and decrease your monthly energy bills.

For this client their main concern was the amount of heat being let into their home. They were spending excessive amounts on their energy bills. We sent out one of our expert consultants and made our recommendation based on their main concerns. This client went with Huper Optik Ceramic 70 and Select Sech. Huper Optik is an exceptional brand making a very big splash in the industry with their nano technology, dye and metal free films.

Here are the specs for these films:

Huper Optik Select Sech:

Visible Light Transmission: 59%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 54%

UV Rejection:99%

Infrared Reduction: 83%

Glare Reduction:34%

Huper Optik Ceramic 70:

Visible Light Transmission: 70%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 48%

UV Rejection:99%

Infrared Reduction: 88%

Glare Reduction: 21%


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Photo before window film was installed

Heat Blocking Window Film In Los Angeles

Before installing film to reduce heat and glare

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Maintain natural view while blocking heat in your home

Heat blocking film near me

After we applied heat blocking window film

Heat Blocking Window Film In Los Angeles

Window film blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays!

Heat Blocking Window Film In Los Angeles

After we installed heat rejecting film


Window Tinting In Beverly Hills, The 90210

Beverly Hills is often referred to as the 90210, a prime zip code for the city. Being surrounded by Los Angeles and Hollywood this glamours city is home to many celebrities and notable people. There are many historic land marks such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, Greystone Mansion, Rodeo Drive, and much more. This city is extremely affluent, filled with million dollar homes. Many home owners in the 90210 know that having professionally installed window film will benefit them greatly. Window film will not only help protect your home and love ones from sun damage, increase privacy, decrease your energy bills, increase your property values but also strengthen your windows. Here at Window Tint LA all of the film we carry blocks up to 99.9% of uv rays and we only carry the highest performing films on the market.

For this project our client was concerned with the amount of heat coming into their home, as well ad the fading of their floors and other materials in the home. This client was running their air cooling system all the time, resulting in a much higher energy bill. We sent out one of our expert consultants for a completely free consultation to make a recommendation for this client. Huper Optik was a perfect choice for this stunning home. What is Huper Optik? they are a German brand that is leading the way in the window film industry. They are know for their nano-technology and high heat rejecting films.

We applied Huper Optik’s Select Sech film to the windows in this home; here are the specs

Visible Light Transmission: 59%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 54%

UV Rejection:99%

Infrared Reduction: 83%

Glare Reduction:34%


Window tinting for home in Beverly Hills


Window tinting near Beverly Hills

Before we installed Huper Optik Select Sech to this elegant home

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Heat blocking window film

After we applied Huper Optik Select Sech

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Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

Los Angeles has a census estimated population of 3,967,322 residents, making Los Angeles the second highly populated city in the United States. This city is absolutely fabulous, there are so many trendy shops, fine dining, museums and art to indulge your artistic side and you have easy access to the peaceful coast. However Los Angeles is also known for sweltering summer heat. When the temperatures are searing that increases the heat in your home. Putting up blinds and draperies seems like this well help the issue but in fact they retain more heat. Window film is a practical and efficient way to lower the temperatures in your home.

We installed Huper Optik Select Drei and Huper Optik Seclect Sech film in this beautiful home to allow in the maximum amount of light, but reject the maximum amount of heat without increasing the visual reflectivity of the glass. This german brand is leading the way in the industry with its nanotechnology window film.These films reduce the amount of solar energy in your home but also block 99% of uv rays. Huper Optik’s window film has reduced 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Not only is this company dedicated to reducing carbon foot print but they offer the highest performing films on the market.

Select Drei Specs:

Visible Light Transmission: 35%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 70%

UV Rejection: 99%

Infrared Reduction: 98%

Glare Reduction:61%

Select Sech Specs:

Visible Light Transmission: 59%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 54%

UV Rejection:99%

Infrared Reduction: 83%

Glare Reduction:34%

Here at Window Tint LA we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our excellent customer service.We are open 7 days a week and provide completely free consultations with one of our expert consultants. You won’t be disappointed when you call us!


Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

Before we installed window film to prevent the floors, furniture and other materials in the home from fading

Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

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Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

After we applied Huper Optik’s heat blocking window film

Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

Keep your home cool with window film!

Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

Protect your loved ones against harmful UV rays with window tint!

Privacy Window Film in Port Hueneme, the Smallest of Ventura County Cities

Those live in this small square of a city are quite familiar with one another, so, considering privacy window film in Port Hueneme is little surprise. The city cornered off from the rest of Ventura County by the sprawling City of Oxnard – squished up against the ocean, in essence – Port Hueneme is a place with a greatly busy port, a significant number of armed forces veterans and some pretty darn nice beaches. Accessible from Pacific Coast Highway (1) as well as the hugely busy Ventura Freeway (101), Port Hueneme has its share of unknown visitors and structures here can benefit greatly from privacy window film.

True Trouble from Too Much UV Rays or IR Light

Many Port Hueneme residents have lived in the seaside community for many years, and their homes are of the older fashion with limited weatherproofing and big glass windows to allow for views and warming on the many overcast Pacific Ocean mornings. These windows are both a blessing and a boon, as all that glass square footage lets in a lot of solar energy which can be costly in more ways than one. The sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays, also called UV light) can cause skin cancer and damage your eyes; while infra-red rays (IR rays or IR light) are why we feel warmth from sunshine. Let too much of either inside, and you’re asking for trouble.

The Invisible yet Threatening Rays from the Sun

An often overlooked benefit from privacy window film in Port Hueneme is that these residential and commercial window films block the invisible yet harmful rays of the sun. Modern window films like those produced by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays, and they also block a great amount of IR light, too. To top it off, modern window films reduce glare and to contribute to Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) – a measurement in window film performance.

Believe it or Not, Residential Window Film Offers Safety

Privacy window film in Port Hueneme or other neighborhoods nearby like south Oxnard can be a one-time investment that can pay dividends for years to come. Invasions of our privacy are ongoing and only made worse by the influx of automobiles (and motorcycles) to our region, along with the Internet. Hueneme property homeowners can bolster privacy and security with window film options that block potential intruders from peering inside to make pre-break-in inventories. Privacy window films also holding glass pieces in place upon a major impact, instead of propelling small sharp glass pieces through a room and into people or pets.

Get Super-Private with Quality Residential Window Film

Privacy window film in Port Hueneme hardly impacts the ability to see inside-out, while at the same time obstructing views into the insides of structures from streets or sidewalks. For high-traffic areas like corners or along PCH this can be imperative: too many cars roll by all the time. With so many eyes peering in, security cameras or other crime-preventing measures are not as effective. Better to get something that works 24-7 to deter criminal activity. Window Tint LA provides residential and commercial window tinting and graphics for all of Southern California, from Oxnard to all of San Diego County, and as east as Palm Springs and Big Bear Lake.


Privacy Window Film in Port Hueneme

Our films block out 99.9% of harmful UV rays

Privacy Window Film in Port Hueneme

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Privacy Window Film in Port Hueneme

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Privacy Window Film in Port Hueneme

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Privacy Window Film in Port Hueneme

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Residential Window Film In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a population of 3,975,322 it is easily the most popular city in southern California. Los Angeles is know for its warm climate and ethnic diversity. Los Angeles is a very desirable place to live, residents need to be aware of the effects of ultra violet rays will have on their homes. At Window Tint LA we provide protection against those pesky ultra violet rays. All of the films we carry are the highest performing on the market to date and block 99.9% of uv rays.

Energy Efficiency- Unwanted heat can make its way though your windows causing temperatures inside your home to rise in turn you run your air cooling systems much more; resulting in expensive energy bills. Blinds and draperies can help block the sun but they also absorb heat making it much warmer inside. The most efficient and eco-friendly way to combat this issue is to simply have a window film applied to your glass.

Harmful Dangers- Ultra violet rays are well know to damage and harm your skin. Many are unaware that uv rays can fade/discolor your furniture, floors, art work, pictures and fabrics inside your home as well. Adding professionally installed window film will help protect both your skin and all your valuables.

Security-Southern California is well known for its earthquakes. Earthquakes of any magnitude can damage your home. Damage to your foundation is one of the most common damages earthquakes can cause, windows being a close second. Security film absorbs the shock of damage caused to glass and helps to keep the glass in place to reduce glass shatter.

