Window Film In Silver Lake

Silver Lake is located in Los Angeles and was built around a reservoir. This sunny location is home to many notable residents and hipster hang outs. Being close to Echo Park, Atwater village and many other surrounding cities so there is always tons to do. The only downside to living in Sunny Southern California is the sun. Many residents have issues with uv rays fading their floors, furniture, and unwanted heat in their home. Living in Silver Lake many residents are concerned with Privacy as well. Professionally installed window film can defeat all these issues.

This client was concerned with the amount of uv rays and heat entering their home. Our client has stunning views but was also needing more privacy. We sent out one of our expert consultants to measure the glass, bring film samples and make their recommendation for our clients needs. This client decided on Huper Optik Fusion 28 and Ceramic 40. Here are some specs for these films.

Huper Optik Ceramic 40:

Visible Light Transmission: 42%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 54%

UV Rejection:99%

Glare Reduction:53%

Huper Optik Fusion 28:


Visible Light Transmission: 27%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 65%

UV Rejection:99%

Glare Reduction:70%


Window film in Silver Lake

Before we installed window film for privacy

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Window film added for privacy protection

Window film near me

Before installing film to reduce heat and glare

Window tinting near me

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UV Protection Window Tint For Luxury Retail Store

Rodeo Drive is primarily known for upscale shopping. In the heart of Beverly Hills, you will find many luxury retail stores, entertainment venues, and restaurants. The first high-end boutique, Giorgio Beverly Hills, was opened in 1967. Soon after, many other luxury shops opened their doors. Rodeo Drive eventually became the shopping street of the rich and famous.

In 2003, Rodeo Drive was given a makeover worth nearly 20 million dollars. The streets were widened and crosswalks were added. The area is now lined with palm trees. Later in the year the Walk of Style was developed. The Walk of Style features plaques set in the sidewalks. This was created in honor of fashion icons for their work in style and fashion.

For this project, we installed window film to block UV rays to product the merchandise in this retail store. Over time, heat and UV rays can cause fading of fabric, floors, furniture and other displays. Window film blocks 99.9% of these harmful rays, which will dramatically decrease the risk of fading.

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uv blocking window film

Image of window before installing window film

uv protective window film

View from outside before film installation

window uv film installation

Virtually clear window film allows you to maintain a natural view when looking in and out of your windows

clear uv window tint for homes

View from inside window after installation

different types of commercial window film

Our installer working hard to make ensure a perfect installation!

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New Casper Cloaking Technology Window Film Creates Privacy for Screens and Monitors

What Is Screen Cloaking Window Film?

Casper Cloaking Technology, developed by leading applied materials brand Designtex, is an advanced screen privacy window tint that in fact does just what its name suggests: it cloaks, or obscures, the view of screens. To be specific, it blocks the view of all larger LED and LCD screens, rendering those surfaces dark and indistinguishable to anyone outside a window, glass wall, or glass door with its interior coated by Casper window film.

Years of scientific development went into the creation of this film, which uses an advanced understanding of the properties of light to limit certain types of light emission while still permitting a crisp, clear view of others. When you look in through a window coated with Casper screen cloaking window tint, you will hardly notice it’s even there — until, that is, you take a look up at that LED monitor mounted in the wall at the end of the room and notice that all you see is a black screen, while everyone inside the room is nodding and smiling at the content they see.

Why Screen Cloaking Window Tint Is Superior to Previous Options

In the past, if you wanted to keep the contents of a presentation, video, or graphics private beyond the view of a select group, you had several options at your disposal, but all had significant drawbacks. The main tried-and-true approach to keeping information private was simply to block off the view into a conference room or office entirely. This could be done by applying privacy window film to glass walls and windows, blocking the view into the room.

One way privacy window tint could do this while still allowing a view out from inside the room so long as it was brighter outside the space in question; if lighting conditions changed, the one way window tint lost its efficacy.

Frosted privacy window tint blocks the view through glass surfaces in both directions, while still allowing light to pass through. It represents a fine way to ensure privacy for those inside a meeting and for the content on display on screens, but it does not foster the kind of open culture many offices prize. And both frost window tint and one way privacy window film are rather permanent; once applied, they can’t be removed and reapplied at will.

