Keep Your Privacy and Stay Stylish with Frost Film!

Some people would like to add 24 hour privacy to their space without compromising the look. If you’re one of those people, frost may be the choice for you! Frost window films are the one of only options on the market that provide you with privacy all day and night. There are other privacy films available but it is based on the strongest source of light. So during the day you can see out and others cant see in, however, at night when the lights are on in your house you will be visible. There are also black/white out options that provide 24 hour privacy but they aren’t the most attractive to some, especially for the home. Frost films provide you with the best of both worlds!

Our client here decided to go with the HuperOptik Dusted Crystal option. This gives them some privacy from people walking on the street for their outside seating area. It’s a smart choice that improves the look of their modern home.

huper optik dusted crystal

Frost film for a modern home

frost privacy film

Providing privacy to their outside seating area

Frost privacy film

Complete privacy for ground level seating

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Avoid Office Accidents by Adding Distraction Markers to Glass

Have you ever been on your phone while walking and accidentally ran into something? Embarrassing, right? Now imagine this happening in your place of business. Not only will it be a distraction to others, but it could also potentially be dangerous. While glass walls are a great way to give the office an open and airy feeling, they can also be a hazard for those who aren’t careful. You can avoid these incidents by adding distraction markers to your glass. Distraction markers are visible interruptions on glass that make it easy for people to see that the glass is there.

There are multiple benefits to adding markers to your glass panels or doors beyond just safety. They are a great way to give privacy to conference rooms and offices. You can also further market your brand or show your company’s personality by adding personalized graphics by Window Tint LA. We can create any look you are trying to accomplish with our talented graphic designers. Call us today to schedule a completely free consultation and see what magic can be created!

graphics in frosted films

Nice graphics in film to bring safety, privacy and visual interest to the office.


frosted window films

You can add descriptions in the film to help define spaces.distraction markers for officeLike a more simplistic look? We can do that as well!

Privacy in office with frosted window film

Add some much needed privacy with simple, classic designs.

privacy in office with window film

marketing with window film

Make sure people know who you are!

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Privacy Window Film On Davenport Island!

Huntington Beach is located in Orange County in Southern California. The city has been nicknamed Surf City due to consistent all year long surfing available on the 9 mile sandy beach. There are five man man-made islands located on the Northwestern section of the city. Our client’s home is situated on Davenport Island. The island has several home with both on-water and off-water locations.

Our client wanted to add more privacy to their home but wanted to keep the beautiful ocean view. During the free consultation, our consultant surveyed the glass and made a recommendation for film based on the needs of the client. Ultimately, our client decided on Huper Optik Fusion 10. This is a superior privacy film.

Huper Optik Fusion series offers dual reflective films that while maintaining your natural view. This film has several advantages such as privacy, year round energy efficiency, UV protection, and heat rejection. This film is the best of both worlds, and includes a lifetime residential warranty!

Call us today and one of our expert consultants can help you with the best option for your window film needs!

day and night privacy window film

Keep your beautiful view with high quality window tint.

ocean privacy window film

You don’t have to sacrifice your natural light with window film!

complete privacy window film

Window film helps reduce hot spots inside your home!

privacy window film one way mirror

Our films block 99.9% of harmful UV rays!

uv protective window film

Increase privacy in your bathroom!

home window tinting in orange county

Lower your monthly energy bill with window film!

home window tinting huntington beach

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New Casper Cloaking Technology Window Film Creates Privacy for Screens and Monitors

What Is Screen Cloaking Window Film?

Casper Cloaking Technology, developed by leading applied materials brand Designtex, is an advanced screen privacy window tint that in fact does just what its name suggests: it cloaks, or obscures, the view of screens. To be specific, it blocks the view of all larger LED and LCD screens, rendering those surfaces dark and indistinguishable to anyone outside a window, glass wall, or glass door with its interior coated by Casper window film.

Years of scientific development went into the creation of this film, which uses an advanced understanding of the properties of light to limit certain types of light emission while still permitting a crisp, clear view of others. When you look in through a window coated with Casper screen cloaking window tint, you will hardly notice it’s even there — until, that is, you take a look up at that LED monitor mounted in the wall at the end of the room and notice that all you see is a black screen, while everyone inside the room is nodding and smiling at the content they see.

