Add Privacy In Your Home With Frosted Window Film

Have you ever considered increasing the amount of privacy in your home, but you would rather not install curtains or blinds? Did you know installing window film is the perfect solution? Window film offers a variety of privacy options for your home.

Frost window film will give your glass a frosted look. You will get 24-hour privacy. This film will block visibility in and out of your windows. This film is most commonly applied to bathroom windows and shower doors. Here are a few examples.

tinted house windows cost

Frost film installed in residential bathroom for added privacy

home window tinting service

Frosted vine window film

day and night privacy window film

Frosted window film is available in a variety of colors and designs

huper optik dusted crystal privacy frost

Block visibility in and out your windows with frost!

window glass privacy film

Block neighbors from viewing inside your home with window tint

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Commercial Window Film in Moorpark – with Huge Windows Aplenty

The desire to preserve heritage means much for the discussion about commercial window film in Moorpark, a sometimes sleepy, sometimes big-rig-rattled east Ventura County city. In Moorpark you have really old buildings on High Street with gigantic windows that let a lot of solar energy bake hardwood floors and exposed wood support beams. Along Los Angeles Avenue there are dozens of new commercial structures that also could benefit from quality window films to not only protect but also preserve and make structures look better to those who drive by.

Nobody Walks in Moorpark: the Case for More Attractive Business Facades

Note use of the term “drive by.” That’s because in Moorpark it’s not that residents don’t want to walk; it’s just that for the most part they can’t. This is a spread-out suburban L.A. city, with limited public transportation options and newer tract homes far away from the “urban” core of the community (which is L.A. Ave.). Commercial window film for Moorpark businesses is attractive for money savings and potential money-making. Reject most of the sun’s powerful rays and the air-conditioning unit can be left alone more often – saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in electricity bills each year.

Capitalize on Opportunities with Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

Business in Moorpark, Calif. is intense for many reasons, among them the location at the confluence of the 118 and 23 freeways, and how the flat, straight old Route 118 (known as Los Angeles Avenue) rolls right through the middle of the commercial activity of town. Moorpark is a big city, approaching 40,000 residents, but the overall feeling is that of a small town framed by farming. Venture barely west and commercial buildings suddenly stop in favor of plant nurseries and orchards. This is what some call a “small town on steroids.” Modern business owners could capitalize with improvements like commercial window film in Moorpark.

New City, Growing Pains and What Businesses Can Do

This is a place that incorporated as its own city only in 1983 – much due to old-timers’ dislike of how the county of Ventura approved gigantic planned developments that caused such growth in Moorpark. All those residences meant attraction for businesses, which aside from the rather neglected High Street strip had to locate along Highway 118 and battle with all the semi-truck congestion there. Our experience indicates that Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Films are the best for business structures at reducing hot spots and limiting glare, but also to help save in energy costs and boost UV protection.

Commercial Window Film for Moorpark Businesses = Wise Investment

Commercial window film in Moorpark or in nearby locales like west Simi Valley, Somis or north Conejo Valley provide protection from potential sun damages but also serve as security elements in case of attempted break-ins. Also available are anti-graffiti exterior window films which protect glass from etching or scratching. Contact us today for options regarding commercial window film in Moorpark or other east Ventura County neighborhoods. We provide residential and commercial window tinting and graphics for all of Southern California, from Ventura down to all of San Diego County, and as east as Palm Springs and Big Bear.


Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

Before we installed Privacy film

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

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Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

Ask about our 15 year commercial warranty

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

UV protection film installed to protect floors and valuables inside commercial building

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

Privacy Frost gives you total privacy day and night

Commercial Window Film in Moorpark

All our films block 99.9% of UV Rays





Hollywood Window Tinting-A Wise Investment

Hollywood California is located in the central region in Los Angeles and is most commonly known as the “City where dreams come true”. Many people move to Hollywood for its beauty and lively ambiance. This city has many notable residents such as actors, singers, directors and government officials. This wondrous city in Los Angeles has many upscale charming homes that are worth every penny put into them including professional window film for added privacy, low energy bills and to reduce dangerous ultra violet rays.

Window Tinting is an investment-When it comes to your home window tinting is a major investment that pays off. Not only can you reduce your energy bills by running your air-cooling systems less, but you also make a positive impact on the ecological footprint you leave behind. Think of this as an investment not only for yourself but for our environment as well.