Curtains, drapes, and/or blinds are another common way to keep information private from those outside an office or conference space. These are good options because they can be early drawn or pushed aside, welcoming an open feel when merited, but their drawback comes for just the same reason: whenever a curtain is closed or blinds are lowered to block the view into a space that is usually visible, it elicits interest and even suspicion that can damage the trusting culture of a space and that makes clear there is something to hide in the first place.

Window Cloaking Tint Is Ideal for Professional Spaces

With Casper Cloaking Technology window film applied to the inside of glass walls, doors, and windows within the offices of a corporation, government entity, research facility, and beyond, the organization can foster an unbroken feeling of community while still allowing presentations and media to be kept private and discreet.

Because this cloaking film only blocks the view of LED and LCD screens, it renders monitors and televisions impossible to view from behind the space so treated while still allowing the people and other elements within to be seen clearly. That allows for the noting of who is in a given meeting, what their body language is saying, and other such factors, while still keeping the actual content being discussed private and secure.

This is precisely why so many proactive workplaces are doing away with the drapes, blinds, or even the old reams of butcher paper and tape that were once used to cover windows whenever sensitive data was about to be on display.

The Many Applications of Screen Cloaking Window Tint

Screen privacy window films were developed for and are primarily marketed to workplaces with offices and conference rooms where glass walls and windows are a major portion of the interior architecture. These privacy tints can block the view of wall-mounted screens and computer monitors, keeping the content displayed on the screen private and secure while not creating an exclusionary environment by allowing the people within the room to be clearly seen.

But screen cloaking window film has vastly more potential than to serve merely to block the view into meetings in offices. It can also be used, for example, to block the view of screens viewed through exterior windows. This can help a bar or restaurant prevent passersby from watching a paid televised event for free, or to allow a location to display material that might not be public for all viewers (based on age or other factors) without risk of offending anyone outside looking in. Screen privacy window film might even help to protect copyrighted material by preventing it from being seen outside of a permissible venue even if said venue has transparent windows, walls, or doors.

From the information displayed on a doctor or lawyer’s computer to the sales figures on a banker’s screen, any professional with a street level office will benefit from Casper Cloaking Technology films just as much as the people worried about unwanted intra office viewing of screens.

Achieving Privacy Need Not Damage Aesthetics

Casper screen cloaking window film leaves an interior space looking almost identical to its pre-installation look save for the obvious enhancement of obscured screens and monitors. But should you desire even more privacy for a given space, Designtex offers multiple complimentary privacy films that can offer even more discretion to a space while still not fully obscuring the view in and damaging the open feel of a workspace.

The brand offers multiple window coatings that create patterns on the outside of windows that disrupt the clarity of the view in without fully obscuring the interior. Working in tandem with screen cloaking window tints, these films enhance privacy while still promoting an open, communal feel.

Business Window Film in Saugus – An Old-Town Vibe in Santa Clarita

Officially it’s not the “Old Town” of Santa Clarita, but with plenty of businesses operating there, business window film for Saugus establishments are a solid investment for customers and employees alike. Modern business window films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays, also called UV light) as well as most of the warming infra-red rays (IR rays) to keep interiors cooler and air-conditioning systems off. Happier customers inside are more likely to return to comfortable establishments, and cooler, happier employees tend to be more productive.

Multitude of Retail Establishments – and Window Glass – to Protect

Since it’s part of a city now (Santa Clarita, incorporated in 1987 to combine 4 neighborhoods in the area) it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the community starts and ends, but overall there are plenty of companies that could benefit from business window film in Saugus. Whereas Valencia got Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Newhall retains the “Old Town” of the Santa Clarita Valley, Saugus has Soledad Canyon Road and the multitude of retail establishments there including a Wal-Mart Supercenter at Golden Valley Road. Retail businesses can benefit from today’s clear commercial window films that reject harmful sun rays while still letting passersby see the goods inside.

Not Just Protection: Buildings can Look Better, Too

Then there’s the aesthetics of business window film for Saugus business properties. Commercial structure owners can make their properties look much better from the street or sidewalks, more attractive for people driving or walking by to stop, look and maybe buy. High-quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik carry glare-reduction qualities and are known to be very durable, lasting years and letting you enjoy cost savings on electricity bills for years to come. The more solar power these window films reject, the less you have to run the A/C unit.