Why Screen Cloaking Window Tint Is Superior to Previous Options

In the past, if you wanted to keep the contents of a presentation, video, or graphics private beyond the view of a select group, you had several options at your disposal, but all had significant drawbacks. The main tried-and-true approach to keeping information private was simply to block off the view into a conference room or office entirely. This could be done by applying privacy window film to glass walls and windows, blocking the view into the room.

One way privacy window tint could do this while still allowing a view out from inside the room so long as it was brighter outside the space in question; if lighting conditions changed, the one way window tint lost its efficacy.

Frosted privacy window tint blocks the view through glass surfaces in both directions, while still allowing light to pass through. It represents a fine way to ensure privacy for those inside a meeting and for the content on display on screens, but it does not foster the kind of open culture many offices prize. And both frost window tint and one way privacy window film are rather permanent; once applied, they can’t be removed and reapplied at will.

Curtains, drapes, and/or blinds are another common way to keep information private from those outside an office or conference space. These are good options because they can be early drawn or pushed aside, welcoming an open feel when merited, but their drawback comes for just the same reason: whenever a curtain is closed or blinds are lowered to block the view into a space that is usually visible, it elicits interest and even suspicion that can damage the trusting culture of a space and that makes clear there is something to hide in the first place.

Window Cloaking Tint Is Ideal for Professional Spaces

With Casper Cloaking Technology window film applied to the inside of glass walls, doors, and windows within the offices of a corporation, government entity, research facility, and beyond, the organization can foster an unbroken feeling of community while still allowing presentations and media to be kept private and discreet.

Because this cloaking film only blocks the view of LED and LCD screens, it renders monitors and televisions impossible to view from behind the space so treated while still allowing the people and other elements within to be seen clearly. That allows for the noting of who is in a given meeting, what their body language is saying, and other such factors, while still keeping the actual content being discussed private and secure.

This is precisely why so many proactive workplaces are doing away with the drapes, blinds, or even the old reams of butcher paper and tape that were once used to cover windows whenever sensitive data was about to be on display.

The Many Applications of Screen Cloaking Window Tint

Screen privacy window films were developed for and are primarily marketed to workplaces with offices and conference rooms where glass walls and windows are a major portion of the interior architecture. These privacy tints can block the view of wall-mounted screens and computer monitors, keeping the content displayed on the screen private and secure while not creating an exclusionary environment by allowing the people within the room to be clearly seen.

But screen cloaking window film has vastly more potential than to serve merely to block the view into meetings in offices. It can also be used, for example, to block the view of screens viewed through exterior windows. This can help a bar or restaurant prevent passersby from watching a paid televised event for free, or to allow a location to display material that might not be public for all viewers (based on age or other factors) without risk of offending anyone outside looking in. Screen privacy window film might even help to protect copyrighted material by preventing it from being seen outside of a permissible venue even if said venue has transparent windows, walls, or doors.

From the information displayed on a doctor or lawyer’s computer to the sales figures on a banker’s screen, any professional with a street level office will benefit from Casper Cloaking Technology films just as much as the people worried about unwanted intra office viewing of screens.

Achieving Privacy Need Not Damage Aesthetics

Casper screen cloaking window film leaves an interior space looking almost identical to its pre-installation look save for the obvious enhancement of obscured screens and monitors. But should you desire even more privacy for a given space, Designtex offers multiple complimentary privacy films that can offer even more discretion to a space while still not fully obscuring the view in and damaging the open feel of a workspace.

The brand offers multiple window coatings that create patterns on the outside of windows that disrupt the clarity of the view in without fully obscuring the interior. Working in tandem with screen cloaking window tints, these films enhance privacy while still promoting an open, communal feel.

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark – with Huge Windows Aplenty

The desire to preserve heritage means much for the discussion about commercial window film in Moorpark, a sometimes sleepy, sometimes big-rig-rattled east Ventura County city. In Moorpark you have really old buildings on High Street with gigantic windows that let a lot of solar energy bake hardwood floors and exposed wood support beams. Along Los Angeles Avenue there are dozens of new commercial structures that also could benefit from quality window films to not only protect but also preserve and make structures look better to those who drive by.