Relieve your concern for privacy-Windows allow for breath-taking views, warm sunlight but offer no privacy at all. Hollywood is a city known for its tourists and traffic making it easy for onlookers to invade your privacy. By installing privacy window film you’ll get a natural view from the outside looking in (so you can still enjoy that beautiful view you have) yet achieve a reflective/ mirror look from the outside looking in. You can even go with frosted glass which allows 80-90% of the natural light to shine in but will provide privacy both day and night. Frosted window film will block visibility in and out but it adds a gorgeous look to your windows.

UVA radiation dangers-Hollywood California is a very sunny location meaning lots of UVA radiation and damage. UVA radiation easily passes through your windows; these are the rays that are responsible for the aging of skin, fading of floors and furniture. At Window Tint LA all of the films we carry block 99.9% of the UV rays. Installing professional window film is a sure way to help protect yourself and your home.



Window Tinging In Hollywood Home

Before we installed window film for privacy

Window Tinting In Hollywood Home

Before we installed window film for heat reduction

Window Tinging In Hollywood Home

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Window Tinting In Hollywood

Block harmful UV rays with window film!

Window Tinging In Hollywood Home

Window film added for privacy protection


Commercial Conference Room-Los Angeles Window Tint

If you own a business or work in a commercial space you understand the importance of professionally installed window film. You want to protect your expensive yet comfortable furnishings while reducing heat, creating a private and peaceful work environment. Conference rooms play a very important role in a commercial work space-this room is where ideas are brought to life, a room where the most important collaborations take place and could be even considered the most essential room in the building. Now this is where window film comes in! At Window Tint LA we carry only the highest performing films on the market we also offer a 15-year commercial warranty.

 Provide privacy- During important meetings you want to have privacy to ensure outside influences do not distract your clients and employees. Having privacy also improves productivity. Having professionally installed privacy film will also give you a sense of peace.

 Protecting your furnishings-Ultra Violet rays are know to fade/ discolor furniture and floors; by professionally installing window film you can block 99.9% of those UV rays. Keeping an eye pleasing aesthetic will benefit you greatly by leaving a lasting impression on clients and provide a delightful setting for your employees.

 Adding decorative frost film-Frost film not only provides privacy day and night but it has a beautiful etched glass look. Add some flare with frosted glass design! At Window Tint LA we offer customizable designs and logos.

 Give us a call-Installing window film is affordable, practical and a wise investment all around. We provide completely free consolations, we only use the highest performing films and customer service is our main priority.


Commercial Conference Room-Los Angeles Window Tinting

Before we applied frosted window film

Commercial Business Window Tinting In Los Angeles

After we installed frosted window tint on conference room glass.

Commercial Business Window Tinting In Los Angeles

Ask about our 15 year commercial film warranty

Commercial Business Window Tinting In Los Angeles

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Vista Window Film in Mandalay Beach of Oxnard

Those from the area understand how fast the sun can swing the temperature inside a home, so considering Vista Window Film in Mandalay Beach in Oxnard is something every property owner should consider. Most don’t however because window film is so associated with autos in Southern California. What they don’t understand is that same modern technology-driven quality window films of today can do wonders for homes and business properties. Modern window films for instance reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s very dangerous ultraviolet rays (UV rays) as well as the light that causes heat from the sun: infra-red rays (IR rays).

The Intense Importance of Addressing Solar Power

Addressing those spectrums of the sun’s light – UV and IR rays – is intensely important for a homeowner. While most think they control it with blinds or shades, in reality not only do most neglect to ensure their windows are covered, even when they are the sun over time seriously reduces their ability to offer much protection. Ultraviolet rays in particular are dangerous because they’re known to cause skin cancer in humans, but also over time they dry out and cause significant damage to drapes, carpets and especially hardwood floors. In beach communities like Mandalay Beach hardwood floors are fairly common – to address sand being dragged inside.

Long-Term Damage from Sunlight Exposure

Over time certain areas of the home seem to get more direct sunlight than other parts. For instance, in a Mandalay Beach condo there could be a corner where the sun just shines all day long, in the process drying out the fibers of the carpet or maybe fading a nearby sofa. It’s one thing to blast the air conditioning unit all the time to keep the interior comfortable, but over time the damage to your property can be significant. So first off there’s the cost to repair or replace things like hardwood floors. On the other hand there’s the cost of running that air conditioning system all the time.

Total Solar Energy Rejected and More

Today’s modern window films like those offered by Vista Window Film or respected manufacturers like Huper Optik immediately reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays, and a good portion of IR rays. They also provide other benefits like glare reduction and total solar energy rejected, known as TSER, a key indicator in the performance of window films. People who have window film applied to home windows are amazed at how easy and comfortable it is inside their property and they hardly notice why. These window films work around the clock to protect your property, yourself, your family and your entire property.

