Frosted Window Tinting in Los Angeles Home

Frosted window tint is a great way to have privacy without window coverings such as blinds or shades. Frosted window tint allows for 70-90% of the natural light to shine through, while providing privacy both day and night.

  • Privacy for Windows Day and Night
  • 99.9% UV Protection / Fade Protection
  • Lifetime Home Warranty (covers film and installation)
  • Easy to maintain and clean unlike blinds and curtains
  • Quick and clean installation
  • Fully removable
Frosted Window Tint Los Angeles Home

Frosted window film for privacy needed to be installed to the windows of this Los Angeles home. This picture is before the frosted window film was installed.

The frosted window tint can be applied to the full windows or to just a part of the window. It is completely up to preference and privacy goals. You can see in the picture below that the frost privacy tint was only installed on part of the glass, leaving the top of the glass clear so can see the tree tops and sky.

Removable Privacy Window Film

Frosted window film is completely removable and will leave the glass as it was before the window tint was applied. The frosted window tint actually protects the glass from scratches while it is applied to the glass.

While the privacy tint is completely removable, it also includes a Lifetime Warranty which means it will not fail in any way, or it will be replaced at no charge. The frost window tint lifetime warranty covers both the frosted window tint as well as the labor to install it.

Frosted Window Tint Los Angeles Home

Frosted window tint installed in this Los Angeles home. Frost window tint provides privacy for homes windows in Los Angeles.

Looking for privacy window tint in Los Angeles? We provide completely free in-home consultations at which time we’ll bring samples, measure the windows and answer any questions.

Keep Your Privacy and Stay Stylish with Frost Film!

Some people would like to add 24 hour privacy to their space without compromising the look. If you’re one of those people, frost may be the choice for you! Frost window films are the one of only options on the market that provide you with privacy all day and night. There are other privacy films available but it is based on the strongest source of light. So during the day you can see out and others cant see in, however, at night when the lights are on in your house you will be visible. There are also black/white out options that provide 24 hour privacy but they aren’t the most attractive to some, especially for the home. Frost films provide you with the best of both worlds!

Our client here decided to go with the HuperOptik Dusted Crystal option. This gives them some privacy from people walking on the street for their outside seating area. It’s a smart choice that improves the look of their modern home.

huper optik dusted crystal

Frost film for a modern home

frost privacy film

Providing privacy to their outside seating area

Frost privacy film

Complete privacy for ground level seating

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Decorative Frost Film For Los Angeles Home

Frosted window film provides a great amount of privacy while allowing light to enter your space. Frost film is available in various different shades and decorative patterns. For this project, our client decided on Ice Forest for their modern home. This clear translucent textured film is great for blocking direct visibility while providing great light transmission.

Here are a few specifications for the film:

Visible Light Transmission: 39%
UV Transmission: 12%
Solar Heat Transmission: 76%
Total Solar Absorption: 28%

frosted glass film home depot

Image of windows before installation

frosted white self adhesive window film

Film sample that our consultant provided our client during the free consultation

window frost los angeles

Change the appearance of your windows with window film

frosting tint window for windows installer costs

This film allows you to increase privacy while maintaining natural light

window film frost

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Business Window Film in Saugus – An Old-Town Vibe in Santa Clarita

Officially it’s not the “Old Town” of Santa Clarita, but with plenty of businesses operating there, business window film for Saugus establishments are a solid investment for customers and employees alike. Modern business window films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays, also called UV light) as well as most of the warming infra-red rays (IR rays) to keep interiors cooler and air-conditioning systems off. Happier customers inside are more likely to return to comfortable establishments, and cooler, happier employees tend to be more productive.

Multitude of Retail Establishments – and Window Glass – to Protect

Since it’s part of a city now (Santa Clarita, incorporated in 1987 to combine 4 neighborhoods in the area) it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the community starts and ends, but overall there are plenty of companies that could benefit from business window film in Saugus. Whereas Valencia got Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Newhall retains the “Old Town” of the Santa Clarita Valley, Saugus has Soledad Canyon Road and the multitude of retail establishments there including a Wal-Mart Supercenter at Golden Valley Road. Retail businesses can benefit from today’s clear commercial window films that reject harmful sun rays while still letting passersby see the goods inside.

