Commercial Window Film in Tarzana – and San Fernando Valley High-Commerce Areas

It’s known as an affluent area of the San Fernando Valley but embedded into the neighborhood is a vibrant commercial establishment – making commercial window film in Tarzana and nearby locales a phenomenal investment. With nearby Warner Center and the Ventura Boulevard retail and commercial strip, many businesses could benefit greatly by rejecting as much solar energy as possible. This not only keeps customers and employees happier – it can save a significant amount of money in electricity bills each month and year. Today’s modern commercial window films like those by Huper Optik do wonders to keep interiors cool and comfy.

Case No. 1: Businesses Like to Save Money

The science for commercial window tint films today is there: solar energy can be rejected up to 70 percent by simply applying a thin film to all those business building windows. This eases the pressure on air conditioning systems, reduces how much energy your building will consume, and ultimately reduces electricity bills. The return on investment is incredibly short, resulting in an increased bottom line after just a single one-time investment. Commercial window film in Tarzana and nearby locales like Woodland Hills makes supreme business sense.

Case No. 2: Protection of Customers and Employees

We engage high-quality window films by Huper Optik on commercial structure windows, which reject ultraviolet rays (UV rays) by up to 99.9 percent. Additionally, these high-tech window films prevent a great deal of infra-red light (IR rays) from entering business buildings, and this is the sun’s spectrum that causes warmth. Huper Optik films can reduce IR rays getting into a structure by up to 96 percent. Cooler and more comfortable customers are more likely to return, and employees who are happier tend to be more productive. A huge win-win for commercial window film in Tarzana and other San Fernando Valley high-commerce areas.

Case No. 3: Durability for Huper Optik Commercial Window Film

Ceramic-based window films by Huper Optik are completely free of dyes and metals – typical for old-time window films – that tend to demetallize or discolor over time. This also is important for degradation. The UV degradation rates of Huper Optik window films have been tested against conventional metallic or dyed window tint films and proved to last well beyond expected life cycles. Huper Optik window films are built to last – a great business consideration because which business owner wants to replace the film every few years? Huper Optik also provides a 15-year commercial limited warranty.

Summary of Other Benefits for Commercial Window Film in Tarzana

Sometimes business-related investments come with what are known as intangibles. These may not be the primary reason for decisions to invest, but benefits that are very nice to have. It’s like a great baseball hitter who also happens to be a very good fielder, or is a smart base-runner. Teams love the hitting, but the intangibles make the player that much more valuable. Windows protected with Huper Optik commercial window films help reduce theft and damage because even upon breakage the glass holds together and remains an obstacle to easy entry. And remember the previous mention of worker productivity. These high-tech window films significantly reduce glare and prevent headaches or eye troubles for workers. Call us today for more information about Huper Optik commercial window films and the many options for your commercial building.

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