Nobody Walks in Moorpark: the Case for More Attractive Business Facades

Note use of the term “drive by.” That’s because in Moorpark it’s not that residents don’t want to walk; it’s just that for the most part they can’t. This is a spread-out suburban L.A. city, with limited public transportation options and newer tract homes far away from the “urban” core of the community (which is L.A. Ave.). Commercial window film for Moorpark businesses is attractive for money savings and potential money-making. Reject most of the sun’s powerful rays and the air-conditioning unit can be left alone more often – saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in electricity bills each year.

Capitalize on Opportunities with Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

Business in Moorpark, Calif. is intense for many reasons, among them the location at the confluence of the 118 and 23 freeways, and how the flat, straight old Route 118 (known as Los Angeles Avenue) rolls right through the middle of the commercial activity of town. Moorpark is a big city, approaching 40,000 residents, but the overall feeling is that of a small town framed by farming. Venture barely west and commercial buildings suddenly stop in favor of plant nurseries and orchards. This is what some call a “small town on steroids.” Modern business owners could capitalize with improvements like commercial window film in Moorpark.

New City, Growing Pains and What Businesses Can Do

This is a place that incorporated as its own city only in 1983 – much due to old-timers’ dislike of how the county of Ventura approved gigantic planned developments that caused such growth in Moorpark. All those residences meant attraction for businesses, which aside from the rather neglected High Street strip had to locate along Highway 118 and battle with all the semi-truck congestion there. Our experience indicates that Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Films are the best for business structures at reducing hot spots and limiting glare, but also to help save in energy costs and boost UV protection.

Commercial Window Film for Moorpark Businesses = Wise Investment

Commercial window film in Moorpark or in nearby locales like west Simi Valley, Somis or north Conejo Valley provide protection from potential sun damages but also serve as security elements in case of attempted break-ins. Also available are anti-graffiti exterior window films which protect glass from etching or scratching. Contact us today for options regarding commercial window film in Moorpark or other east Ventura County neighborhoods. We provide residential and commercial window tinting and graphics for all of Southern California, from Ventura down to all of San Diego County, and as east as Palm Springs and Big Bear.


Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

Before we installed Privacy film

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

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Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

Ask about our 15 year commercial warranty

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

UV protection film installed to protect floors and valuables inside commercial building

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

Privacy Frost gives you total privacy day and night

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

All our films block 99.9% of UV Rays





Privacy Window Film in Arcadia, a ‘Community of Homes’ in San Gabriel Valley

The city motto is “Community of Homes,” so privacy window film for Arcadia houses seems more appropriate to discuss than, say, commercial window film in the San Gabriel Valley city that’s now more than a century old. This city of about 60,000 people may not carry a more known name like neighboring Pasadena, or an exotic name like Seirra Madre or Temple City, but Arcadia more and more is becoming renown as a great place to live. All the more reason to protect your property with quality residential window film.

Acradia Homes Look to Benefit from Quality Residential Window Film

Arcadia is surrounded by a nest of San Gabriel Valley cities, including the aforementioned Pasadena but also El Monte, San Marino and Monrovia. All of these cities can benefit from sound, quality residential window films to improve the exterior appearance of older homes while at the same time fighting back solar energy and keeping insides cooler. In all, a one-time investment into privacy window film for Arcadia homes will save a lot of money each month when the electricity bill comes – especially in summer and autumn months when it can get scorching here.

Arcadia Getting Accolades Nationwide as Great Place to Live

How attractive are the homes here – and especially if improved with privacy window film – in Arcadia? The city has been ranked as high as 7th by CNN Money magazine in a list of towns with the highest median home costs; and in Bloomberg Businessweek, Arcadia in 2010 was named as one of the “Best Places to Raise Your Kids” for the second consecutive year. Ever sold a home? Good places for kids, and differentiation from similar properties in the market, stand out. Add some residential window film in Arcadia and make your for-sale home stand out even further.

Why Privacy Window Film in Arcadia or Nearby Locales?

Privacy window film for Arcadia homes means adding a deterrent to potential criminal acts. That is, adding a subtle or stylish tint shade to front windows, or maybe decorative elements like frosting to the side windows, that look pretty cool from sidewalks or the street but in all prevent people from peering into the home’s insides. Troublemakers are less likely to cause trouble if they don’t know what’s inside to steal in the first place. Think of a 50 percent shade on those old-house big windows, and let in only half the light – and still be able to see inside-out clearly.