Affordable, Timely Precaution to Nip Crime in the Bud

The economic benefits are apparent with business window film in Saugus and nearby communities like Newhall. A commercial property can be improved to deter criminal acts by blocking visual access into the interiors. That is, bolster the weakest points of a structure’s defense: those gaping holes protected only by glass. A vision-blocking commercial window film can be installed with a decent yet subtle tint shade, like a 50 percent tint, letting in about half the light. This vision-blocking element is a barrier to potential break-ins – crooks are less likely to act if they don’t know what’s inside.

End Result is Business Window Film in Saugus Saves Money

Commercial or business window films in Saugus provide companies with an edge over the competition, and can make properties more attractive when viewed from streets or sidewalks. Those in the retail business understand how first impressions can mean all the difference in the world. Have your property look better than those nearby only increases the opportunities for more sales. Contact us today for more information about commercial window tint film in Saugus or nearby communities like Valencia.

History Tidbit: Saugus is named after the town of Saugus, Massachusetts, which is the hometown of Henry Newhall. The Saugus Café on San Fernando Road opened in 1887 and is one of the oldest restaurants in all of Los Angeles County. Overall the population of Saugus is about 45,000 residents today.


Business Window Film In Saugus

Before we applied privacy film to commercial building

Business Window Film In Saugus

Reduce glare with window film! (Before Photo)

Business Window Film In Saugus

Enjoy a natural view when looking out while blocking heat inside your business.

Business Window Film In Saugus

Frosted film installed to increase privacy

Business Window Film In Saugus

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Commercial Window Film in Valencia – More Business than Just the ‘Magic’

It can be known mostly for its famous theme park, but there is more to commercial window film in Valencia than meets the eye. This neighborhood of the City of Santa Clarita is the last urban area you’ll see if traveling north to Bakersfield and beyond, and overall it has a surprising amount of business properties – many of which could benefit from improvement projects like adding commercial window film. Commercial property owners in Valencia should be aware of the many benefits of adding window film, particularly in terms of cost savings.

Make Your Business Property More Attractive to those Passing By

Commercial window film in Valencia is interesting because this neighborhood, which once was an unincorporated Los Angeles County community before the cityhood vote in 1987 combined four neighborhoods into the City of Santa Clarita, is actually full of business properties. Add the affluence of the surrounding area and you have a market ripe for business-building in Valencia and nearby areas such as Newhall or Saugus. The ultra-busy Interstate 5 through town only helps matters economy-wise. There’s plenty of traffic in the Santa Clarita Valley – and all those vehicles rolling by mean more potential customers or clients.

Make Your Commercial Property Safer, Too

So if you’re involved with running a business in Valencia, you should know about commercial window tint films especially high-quality films like those produced by Huper Optik or LLumar. These modern quality films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays, or UV light) which are known to cause skin cancer and also other negative impacts to the health of humans and pets. These window films also reject most infra-red light, which are the sun’s rays that make us feel warm or hot in sunlight. Block these rays and automatically keep structure interiors cooler.

Commercial Window Film Makes for Safer Business Environments

Which in the end, for a business, saves money. Commercial window film in Valencia makes visiting customers more comfortable, which increases the likelihood that they will return. Solid business owners understand the importance of return customers. Additionally, inside buildings protected by commercial window film, employees are more comfortable in cooler climates and therefore more productive. Anyone who’s struggled through a late afternoon in a warm or hot office understands how sluggish you can get. And sluggishness can cause mistakes or accidents.

More Economic Activity in Valencia – Beyond ‘Six Flags’

Commercial window film in Valencia, California is an excellent investment into a business property. It even can be more affordable than other options to keep business square footage cooler. In the long run, the return-on-investment (ROI) can be just a couple or a few years, as savings in electricity bills mount. There is more economic activity in Valencia than one might imagine – well beyond just Six Flags Magic Mountain (and its sister property, Hurricane Harbor). Contact us today for more information about commercial window film for Valencia business windows and glass!


