Commercial Window Film in Mission Valley, San Diego’s Starting Point


” … keep customers and employees happier, and overall boost the visual appearance (and values) or properties.”

As big-city neighborhoods go, San Diego’s Mission Valley is a solid candidate for commercial window film for many reasons. This is where it all began for civilization in California, as it’s where the first Spanish settlement located, in 1769. European influence in Mission Valley precedes the founding of the United States. Today the valley offers a fairly vibrant economic scene ripe with large shopping malls, a major league stadium and busy thorough-ways. That is, suitable for commercial window film to save businesses money, keep customers and employees happy, and broadly boost the visual appearance (and values) or properties.

A Crossroads Place where Many Travelers Converge

Mission Valley is an unusual little river valley for a metropolitan area. Even for the City of San Diego, its elongated east-west wide nature conflicts with the city proper that’s bunched up near the harbor. The valley basically drains into Mission Bay and attractions there including Sea World. Interstate 8 (then the U.S. 80 freeway) cuts through the middle and when opened it helped expedite the area’s development. People who live in Mission Valley value its separation from the urban city, yet welcome visitors who help boost economic power and property values. For the business-savvy, commercial window film in Mission Valley is a wise investment.

Commercial Window Film for Customers, Workers

This vital shopping and leisure center for San Diego is chock full of shopping and accommodations options. Major shopping malls include Fashion Valley Mall, Westfield Mission Valley and Hazard Center Mall. Numerous smaller shopping plazas and commercial developments exist, most with fairly large windows that could use improvement to boost the allure and value of properties. A commercial window film in Mission Valley can reject nearly all of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) to protect humans and also cool interiors. The result is significant savings on electricity costs each month as air conditioning units rest.

Fighting the Sun’s Supreme Power

Commercial window film in Mission Valley, and in nearby communities like Mission Bay or Pacific Beach, address solar power and impacts on customers and workers. For instance, quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik reject a good percentage of the sun’s infra-red rays (IR rays) helping to keep interiors cooler and more comfortable. These window films also protect what’s inside, meaning drapes, blinds, carpets, sofas and any other furniture that can be dried and seriously damaged by the long-term effects of sun exposure.

Improve First Impression, Value with Commercial Window Film

Mission Valley is home to many hotels and motels, mostly on Hotel Circle versions north and south running parallel to I-8 and west of Highway 163. These are perfect candidates for commercial window film, too, as deeper tint shading can protect those inside while providing a nice clean appearance from the outside. A benefit of commercial window film is you have control to add a stylistic touch to flat building space (window glass, which takes a considerable amount of square footage) that otherwise does little for aesthetic “zing.” The broad first impression from a building’s entire front façade can be improved dramatically – which helps draw customers and ultimately buyers come re-sale time.


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