Boosting Protection for the Added-Value Equation for Arcadia Properties

On top of the security element of privacy window film for Arcadia homes, there’s the protection aspect. That is, these modern residential window films, like those produced by Huper Optik, reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and most of the infra-red rays (IR light) that’s responsible for the sun’s warmth. Knock back all that solar energy and your home stays cooler naturally, keeping the A/C off and saving in energy bills. Please contact us today to learn more about privacy window film in Arcadia or nearby neighborhoods like El Monte or Monrovia. We deliver residential and commercial window tinting and graphics for all of Southern California, from Oxnard to all of San Diego County, even as east as Palm Springs and Big Bear Lake.


Privacy Window Film in Arcadia

Before we installed window film for heat reduction

Privacy Window Film in Arcadia

Before we installed privacy film

Privacy Window Film in Arcadia

After we installed window film for heat reduction

Privacy Window Film in Arcadia

Call for a free consultation!

Privacy Window Film in Arcadia

Block harmful UV rays with window film!

Privacy Window Film in Arcadia

After we installed window film for privacy

Residential Window Tinting In Encino

Encino is a beautiful neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley sector of sun-drenched Los Angeles. Naturally Encino home owners have problems with heat, uv protection and privacy; a problem that is easily fixed with window tinting. Here at Window Tint LA we carry the highest performing films on the market, all the films we carry block 99.9% of uv rays.

Searing Temperatures- Enicno is known for its heat during the summer and early autumn days. When the sun beats through your windows it raises the temperature in your home causing you to run your cooling systems much more; thus raising your monthly energy bill. Having professionally installed window film can help reduce the heat and help save on your now costly energy bills. Also by installing heat rejection films you block up to 98% of infrared heat. Infrared heat is the heat you feel radiating through the window even when the sun is not directly shining on the window.

Uv Damage- The sun has damaging rays that can fade your furniture, floors and other valuables you may have inside your home. This is a process that can happen slowly over time so most homeowners don’t even realize this is occurring until there is a significant amount of damage done. Not only are uv rays responsible for the fading of fabrics and floors, it can also weaken less sturdy materials such as plastic that can lead to major problems. Installation of uv protective window film is a practical way to go about avoiding these headache causing issues.

Peace with Privacy- Its is difficult to ease your mind when you have to worry about your privacy. Living in Los Angeles there is tons of vehicular and foot traffic and you can never be too cautious when it comes to the threat of break-ins. When it comes to privacy film you’ll get a natural view looking out, yet a mirror/reflective look from the outside looking in. Another option is privacy frost, which allows 80-90% of the natural light to shine in, and will provide both day and night privacy.Burglars will think twice before breaking into a home they cannot see into.

Free Consultations-Give us a call at 310-935-1748, we are open 7 days a week as well. We service from Oxnard all the way to San Diego so we are always in your area! You wont be disappointed with our excellent customer service and our high level of professionalism.


Residential Window Tinting In Encino

Encino home before we installed Huper Optik Ceramic 40 film.

Residential Window Tinting In Encino

During our completely free consultation we will measure the glass and bring you film samples to make the best decision for your home (Before Photo)

Residential Window Tinting In Encino

Before we applied heat rejecting window film

Residential Window Tinting In Encino

Block 99.9% of uv rays

Residential Window Tinting In Encino

Increase privacy in your home with window tint!

Residential Window Tinting In Encino

After we installed Huper Optik Ceramic 40 film to Encino home

Privacy Window Film in Palms, an Under-the-Radar Los Angeles Neighborhood

People hear the neighborhood name and might assume it’s the desert resort town to the east which suits these residents just fine; privacy window film in Palms makes perfect sense since these are residents who don’t mind when outsiders can’t find them. This is the oldest neighborhood that ever was annexed into the City of Los Angeles, and today its residents appreciate not necessarily its seclusion – it’s surrounded by West Los Angeles, Culver City and Mar Vista so Palms is not a resort – but they do value their privacy and relative anonymity. Residential privacy window film in Palms achieves what most of the neighborhoods residents want most.

Visitors Galore through Palms – Potential Burglars Galore

This little enclave of the City of Los Angeles was originally called “The Palms” and if you visit the area you’ll see plenty of them. But then again you’ll see palm trees all over that area. This is a Westside region with a surprising 42,000-plus residents – a number that would be a big city in places like nearby Ventura County. Not only is there a lot of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in Palms due to its residents, but many visitors or “strangers” because it’s bordered by some of the busiest freeways in America. Being near freeway ramps means be prepared to deter potential criminal activity.