Privacy Protection- With Los Angeles being a very touristy place, residents know the importance of privacy. Parts of Los Angeles can be very populated and you can be with in close proximity to your neighbors; allowing them the access to see inside your home. Privacy film allows you to keep your natural view from the inside but from the outside it will give a reflective look. If you want total privacy day and night then frosted film would be your go to-it allows 89-90% of natural light to shine in but will block visibility out. Since it has a etched glass look it really adds pizzaz to your windows aesthetic.

Life Time Warranty- Here at Window Tint LA we offer life time residential warranties. We are open 7 days a week and we offer completely free consultations. We service from Oxnard all the way to San Diego so we are always in your area. Give us a call you won’t be disappointed!

Commercial Window Film in Tarzana – and San Fernando Valley High-Commerce Areas

It’s known as an affluent area of the San Fernando Valley but embedded into the neighborhood is a vibrant commercial establishment – making commercial window film in Tarzana and nearby locales a phenomenal investment. With nearby Warner Center and the Ventura Boulevard retail and commercial strip, many businesses could benefit greatly by rejecting as much solar energy as possible. This not only keeps customers and employees happier – it can save a significant amount of money in electricity bills each month and year. Today’s modern commercial window films like those by Huper Optik do wonders to keep interiors cool and comfy.

Case No. 1: Businesses Like to Save Money

The science for commercial window tint films today is there: solar energy can be rejected up to 70 percent by simply applying a thin film to all those business building windows. This eases the pressure on air conditioning systems, reduces how much energy your building will consume, and ultimately reduces electricity bills. The return on investment is incredibly short, resulting in an increased bottom line after just a single one-time investment. Commercial window film in Tarzana and nearby locales like Woodland Hills makes supreme business sense.

Case No. 2: Protection of Customers and Employees

We engage high-quality window films by Huper Optik on commercial structure windows, which reject ultraviolet rays (UV rays) by up to 99.9 percent. Additionally, these high-tech window films prevent a great deal of infra-red light (IR rays) from entering business buildings, and this is the sun’s spectrum that causes warmth. Huper Optik films can reduce IR rays getting into a structure by up to 96 percent. Cooler and more comfortable customers are more likely to return, and employees who are happier tend to be more productive. A huge win-win for commercial window film in Tarzana and other San Fernando Valley high-commerce areas.

Case No. 3: Durability for Huper Optik Commercial Window Film

Ceramic-based window films by Huper Optik are completely free of dyes and metals – typical for old-time window films – that tend to demetallize or discolor over time. This also is important for degradation. The UV degradation rates of Huper Optik window films have been tested against conventional metallic or dyed window tint films and proved to last well beyond expected life cycles. Huper Optik window films are built to last – a great business consideration because which business owner wants to replace the film every few years? Huper Optik also provides a 15-year commercial limited warranty.

Summary of Other Benefits for Commercial Window Film in Tarzana

Sometimes business-related investments come with what are known as intangibles. These may not be the primary reason for decisions to invest, but benefits that are very nice to have. It’s like a great baseball hitter who also happens to be a very good fielder, or is a smart base-runner. Teams love the hitting, but the intangibles make the player that much more valuable. Windows protected with Huper Optik commercial window films help reduce theft and damage because even upon breakage the glass holds together and remains an obstacle to easy entry. And remember the previous mention of worker productivity. These high-tech window films significantly reduce glare and prevent headaches or eye troubles for workers. Call us today for more information about Huper Optik commercial window films and the many options for your commercial building.

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Window film installed at local hotel to reduce the amount of heat that enters.

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Maintain a natural view when looking out, after film has been installed.

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Residential Tint for Lakewood: ‘Example of Post-War Suburb’

A residential tint in Lakewood can be a statement. In this city of more than 80,000 residents north of Long Beach, organization and conformity seem the norm. Many houses look alike – clean, well-kept, and, well … nice. Go bold and improve the exterior appearance of your home with a decorative window tint. Lighten the look with a frost, or go with a dark tint shade to change the broad appearance of the front side – all the while keeping the interior cooler. Beyond looks, window tint films offer a lot of protection for you, the family, visitors and everything else inside the home.