Not Just Protection: Buildings can Look Better, Too

Then there’s the aesthetics of business window film for Saugus business properties. Commercial structure owners can make their properties look much better from the street or sidewalks, more attractive for people driving or walking by to stop, look and maybe buy. High-quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik carry glare-reduction qualities and are known to be very durable, lasting years and letting you enjoy cost savings on electricity bills for years to come. The more solar power these window films reject, the less you have to run the A/C unit.

Affordable, Timely Precaution to Nip Crime in the Bud

The economic benefits are apparent with business window film in Saugus and nearby communities like Newhall. A commercial property can be improved to deter criminal acts by blocking visual access into the interiors. That is, bolster the weakest points of a structure’s defense: those gaping holes protected only by glass. A vision-blocking commercial window film can be installed with a decent yet subtle tint shade, like a 50 percent tint, letting in about half the light. This vision-blocking element is a barrier to potential break-ins – crooks are less likely to act if they don’t know what’s inside.

End Result is Business Window Film in Saugus Saves Money

Commercial or business window films in Saugus provide companies with an edge over the competition, and can make properties more attractive when viewed from streets or sidewalks. Those in the retail business understand how first impressions can mean all the difference in the world. Have your property look better than those nearby only increases the opportunities for more sales. Contact us today for more information about commercial window tint film in Saugus or nearby communities like Valencia.

History Tidbit: Saugus is named after the town of Saugus, Massachusetts, which is the hometown of Henry Newhall. The Saugus Café on San Fernando Road opened in 1887 and is one of the oldest restaurants in all of Los Angeles County. Overall the population of Saugus is about 45,000 residents today.


Business Window Film In Saugus

Before we applied privacy film to commercial building

Business Window Film In Saugus

Reduce glare with window film! (Before Photo)

Business Window Film In Saugus

Enjoy a natural view when looking out while blocking heat inside your business.

Business Window Film In Saugus

Frosted film installed to increase privacy

Business Window Film In Saugus

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Hollywood Window Tinting-A Wise Investment

Hollywood California is located in the central region in Los Angeles and is most commonly known as the “City where dreams come true”. Many people move to Hollywood for its beauty and lively ambiance. This city has many notable residents such as actors, singers, directors and government officials. This wondrous city in Los Angeles has many upscale charming homes that are worth every penny put into them including professional window film for added privacy, low energy bills and to reduce dangerous ultra violet rays.

Window Tinting is an investment-When it comes to your home window tinting is a major investment that pays off. Not only can you reduce your energy bills by running your air-cooling systems less, but you also make a positive impact on the ecological footprint you leave behind. Think of this as an investment not only for yourself but for our environment as well.

Relieve your concern for privacy-Windows allow for breath-taking views, warm sunlight but offer no privacy at all. Hollywood is a city known for its tourists and traffic making it easy for onlookers to invade your privacy. By installing privacy window film you’ll get a natural view from the outside looking in (so you can still enjoy that beautiful view you have) yet achieve a reflective/ mirror look from the outside looking in. You can even go with frosted glass which allows 80-90% of the natural light to shine in but will provide privacy both day and night. Frosted window film will block visibility in and out but it adds a gorgeous look to your windows.

UVA radiation dangers-Hollywood California is a very sunny location meaning lots of UVA radiation and damage. UVA radiation easily passes through your windows; these are the rays that are responsible for the aging of skin, fading of floors and furniture. At Window Tint LA all of the films we carry block 99.9% of the UV rays. Installing professional window film is a sure way to help protect yourself and your home.



Window Tinging In Hollywood Home

Before we installed window film for privacy

Window Tinting In Hollywood Home

Before we installed window film for heat reduction

Window Tinging In Hollywood Home

Call for your free consultation! (before picture)

Window Tinting In Hollywood

Block harmful UV rays with window film!