Palms and Freeway On-Ramps: Great Reason for Privacy Window Film

Burglars or would-be break-in artists love being near on on-ramp. Getting away from the scene is a big part of the plan, if indeed they plan. In Palms it’s hard to get away from the insanely busy San Diego Freeway (405) as well as the moderately less insane Santa Monica Freeway (10) and the always popular Venice Boulevard – the main borders of this Los Angeles neighborhood. If you own a home or business property in Palms, privacy window film is a wise consideration.

The Palms Long Predates the Huge 10 and 405 Freeways

Before being eaten by the City of Los Angeles, The Palms was founded in 1886 long before the massive freeways were built that now bound the neighborhood. Nowadays it is mostly residential, with a considerable amount of apartment buildings but also single-family homes in the northwest portion, and little strips of commercial land like most areas of Los Angeles.

Palms Neighborhood of Los Angeles – Trivia

  • The Palms, as it was then known, was annexed into the City of Los Angeles in the same election (1914) as the San Fernando Valley. Everyone knows the story of the Valley getting “eaten up” by L.A. Few if any talk about Palms getting the same treatment; the residents there wanted it for reasons that were important back then, like water rights.
  • In the same 1914 election, Culver City residents voted “no thanks” to join the City of Los Angeles.
  • The neighborhood name is not from palm trees within its (unofficial) boundaries per se – but from some a distance away. Reports are that the palm trees were downtown, “near the Southern Pacific depot.” By the 1920s the neighborhood was simply called “Palms” in L.A. city pamphlets and the shorter version stuck.
  • The little 1.9-square mile neighborhood sits in a diagonal position between Mar Vista, Culver City and West Los Angeles; it’s rough borders include two heavily-used freeways, the San Diego (405) and Santa Monica (10) freeways (on the west and north respectively), and Venice Boulevard on the south.

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privacy window film one way mirror

Block 99% of harmful UV rays!

complete privacy window film

Increase privacy in your home with window tint!

residential window film installers

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day and night privacy window film

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Window Tinting In Brentwood, Ca


Brentwood is a gorgeous city located in the Westside of Los Angeles. This city has plenty of attractions such as the Hanna Nicole winery, the Hammer museum, the Getty center and miles and miles and beautiful hiking trails. These attractions make Brentwood a very desirable place to live. Homeowners in this affluent city take pride in their homes especially when it comes to UV protection, privacy, heat rejection and security.

Protect your furniture and floors from fading-Part of taking pride in your home is to protect your valuables, expensive furniture and your floors. All of the films we carry block out 99.9% of the UV rays; this ensures that your home and valuables will be protected. In addition to protecting your home you also eliminate unwanted glare and while protecting your loved ones skin and eyes.

Ensure Privacy for your family and property-Using a high quality film is the only way to ensure that you have privacy. Having beautiful window’s can be a hassle when it comes to privacy but with privacy film you’ll get a natural view from the inside looking out, yet a reflective look from the outside looking in giving you both privacy and heat rejection.

Lower your monthly energy costs-Living in sunny California is wonderful but during the blistering summer days your energy bill can increase as much as 50%. Installing professional window tint will add a very chic aesthetic but help reject heat; lowering those monthly energy costs. Did you know that applying energy saving window film could also help with heat loss during the cold winter days? There are so many benefits to energy efficient window film.

Help keep your family safe-Security window film helps hold the glass together and reduce the glass shatter in the event of window breakage. Most common glass related injuries are caused by accident when people walk straight into glass panes; this results in glass shatter that can injure anyone in close proximity. Earthquakes can have a similar effect and send shards of glass everywhere but when security film is applied you won’t have to worry about glass shatter. Brentwood is a low crime area but security films do help prevent burglars from breaking in, keeping your family safe.


Window Tinting In Brentwood

Call today for your free consultation! before photo

Window Tinting In Brentwood

Before Huper Optik was applied to help reduce heat

Window Tinting In Brentwood

After Huper Optik was applied to glass!

Window Tinting In Brentwood

Security film was applied to prevent to glass from breaking and still have a natural view

Window Tinting In Brentwood

Protect your furniture from fading and/or discoloring with window film

Window Tinting In Brentwood

Life time warranty for residential properties