The Sun’s Rays: Subtle Destruction

The sun’s rays, namely ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and infra-red rays (IR rays), are insidious. Day after day you might not notice them, until one day years later you notice the drapes need replacement, or there’s fading on the carpet in one corner. Solar energy is a powerful force that we don’t appreciate except when we get sunburns or something gets really damaged during a bright sunny day. Inside a home, we can tend to get a false sense of security thinking we’re shaded. But those big windows all around the house that we like to look through also let in the potential for peril.

Inspect Total Solar Energy Rejected Data for Residential Window Films

Lakewood is relatively close to the Pacific Ocean but it’s far enough inland so sunny days can bring some real heat. The sun’s rays directly are one thing, but overall there’s solar energy. Quality window tint films like those delivered by Huper Optik, LLumar and 3M provide excellent solar energy rejection rates, and they’ve proven durable over the years. No one wants to invest in tinting several home windows only to have them replaced in just a few years. Huper Optik and LLumar even back up their products with limited lifetime warranties.

Reduce Exposure, Cost Savings with a Residential Tint

A residential tint on homes in Lakewood as well as in nearby Bellflower, Cerritos, Cypress and Hawaiian Gardens provide protection for humans as well as the overall property. Over time sun rays dry out, crack and otherwise damage wood floorings, carpets, drapes, sofas and other furniture. Wood sidings and support beams, plaster and drywall, much of your home could be exposed to damages. A residential tint is a one-time investment into the future of your home and its long-term re-sale value. It also is a cost-saving nod by protecting the items inside the house so replacement is unnecessary.

Add Safety to Homes in the ‘Instant City’

Lakewood is sometimes noted as an “instant city” because of how it blossomed from lima bean fields in the ‘50s to a developed municipality by the next decade. Some cite Lakewood as “a classic example of a post-World War II suburb.” Many of those houses built in the ‘50s and ‘60s still stand, and co-mingle with newer models, and all of them could use better insulation and protection against exorbitant electricity bills. Adding tint film to glass windows strengthens them in case of a sudden impact, holding the glass to the frame and maintaining a barrier to get inside. This is a safety element that residents of Lakewood would appreciate. For more information about a residential tint in Lakewood please call us today!

window film heat glare

Control solar heat with window tint!

solar window film

Window film is available in various different shades.

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The Difference Made by Residential Window Tint in Venice

Venice, CA is a vibrant, storied area filled with people and places of all kinds. On any given day, the neighborhood is filled with both longtime residents and first time visitors. Venice is home to dozens of restaurants, shops, and businesses of all kinds, and it is full of lovely and unique homes. There are scenic canals for which the town gets its name, the famous Venice Beach beachfront and boardwalk, there are broad streets, narrow alleys, and everything in between.

If you own a home in Venice, California, protecting your prized property is surely of the utmost importance to you and your family. And proper home protection means both ensuring the residence is safe against break-ins and burglary and also safe from the damage that can be caused by natural forces. One single product can offer your Venice home all sorts of safety and security benefits: residential window film.

In Venice, CA window film can be the first line of defense against a thief intent on entering your home (or your place of business). Security window film reinforces glass windowpanes and prevents them from breaking into pieces and falling out of the frame when struck. A window treated with window film can be cracked and will require later replacement, but it won’t form dangerous shards and the glass won’t fall out of the frame. Not only will safety window film prevent a criminal from entering your Venice property, but it will also keep you and your family safe following an accident or natural disaster, preventing hazardous pieces of glass from falling away from the windows and potentially causing cuts or puncture wounds.

The second way Venice residential window film protects your home is by blocking out the ultraviolet light that can cause interior fading and damage. UV light can discolor wooden floors, fade upholstery, carpets, and drapes, and wash out photos, paintings, and other items you have in your home. Window tint blocks 99% of this invisible but harmful light, also keeping your skin safer against sun damage that can lead to cancer with protracted exposure.

Window tint will also reduce the interior temperature of your Venice home, blocking much of the solar energy responsible for elevated indoor temperatures. When your residence stays cooler thanks to reduced solar heat gain, that’s less electricity you will use (and pay for) thanks to reduced need for AC and fans.

ceramic huper optik

Block 99.9% of UV rays by installing window film

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