Commercial Window Tint Film in Koreatown

“With investment comes risk management, and a lot more windows, which are an easy target for trouble.”

Applying commercial window tint film for Koreatown commercial structures is more significant compared with other Los Angeles neighborhoods, for several reasons. First, there are many, many business buildings in Koreatown, from storefronts to mom-and-pop operations to the typical chains seen all over America. Significant economic investment into the area, especially South Korean investment, has blossomed an estimated $1 billion in new construction since early this century. All these new business buildings mix with older and historic structures to create a vibrant, modern shopping and economic hub. With investment comes risk management, and a lot more windows, which are an easy target for trouble.

Commercial Window Tint Film a Crime Deterrent

The weakest points for any structure is often the windows, where big openings are protected only by glass. Commercial window tint film in Koreatown strengthens that glass and holds it together in case of a strike by hard objects. After impact, film-adhered glass tends to stick with the frame, not falling away in many sharp little pieces to leave the opening. The film acts as a crime-deterrent that way, slowing down would-be intruders. This also is a safety film matter as people and pets inside can avoid flying shards of glass – a great consideration for retail store owners.

Other Benefits of Window Film on Koreatown Commercial Structures

Aside from deterring criminal activity, commercial window tint film in Koreatown provides a list of benefits that any business would want. Such as:

  • Save money. Solar energy can be rejected from buildings by up to 70 percent. This means reducing the cooling load of air conditioning systems which results in lower electricity bills. The return on investment (ROI) is reasonably short and ultimately a business’s bottom line rises.
  • Protect from harmful rays. Quality commercial window films such as those made by Huper Optik or LLumar reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer. They also keep infra-red radiation (IR rays) from entering buildings. Besides protecting humans, these films prevent items inside like drapes, carpets or furniture, from drying out and needing replacement.
  • Increase comfort. Commercial window tint films make interior boost comfort for customers, and productivity from workers happy about cool temperatures and less glare.
  • Durability. Quality window films like those by Huper Optik are free of dyes and metals, and do not discolor or “demetalize.” Ceramic window films in particular are known to last: they are said to be 25 times more durable than conventional films.

Peace of Mind with Commercial Window Tint Film

Commercial window tint film in Koreatown is available for the many businesses that have sprouted in an area bounded by Olympic Boulevard, Vermont Avenue, 8th Street and Western Avenue. The economic area also a vibrant nightlife with many clubs and restaurants, and late-nighters are not always the best behaved. Aside from midnight revelers there’s always potential for out-of-town visitors. Koreatown business and property owners are wise to invest in commercial window tint film to protect what’s inside and provide an ongoing peace of mind.


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