Ceramic 40 Heat Reduction Commercial Window Film Install

This client’s primary goal was to reduce heat in their business, with an added desire to add more privacy. After a consolation, our client selected Ceramic 40 window film, which blocks out as much as 80% of the sun’s warming infrared light.

This film is often chose by home and business owners alike because it is 100% dye free, so there are no worries about the tint fading or discoloring over time. It is 100% metal free as well, which further helps to ensure that it will not lose its functionality as time passes.

All the window films we offer come backed by a lifetime residential warranty and 15 year commercial warranty. This policy covers both the film itself and the installation work we complete. Our films are designed not to fade, bubble, or peel. Window Tint LA offers top quality services and products for commercial and residential window tinting in the Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Orange County, and greater Southern California beyond.

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The Ceramic 40 improves performance and quality.

Ceramic 40 window tint offers up to 99.9% UV light rejection, stopping sun fading issues

Ceramic 40 film natural view.

Our Ceramic 40 film is 100% dye free, giving you the most natural view out through your windows.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Ceramic 40 was installed at this tutoring center in Los Angeles. The Ceramic 40 film has 80% infrared rejection and over 50% glare reduction.

The visible light reflectance is just 9%

The Ceramic 40 film is 100% metal free giving you a great amount of privacy that will last for years.