Window Tinging In Hollywood Home

Window film added for privacy protection


Vista Window Film in Mandalay Beach of Oxnard

Those from the area understand how fast the sun can swing the temperature inside a home, so considering Vista Window Film in Mandalay Beach in Oxnard is something every property owner should consider. Most don’t however because window film is so associated with autos in Southern California. What they don’t understand is that same modern technology-driven quality window films of today can do wonders for homes and business properties. Modern window films for instance reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s very dangerous ultraviolet rays (UV rays) as well as the light that causes heat from the sun: infra-red rays (IR rays).

The Intense Importance of Addressing Solar Power

Addressing those spectrums of the sun’s light – UV and IR rays – is intensely important for a homeowner. While most think they control it with blinds or shades, in reality not only do most neglect to ensure their windows are covered, even when they are the sun over time seriously reduces their ability to offer much protection. Ultraviolet rays in particular are dangerous because they’re known to cause skin cancer in humans, but also over time they dry out and cause significant damage to drapes, carpets and especially hardwood floors. In beach communities like Mandalay Beach hardwood floors are fairly common – to address sand being dragged inside.

Long-Term Damage from Sunlight Exposure

Over time certain areas of the home seem to get more direct sunlight than other parts. For instance, in a Mandalay Beach condo there could be a corner where the sun just shines all day long, in the process drying out the fibers of the carpet or maybe fading a nearby sofa. It’s one thing to blast the air conditioning unit all the time to keep the interior comfortable, but over time the damage to your property can be significant. So first off there’s the cost to repair or replace things like hardwood floors. On the other hand there’s the cost of running that air conditioning system all the time.

Total Solar Energy Rejected and More

Today’s modern window films like those offered by Vista Window Film or respected manufacturers like Huper Optik immediately reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays, and a good portion of IR rays. They also provide other benefits like glare reduction and total solar energy rejected, known as TSER, a key indicator in the performance of window films. People who have window film applied to home windows are amazed at how easy and comfortable it is inside their property and they hardly notice why. These window films work around the clock to protect your property, yourself, your family and your entire property.

Ongoing Protection from Relentless Sunshine

The Mandalay Beach neighborhood runs along the ocean around where West 5th Street in Oxnard ends. The beach itself is magnificent, a 94-acre Mandalay County Park that is hardly improved with natural wetlands, sand dunes, plants and more. Properties nearby are understandably valuable, both for proximity to the beach but also for the views and serenity. It’s a beautiful area of Ventura County, but it has its days where the sunshine is relentless. Those with properties with too many or too-large windows understand what this can mean to the temperature inside. You can save a lot of money on electricity bills each month with a simple one-time investment: add quality Vista Window Film to the glass and let the technology keep you comfortable inside.



Window Tinting In Oxnard

Privacy Frost gives you total privacy day and night

Window Tinting In Oxnard

All the films we carry block 99.9% of UV Rays

Window Tinting In Oxnard

Free consultation and Lifetime Residential Warranty

Window Tinting In Oxnard

Security film includes a Lifetime Residential Warranty

Window Tinting In Oxnard

Professionally Installed window tint to reduce heat

Window Tinting In Oxnard

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Commercial Window Film in Newhall – Lasting Hub of Santa Clarita

“Overall, commercial window film modernizes a structure both in performance and perspective.”

Preservation being part of their soul, business owners here can understand the benefits of commercial window film in Newhall, a portal to the past in the Santa Clarita Valley. Long before supposed leaders in 1987 consolidated a handful of local communities – Valencia, Saugus and Canyon Country among them – Newhall was a place where businessmen and travelers stopped and got a taste of Los Angeles. Lyons Avenue today is a reminder of this community’s vibrant past. Travelers may be impressed with the historic connection, but today’s business owners aim to capitalize with modern amenities including window film to “wow” customers in “Old Town.”

