Commercial Conference Room-Los Angeles Window Tint

If you own a business or work in a commercial space you understand the importance of professionally installed window film. You want to protect your expensive yet comfortable furnishings while reducing heat, creating a private and peaceful work environment. Conference rooms play a very important role in a commercial work space-this room is where ideas are brought to life, a room where the most important collaborations take place and could be even considered the most essential room in the building. Now this is where window film comes in! At Window Tint LA we carry only the highest performing films on the market we also offer a 15-year commercial warranty.

 Provide privacy- During important meetings you want to have privacy to ensure outside influences do not distract your clients and employees. Having privacy also improves productivity. Having professionally installed privacy film will also give you a sense of peace.

 Protecting your furnishings-Ultra Violet rays are know to fade/ discolor furniture and floors; by professionally installing window film you can block 99.9% of those UV rays. Keeping an eye pleasing aesthetic will benefit you greatly by leaving a lasting impression on clients and provide a delightful setting for your employees.

 Adding decorative frost film-Frost film not only provides privacy day and night but it has a beautiful etched glass look. Add some flare with frosted glass design! At Window Tint LA we offer customizable designs and logos.

 Give us a call-Installing window film is affordable, practical and a wise investment all around. We provide completely free consolations, we only use the highest performing films and customer service is our main priority.


Commercial Conference Room-Los Angeles Window Tinting

Before we applied frosted window film

Commercial Business Window Tinting In Los Angeles

After we installed frosted window tint on conference room glass.

Commercial Business Window Tinting In Los Angeles

Ask about our 15 year commercial film warranty

Commercial Business Window Tinting In Los Angeles

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