Ongoing Protection from Relentless Sunshine

The Mandalay Beach neighborhood runs along the ocean around where West 5th Street in Oxnard ends. The beach itself is magnificent, a 94-acre Mandalay County Park that is hardly improved with natural wetlands, sand dunes, plants and more. Properties nearby are understandably valuable, both for proximity to the beach but also for the views and serenity. It’s a beautiful area of Ventura County, but it has its days where the sunshine is relentless. Those with properties with too many or too-large windows understand what this can mean to the temperature inside. You can save a lot of money on electricity bills each month with a simple one-time investment: add quality Vista Window Film to the glass and let the technology keep you comfortable inside.



Window Tinting In Oxnard

Privacy Frost gives you total privacy day and night

Window Tinting In Oxnard

All the films we carry block 99.9% of UV Rays

Window Tinting In Oxnard

Free consultation and Lifetime Residential Warranty

Window Tinting In Oxnard

Security film includes a Lifetime Residential Warranty

Window Tinting In Oxnard

Professionally Installed window tint to reduce heat

Window Tinting In Oxnard

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Home Window Film Tinting in Newbury Park

“The same window films blocking most UV light can still allow the majority of visible light to enlighten your Newbury Park home.”

In this unincorporated community of East Ventura County, broaching the topic of home window film tinting in Newbury Park should catch the ears of neighbors. The community is a mix of older and newer homes, mostly single-family residences against the backdrop of rock-formation mountains that drop away “over the hill” out to the sea. There’s plenty of sunshine to go around in Newbury Park and nearby neighborhoods like Dos Vientos and Thousand Oaks. Plus, there are numerous homes with huge windows that provide the good and the bad. The good means views, if your property is situated well there in the northwestern corner of the Conejo Valley.

A Bit on IR Rays and UV Rays in Newbury Park

The bad is this: homes with windows that let in too much of the sun’s rays. Of the three primary parts of its spectrum, sunlight’s infrared light and especially its ultraviolet light cause heating and damage inside homes. Left unaddressed, these sun rays can dry and redden skin, dry out and damage hardwood floors, blinds, drapes, carpets and more. Infra-red rays (IR rays) are responsible for the sun’s warmth, and while they’re not known to cause cancer in humans, IR rays are suspected of setting the foundation for other elements to cause cancer, such as ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and skin cancer.

Invisible Dangers Lurk in Well-Lighted Newbury Park Homes

Infra-red light and ultraviolet light both are invisible to the human eye – but we know they’re there because we can feel it. As with most communities in the Greater Los Angeles area, Newbury Park enjoys hundreds of days of sunshine each year. Sunlight is a great attraction for residents and tourists, but left unaddressed it can cause considerable problems for real properties. Hardwood floors, artwork on walls, merchandise in retail outlets, you name it and UV light has chipped away at it. Hardwood flooring especially those of maple or oak are known to bleach and yellow with too much UV exposure.

Floorings, Upholstery and More Affected by UV Light

In reality all types of flooring from hardwood to carpeting, area rugs and all types of tile, will be damaged by ultraviolet light if it’s allowed to shine down unchecked. What is known as a photochemical reaction takes place whenever UV light rests on the floors of your property. Potential damage is not limited to floors. Upholstery is not immune and fabrics, particularly those dark or richly colored, or antique fabrics, are really susceptible to UV light damage. Ultraviolet light can discolor or bleach cotton, linen, wool and silk. Sofa cushions and arm rests, foot rests, lamp shades – the losses in your Newbury Park home can form a nearly endless list.

Quality Home Window Tint Films Reject Nearly All UV Rays

Then there’s damage to people to consider with home window film tinting in Newbury Park and nearby neighborhoods like Lake Sherwood. Stock glass windows do little to reject UV light, which can increase the risk for skin issues even including skin cancer. You can let plenty of light inside to illuminate those rooms; you just should control which part of the spectrum to welcome in! Quality home window tint films such as those made by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. That doesn’t mean complete blackout window film, either. The same window films blocking most UV light can still allow the majority of visible light to light up your Newbury Park home. Please contact us today for more detailed information!

Security Film

Enhance your windows and prevent break ins with Security Window Film

UV Protection

Continue to enjoy your view looking out

UV Protection

Stop the fading of floors/furniture/valuables with UV protection film

Privacy Frost

Privacy Frost gives you total privacy day and night

UV Protection

All the films we carry block 99.9% of UV Rays