Lyons Avenue: Once, and Forever, a Commercial Thoroughfare

At first glance from the 5 and 14 freeways (the Golden State and Antelope Valley respectively) Newhall may appear just a place to stop off and rest for a bit. But long before Santa Clarita became a major city Newhall was where oilmen, wannabe citrus growers and others congregated to dream of riches. They still kind of do, but they have a lot more competition. Lyons Avenue and nearby retail and commercial strips have thrived in this location – and remain a great reason why Newhall business property owners should invest in commercial window film. It’s not a place going anywhere down, unless the neighborhood lets it.

Commercial Window Film to Protect in Multiple Areas

Commercial window film on local Newhall area business properties means protecting customers and property on the inside, while making structures look better on the outside. Inside, customers and workers will be more cool and comfortable, meaning return business and more productive workers. Outside, potential property buyers will see a clean, modern-looking façade that can only add to the final sale price. Overall, commercial window film modernizes a structure both in performance and perspective. These quality window films perform well, rejecting more than 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. They also are perceived as modern and cutting-edge – perfect for property buyers from more recent generations.

Simple Precaution to Deter Crime

Broadly let’s ensure the business-related benefits are apparent with commercial window film in Newhall and nearby communities like San Fernando and Pacoima. A business property can deter criminal thoughts by knocking back views from the outside into your business. What they can’t see can’t attract them, so having some sort of vision-blocking element is at least a barrier to potential break-ins. People who’ve lived in Newhall long enough know how much people of the neighborhood like visitors. Well, unlike the long past the community is surrounded by millions of people, all mobile due to freeway access. It’s wise to take precautions.

In the End Window Film Saves a lot of Money

Newhall was the first permanent town of what is now known as Santa Clarita Valley, and old-timers won’t let it go. It still carries quite a name for itself with the oldest remaining oil refinery in the world and also a robust history with Hollywood and filming. Today its retail and commercial outlets continue to thrive, which means many compete for customers. Commercial window film gives businesses and edge over the others, to make a business property look better and also save the property owner thousands of dollars annually in electricity bills.

Custom Window Graphics

Before and After window film was applied to the store windows

Custom Window Graphics

Add privacy to your building with window film

Custom Window Graphics

Close up the window

Custom Window Graphics

Free consultation and Commercial Warranty

Frost Privacy Window Film for Hawaiian Gardens Homes

“These residential window films do not have to be shiny or otherwise detract from your home’s exterior impact.”

Its homeowners can be ever-vigilant for that little edge for their property – a reason why frost privacy window film in Hawaiian Gardens is like a best-kept secret. Homeowners eyeing re-sale time want the most value for their property. In neighborhoods with many same-style structures, differentiation is key. You can make your home stand out, especially from the ever-important curbside view, with a decorative frost window film on all the street-facing glass. Think about how much square footage visible from the street is unimproved, rather boring glass. Why not put it to work?

Functional as well as Decorative

Frosted window film is decorative, certainly, but it also is a functional option over the more-expensive etched glass. What is attractive for owners of homes in Hawaiian Gardens or nearby communities like Cypress, La Palma or Lakewood is the nearly unlimited number of window film designs to match home décor, or establish a totally new look. A frosted window film also does not impair visuals from inside to out as much as you’d think – so passersby on the street can’t see what’s inside your home providing an element of crime deterrence. Not that Hawaiian Gardens is unsafe. Don’t leave it up to chance, by bolstering your privacy.

Always Combating Ill Effects of too much Sunshine

Like other window films for Hawaiian Gardens property owners, frost privacy window film provides other benefits such as rejection of harmful sun rays, and a constant cooling effect on the interior that ultimately saves a lot of money on energy bills. Quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer, plus a good portion of the heating infra-red rays. Hawaiian Gardens gets plenty of sunlight during a majority of days in the year, and leaving all that solar energy unaddressed means running the air conditioning unit more often.

Frosted Window Film can Add Value to Properties

Aside from the savings, there is potential to add value to your home with a frost privacy window film in Hawaiian Gardens. Frosted film is available in many colors and shades, which can be applied to highlight a window or door area. Or simply go with a regular residential window film but in a decent tint shade like 50 percent charcoal, which still lets in half the light but without the solar energy with it. These residential window films do not have to be shiny or otherwise detract from your home’s exterior impact. Contrary, many top-quality window films come with strong glare reduction performance figures.

