Commercial Window Film in Valencia – More Business than Just the ‘Magic’

It can be known mostly for its famous theme park, but there is more to commercial window film in Valencia than meets the eye. This neighborhood of the City of Santa Clarita is the last urban area you’ll see if traveling north to Bakersfield and beyond, and overall it has a surprising amount of business properties – many of which could benefit from improvement projects like adding commercial window film. Commercial property owners in Valencia should be aware of the many benefits of adding window film, particularly in terms of cost savings.

Make Your Business Property More Attractive to those Passing By

Commercial window film in Valencia is interesting because this neighborhood, which once was an unincorporated Los Angeles County community before the cityhood vote in 1987 combined four neighborhoods into the City of Santa Clarita, is actually full of business properties. Add the affluence of the surrounding area and you have a market ripe for business-building in Valencia and nearby areas such as Newhall or Saugus. The ultra-busy Interstate 5 through town only helps matters economy-wise. There’s plenty of traffic in the Santa Clarita Valley – and all those vehicles rolling by mean more potential customers or clients.

Make Your Commercial Property Safer, Too

So if you’re involved with running a business in Valencia, you should know about commercial window tint films especially high-quality films like those produced by Huper Optik or LLumar. These modern quality films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays, or UV light) which are known to cause skin cancer and also other negative impacts to the health of humans and pets. These window films also reject most infra-red light, which are the sun’s rays that make us feel warm or hot in sunlight. Block these rays and automatically keep structure interiors cooler.

Commercial Window Film Makes for Safer Business Environments

Which in the end, for a business, saves money. Commercial window film in Valencia makes visiting customers more comfortable, which increases the likelihood that they will return. Solid business owners understand the importance of return customers. Additionally, inside buildings protected by commercial window film, employees are more comfortable in cooler climates and therefore more productive. Anyone who’s struggled through a late afternoon in a warm or hot office understands how sluggish you can get. And sluggishness can cause mistakes or accidents.

More Economic Activity in Valencia – Beyond ‘Six Flags’

Commercial window film in Valencia, California is an excellent investment into a business property. It even can be more affordable than other options to keep business square footage cooler. In the long run, the return-on-investment (ROI) can be just a couple or a few years, as savings in electricity bills mount. There is more economic activity in Valencia than one might imagine – well beyond just Six Flags Magic Mountain (and its sister property, Hurricane Harbor). Contact us today for more information about commercial window film for Valencia business windows and glass!


Commercial Window Film In Valencia

Before we applied frost film

Commercial Window Film In Valencia

Before we installed heat blocking and uv protection window film

Commercial Window Film In Valencia

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Commercial Window Film In Valencia

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Commercial Window Film In Valencia

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