Commercial Window Film In Valencia

Before we applied frost film

Commercial Window Film In Valencia

Before we installed heat blocking and uv protection window film

Commercial Window Film In Valencia

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Commercial Window Film In Valencia

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Commercial Window Film In Valencia

Privacy films also assist with heat reduction!

UV Protection Window Film for Century City: Big Things Coming

Compared with most of the region this mostly business district has more glass-protection needs, so considering UV protection window film in Century City checks out for property owners who know nothing or little about commercial window film options. A timely matter to consider is the $493 million multi-family part of the $600 million Century Plaza mixed-use complex here. Owners of properties in the vicinity will have to compete with a shiny new addition to the area, and if the owner of that property has modern advances installed to save a lot on energy costs, you probably need to respond.

Bounce Back Harmful Sun Rays away from Century City Windows

The concept for UV protection window film in Century City should be well-established. Having these ultra-thin films attached to business building windows saves big money long-term. Today’s energy-conservation mindset almost commands a look at modern window films that reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays, or UV light) that cause skin cancer and damage items inside structures. Flooring, carpets, blinds, drapes and more are weakened by UV rays. These window films also block most infra-red light (IR light, also known as IR rays) which are makes sunlight warm.

Exceptional Money Savings with UV Protection Window Film in Century City

The end result is money savings for businesses with UV protection film on Century City business and commercial structures. However there are other benefits, such as protecting employees and visitors from sun-related injury. But the money savings are significant. Think about reducing costs in terms of replacing items and equipment damaged from too much sun exposure; from fewer employee claims; and a huge reduction in electricity bills from less air conditioning system usage. This final item, keeping interiors much cooler 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is huge. It’s a one-time investment with years of dividends that makes property managers look smart.

Bounce Away the Sun’s Threats, Look Better, and Save Dough

Just think about the sheer amount of square footage to keep cool during hot Southern California months, and you get an idea why UV protection film in Century City and nearby commercially focused neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Westwood is a sound business-related concept. Sure, the building will look better from the outside with modern window tint films by manufacturers like Huper Optik or LLumar. They will have less glare, more luster, and last. But in the end, it always comes down to dollars, and bouncing away the sun rays that make dollars trickle away is a smart business choice.

Los Angeles and Century City: Big Gains in Non-Home Construction

The overall Los Angeles region is kicking tail when it comes to new commercial and multi-family construction – up 44 percent from 2015 to 2016, boosting it to second nationally – and Century City is contributing. The multi-million-dollar Century Plaza mixed-use complex will make glass-protection and money savings even more of a focus. Contact us today for more information about UV protection window film for Century City properties, or any residential or commercial window tinting or graphics need for Southern California communities from Oxnard to all of San Diego County and as far east as Palm Springs.

uv protective window film

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Commercial Window Film for Encino Business Properties: Get it or Fall Behind

Online descriptions can be as succinct as “a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles,” but those in the know understand how vital commercial window film in Encino, Calif. can be toward a business’s success or failure. When you hear the term “financial institutions” in all of L.A., Encino comes to mind. There are an estimated 3,800 businesses in Encino employing about 27,000 people – as large as a good-sized city! It’s a lot of employees and square footage to protect, and commercial window film for Encino businesses makes sense more than for most other areas of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Major Job Providers Benefit from Commercial Window Tint Films

The big job providers of Encino are the Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center and social services and professional services like accounting and financial services – most of which operate in newer business structures that could use improvements like commercial window film. Modern, high-quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik reject almost all of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays, or UV light as it’s sometimes called) and most of the warming infra-red rays that are especially annoying to car owners in the San Fernando Valley.

Benefits from a Real Estate Perspective for Commercial Window Films

Real estate also is huge in Encino whether for residential or business structures; so commercial window film in Encino is a sound investment to boost the value of properties while at the same time protecting customers and employees alike. Want to pay less in electricity bills each month? Want to better attract more passing motorists? Solid business operators will get what a commercial window tint in Encino and nearby neighborhoods can mean for the bottom line. Tack on added privacy and security from tint shades or decorative frosting and it’s a no-brainer.

