Commercial Window Film in Zaferia, the Long Beach ‘Little Village’

“Plus happier customers inside means more sales, and more comfortable workers means improved productivity.”

The first impression while cruising through the middle of the Long Beach district easily could be that commercial window film in Zaferia has great promise. At one point nearly a distinct city by itself, Zaferia was connected with other newly forming Southland communities by a now-gone railroad line, and the neighborhood ultimately was annexed into the City of Long Beach in 1920. The East Anaheim Street corridor has grown into a rather vibrant and diverse economic strip that anchors what actually is a fairly large residential community mixing single-family and multi-family units with hotels, restaurants, specialty shops and more.

Factors for Thriving Commercial Window Film Sales in Zaferia

The lengthy commercial and retail hub of East Anaheim Street, along with robust business activity along north-south streets like Redondo and Obispo avenues, means commercial window film sales in Zaferia should thrive for years to come. Sure, there’s the sheer number of businesses both small and large. But also, many of the structures are older and could use a little home improvement love. Adding commercial window film to these structures could keep interiors significantly cooler, and save business and property owners in electricity bills each month. Plus happier customers inside means more sales, and more comfortable workers means improved productivity.

Was it a ‘Little Village’ – or Not?

Visitors and passersby might be a bit confused as to where exactly Zaferia starts or ends. The City has stamped the district’s logo onto many street-corner sidewalks. The municipality even erected a few nice street signs proudly conveying that Zaferia was established in 1913. Yet just a few hundred feet south of Anaheim Street some residents consider their homes to be part of the Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach (which in reality is south of 10th Street). Confusion also exists regarding the origin of the name. Some say it’s a Spanish-language word for “Little Village.” Others say it could have been a man who lived in Long Beach long ago; that it has something to do with Zaferia Pass in Spain; or it’s from Greek roots. The mystery remains.

No Secret: Commercial Window Film Improves Business Properties

What’s not mysterious is how commercial window film in Zaferia and nearby neighborhoods like South Rose Park, Cambodia Town and Traffic Circle can improve business properties, protect workers and customers, and ultimately make properties safer and better. Commercial window films are available in a great variety of tint shades, and even decorative window films for a frosted look. Adding shading or a soft frost to big windows helps deter crime by distorting views into buildings. The window films provide a significant boost to interior privacy. Plus, should a window get a sudden impact and break, an adhered window film can keep the pieces to the window frame and avoid having sharp shards of glass fly into people and pets nearby.

Add Modern Technology to Older Zaferia, Long Beach Buildings

Those used to living in or dealing with older structures can be amazed by the modern technology that makes commercial window film in Zaferia and other Long Beach neighborhoods so effective. Today’s quality window films, like those produced by Huper Optik, reduce glare, improve visuals inside-to-out, and reject heat and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays). They also are known to be much more durable than the old vinyl films we see on cars. Retail establishments would be wise to go with a clear or lightly shaded tint film, so customers can see goods while walking by. For office-dominated buildings, think darker tint shades or even decorative window film as boosting privacy and blocking solar energy is paramount. Please contact us today for more information about commercial window film in Zaferia and other Los Angeles area communities.

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