Ceramic Window Film in Los Feliz: Get Happy!

“A key reason ceramic window film in Los Feliz is alluring: it keeps interiors comfy.”

Ceramic window film and Los Feliz go together so well it’s uncanny. After all, ceramic window film makes people happy inside buildings, cars and more. They are cooler, pleased to be saving money monthly on their electricity bills, and don’t have to worry about their drapes, carpets or more fading or cracking due to too much sunlight. The phrase “Los Feliz” in Spanish means … “happy.” There’s hardly a better way to describe homeowners who have residential ceramic window film, in Los Feliz or other parts of the often-hot Los Angeles area.

Los Feliz Property Owners Maintain Community Charm

This Los Angeles enclave with remarkable (bordering on extraordinary) architecture actually could have become Hollywood before the film industry shifted westward. Regardless, the community has survived, thrived and maintained its charm. Today it features one of the region’s most pedestrian-friendly commercial districts with old-fashioned (ne “historic”) storefront businesses mixed between modern restaurants, true dive bars, and local bookstores, movie houses and specialty shops. Owners of these buildings are cognizant of the value of visitors and need them coming back. A key reason ceramic window film in Los Feliz is alluring: it keeps interiors comfy.

Nano-Technology Good Enough for the Space Shuttle

Ceramic window ting by high-quality window film manufacturers like Huper Optik or LLumar feature nano-technology that incorporates precious metals in their tiniest form to help bounce away the sun’s powerful rays. Put it this way: the technology was good enough that it was used on a NASA Space Shuttle to protect the pilots during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. The solar energy rejection rate of these films is among the best in the industry. If you put ceramic window film on your property, regardless of whether or not a tint shade is added, you will notice a cooler interior. The cooling means happier visitors to your home, and customers for your Los Feliz business.

Combat UV Rays and IR Rays in Los Feliz

With that, imagine the savings in energy consumption – and electricity bills – when your interior is naturally cooled just because sun rays can’t emit their full power into a structure. Ceramic window film rejects more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and, depending on the type, a good portion of heat-spraying infra-red rays (IR rays). All told, this film provides a serious peace of mind that your property is protected fully. Understand that UV rays are known to cause skin cancer in humans, but beyond that they also can dry out and ultimately damage interior items to the point of replacement.

Los Feliz Community by the Borders

Los Feliz is of course bordered on the east and west by Glendale Boulevard and (roughly) Western Avenue; and north to south by Griffith Park and as far as Hollywood Boulevard. It’s prime real estate in the Greater Los Angeles market, and with so many older, as they say “historic” structures, owners are foolish not to consider protective measures to ensure lasting quality. Ceramic window tint addresses those huge openings that allow a considerable amount of energy to penetrate inside structures.

Ceramic Window Film as a Real Estate Investment

The Los Angeles Times in recent years reported on the real estate market of Los Feliz, saying homes for sale must be “camera ready.” “When buyers open the door, they want to see a home that is done, and complete,” on Realtor told the newspaper. Imagine buyers walking into your Los Feliz home and then starting to sweat. The last thing you want is to sacrifice a potentially good re-sale price because the air conditioning unit could not keep up with the L.A. heat. Ceramic window tint can prevent it – it’s an investment into future earnings on your property.

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