Options Galore for Residential Window Film Treatment

Contact us today to talk with one of our experienced technicians about which residential window film might be best for your Hawaiian Gardens property. The frosted window film option provides a lot of privacy inside, while also perhaps deterring crime in the process. Frosted window film comes in many thicknesses, so owners of homes on busy traffic areas are keen to add a bit of visual obstruction to view lines into rooms. You’re also protecting humans and personal items inside from potential damage from the sun’s rays, and go with a scratch-resistant coating to easily replace the film. You have many options for window film on Hawaiian Gardens homes and commercial properties.

Privacy Frost

Get total privacy day and night and still allow the light in

Privacy Frost

All our films block 99.9% of UV Rays

Privacy Frost

Get total privacy with Privacy Frost

Privacy Frost

Approve the appearance of your home with Privacy Frost

Residential window film in Carson ca, a Natural Fit

“On the exterior appearance alone, modern window films can add touches of style to otherwise plain frontages.”

The community is celebrating a half-century of existence, and its neighborhoods full of homes leave little doubt that residential window film and Carson ca are a good match. This South Bay city of around 100,000 residents has seen resurgence economically with the additions of a major league soccer stadium and other new attractions. Homeowners will enjoy the increased property values, and they can go a step further by improving the windows on their homes – and saving a lot of money in the process. Modern residential window films keep interiors cooler and let us leave air conditioning systems alone.

Prideful Home Owners in Carson

Incorporated as a city in early 1968, the community today boasts a comparatively young population and enjoys a strong home ownership level as locals take pride in their properties and wonderful location. The Carson home ownership rate  of 75 percent-plus ranks as the 50th highest in the entire state, which overall has a home ownership rate just over 50 percent. This means lots of home improvement opportunities. Unfortunately, windows on a home are often overlooked as potential points to add a little “zing” to a property. On the exterior appearance alone, modern window films can add touches of style to otherwise plain frontages.

Qualities to Reject or Block Solar Power

Beyond how these films can improve a structure’s appearance, modern window films like those produced by LLumar or Huper Optik reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and keep interiors considerably cooler. These films also reject much of the warming infra-red rays (IR rays) and help reduce glare. Blocking solar energy from heating the insides of homes protects expensive items inside like carpets, drapes and sofas. Too much exposure to the sun’s powerful rays can dry out fabric and wood, including hardwood floors which are very susceptible to over-exposure in spots.

Improve Privacy with Quality Residential Window Film in Carson

Residential window film in Carson also boosts privacy and acts as a deterrent to crime. Adding a darker window tint shade, like 30 percent or less, makes it hard for those on the outside to see in. The 30 percent means only that much light will be allowed to penetrate through. (A “limo” tint at 5 percent is about the darkest that manufacturers make, rejecting 95 percent of light). Carson’s streets can get quite busy meaning potential for a lot of eyes to peer into your home. Don’t let potential burglars even get an idea about breaking in, by not letting them see valuable items like artwork on walls or an antique clock.

Don’t Overlook the Windows with Carson Home Improvement Work

This Los Angeles County city with about 100,000 residents is bordered by Compton, West Compton, Long Beach, Wilmington, West Carson and Harbor Gateway. Off all the South Bay communities, Carson is officially the “youngest,” meaning its cityhood status was created last. Many homes here are vintage post-World War II and pre-date the city incorporation. The homes aren’t terribly old, but they’re not brand new subdivision homes either. Many could use improvements to further cool these homes without burning too much electricity. That benefit alone makes residential window film in Carson attractive. Add comfort inside for you and your family, while saving thousands of dollars on electricity bills on the year.

Window Film

Keep a natural view when looking out

uv protection

Protect your floors/furniture from fading

Window Film

Free consultation and Lifetime residential warranty

Privacy Frost

View of Privacy Frost from the outside

Privacy Frost

Total privacy day and night with Frost