Commercial Window Film in Pico-Robertson Neighborhood of L.A.

“Business property owners are wise to apply commercial window film and save significantly each month in terms of air conditioning costs.”

The neighborhood’s situation sandwiched between Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles, and Mid-City to the east, means commercial window film in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles is attractive for a number of reasons. Numerous and varied businesses line major corridors like Pico and Robertson boulevards; and the entire subregion provides a lot of jobs and significant economic boost. Business property owners are wise to apply commercial window film and save significantly each month in terms of air conditioning costs. Plus cooler interiors mean happier customers, who would be more likely to return, and more-productive workers.

Old Buildings cannot Keep Temperatures Cool – without Help

Pico-Robertson is a pretty densely populated community, in what is known as the Westside area of Los Angeles. Its population today can be estimated at around 20,000, and the neighborhood has a significant Jewish population. It has one of the highest population densities in all of the City of Los Angeles, and its residents are a bit older when compared with other L.A. communities with a media age of 36. You could also say that about the structures of Pico-Robertson – they are older than most you’ll see all over Los Angeles, and because of that can be trickier to keep cool. Without significant weatherproofing these business buildings can leak cold air and stress air conditioning systems.

Clean Front Business Façade Part of Marketing

Considering its neighboring communities like Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills, Carthay and Mid-City, Pico-Robertson can be quite alluring for business owners and entrepreneurs. So many people live in this neighborhood that it’s difficult not to think about the business potential. However, no matter how solid a business (and its business plan) is, little dissuades potential customers more than evidence of vandalism on a property. Leaving graffiti uncleaned is like telling people you don’t care about your appearance. Maintaining a clean exterior appearance is a public relations position for a business, and commercial window film helps deter criminal acts before they occur.

Commercial Window Film as Crime-Deterrent Measure

Quality commercial window film, especially those with a deep tint shade or even decorative film, blurs visions into your building – and helps would-be culprits to move on. Why let passersby see your most valuable inventory or computer equipment for workers? Don’t give them an opportunity to make that decision to act. For retail establishments, however, it might be wise to go with a clear window film, one that provides protection from the sun’s powerful rays but lets people on the sidewalk what there is to purchase inside. Buildings dominate by offices can go with a deeper tint shade, say a 30-percent charcoal tint. This makes the exterior look better while adding a little protection oomph with the tint shading.

Sound Investment Delivering Dividends for Years

The bottom line is commercial window tinting in Pico-Robertson helps keep interiors of buildings much cooler. In the long run, this saves owners thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. You will notice the lack of need for the air conditioning unit to run all the time. Spots inside buildings that seem to always have the sun shining will not be as prone to damages – because modern window films reject more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and a good portion of the heating infrared rays (IR rays). Commercial window film in Pico-Robertson is a sound investment that will deliver dividends for years to come.

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