Cars, Cars, Cars Everywhere: Why Encino Businesses can Benefit

So very many cars and motorcycles cruise down local streets and roads that owners of commercial and business properties are wise to look into commercial window film in Encino. High-quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik, LLumar or 3M do this: added glare reduction, heat rejection and protection from UV rays and IR light. Commercial window tint films indeed have business implications. Cooler, more comfortable customers tend to return again; and happier employees generally equal more production.

Commercial Window Tint in Encino Saves Dollars

In the end, commercial window films in Encino save money. Modern window tint films reject so much of the sun’s power that you can leave the air-conditioning system rest idle – which means big savings on electricity bills. This alone is a big attraction point for commercial window tint for Encino businesses. Additionally, more comfortable customers and workers is a big plus, and then preservation of carpets and items inside to save even more money, and added privacy and security, and you have a phenomenal business investment.


Commercial Window Film In Encino

Before we installed heat blocking and uv protection window film

Commercial Window Film In Encino

Before we installed Huper Optik window film

Commercial Window Film In Encino

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Commercial Window Film In Encino

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Commercial Window Film In Encino

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Commercial Window Film in Universal City

It’s known for its namesake but in reality there’s vibrant economic activity all around, so commercial window film for Universal City business properties makes great sense for more reasons than you may first imagine. First, there’s the nearby Ventura Boulevard – just over the Ventura Freeway (101) – and its many businesses that cater to the masses whether locals or visitors (and there are a lot of them). They may be visiting Universal Studios, or City Walk, but ultimately they will stray from the hotels and end up at your business. From there it’s up to you to convert them into customers. Happy customers, those who return again and again, tend to be those who had a good first impression. And having your business cool and comfy inside is a start.

Reason 1: Businesses Can Save Money

Commercial window film in Universal City nowadays is much about solar energy: almost all ultraviolet rays (UV rays, or UV light) is rejected back at the sun, and these are the sun’s light that can cause skin cancer and otherwise harm humans and pets. Then top-quality window films, like those produced by Huper Optik, reject most infra-red light (IR rays) which is the light in the sun’s spectrum that causes warmth and heat. Punt away IR rays and you automatically keep structure interiors cooler – and therefore the air conditioning units off. There is a lot of potential savings involved when you go with a commercial window tint in Universal City or nearby areas like Van Nuys or North Hollywood.

Reason 2: Quality Commercial Window Film for the Utmost in Protection

Today’s high-quality commercial window films for Universal City or nearby locales, like Sherman Oaks, provide the utmost in protection from the sun while also improving the exterior appearance of your property and blurring visions into the interior, serving as a crime-deterrent measure. On the outside, a fine Huper Optik commercial window film can add a touch or style or decorative element, such as frosted. These one-time improvement touches can mean all the world when it comes to re-sale time. Think differentiation: how much better your property looks compared with those around it.

Commercial Window Films Stop Crime, Too!

There also is the crime-deterring benefit of commercial window film for Universal City properties. What potential criminals can’t see inside means less likelihood of break-ins. In places like Universal City this can be a big deal, which your insurance agency may want to know about. Deep tint shades, or decorative elements like frosting, that prevent people from peering into the interior helps deter criminal acts before they occur. This alone is a phenomenal benefit with commercial window film for Universal City properties.

Summary: Other Benefits for Commercial Window Film for Universal City Properties

Business-related investments can come with what are called intangibles. These may not be the primary reason for decisions to invest, but benefits that are very nice to have. It’s like a great baseball hitter who also happens to be a very good fielder, or is a smart base-runner. Teams love the hitting, but the intangibles make the player that much more valuable. Windows protected with Huper Optik commercial window films help reduce theft and damage because even upon breakage the glass holds together and remains an obstacle to easy entry. And remember the previous mention of worker productivity. These high-tech window films significantly reduce glare and prevent headaches or eye troubles for workers. Call us today for more information about Huper Optik commercial window films in Universal City or other options for your commercial building.

Commercial Window Film In Universal City

Why bother with pesky blinds and draperies? Window film is the best alternative! (Before Photo)

Commercial Window Film In Universal City

Before we installed HuperOptik Select Drei in commercial building

Commercial Window Film In Universal City

Reduce heat with window tint!

Commercial Window Film In Universal City

Increase Privacy with window film!

Commercial Window Film In Universal City

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