3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Surface Finishes


For the property hoping to enjoy the aesthetics of varied high-end finishing materials, such as metallic paneling, wood walls or accents, stone or tile flooring, and many other rich design features, there is now a viable alternative to the authentic but often prohibitively expensive materials needed to create a stunning architectural tableau.

3M’s DI-NOC architectural finishes are fabricated out of strong and durable vinyl that boasts outstanding flexibility in two ways: first, this is physically pliant and malleable material that can readily be made to fit a variety of shapes and substances. Second, DI-NOC architectural film is available in so many finishes that it’s unlikely you can’t find one that fits your design needs.

3M DI-NOC Surface Finishes

3M DI-NOC Surface Finishes

What Material Looks Best?

The new 3M DI-NOC E-Series architectural film can be made to look like walnut wood, polished marble, stainless steel, and so much more. Made from durable polyolefin, this film is backed by a five-year warranty on all outdoor installations and an astonishing twelve-year warranty for indoor applications. So whether you want the look of stone wrapping around the first floor of your law offices or you want a wood paneled appearance for the interior of your camping and fishing supply retail shop, this architectural film offers a reliable, cost-effective solution.

DI-NOC architectural film comes in hundreds of different varieties, so go ahead and design any space you want: you can rest assured that when it comes time to actually create the interior or exterior, you can achieve the look using this unique vinyl film rather than sourcing woods, stone, metal, and more.

The Ultimate Interior Design Makeover

Even if you want to radically change the look of an office, a lobby, or even a residential space, architectural film can help you do it for much less expense than you might expect. That’s because unlike the cost of varied finishing materials, every sheet of DI-NOC E-Series architectural film is affordable, whether it looks like granite, mahogany, or hammered copper.

Architectural film also makes design makeovers cost-effective and simple thanks to its ease of installation. These films can be applied to everything from drywall to metals to stone to ceiling panels. Therefore there is no need to demolish and rebuild the substrates in your property just to change the way they look on the veneer; skipping the costly demo work and saving on the price of materials means more money to spend on other improvements or simple to save.

3M DI-NOC in Los Angeles, CA

3M DI-NOC in Los Angeles, CA

Perfect Staging Or Temporary Updates

If you need a quick and affordable way to create a specific look for a given property, such as for the staging a home for sale or demonstrating a design firm’s signature style, don’t spend money on materials like granite or tile that will only be used for a little while. Architectural film can create almost any interior or exterior design look that other finishing materials can achieve and for markedly less cost and with faster, easier installation. DI-NOC architectural film is perfect for use creating displays for conventions or walk-throughs, or for the temporary dressing of a space to test out a design before committing to those more expensive materials.

Window Tint LA works with all types of businesses and properties that want to achieve a dramatic new look without incurring the full cost of varied architectural materials. We are proud to offer a full range of 3M DI-NOC architectural films to our southern California customers.