Commercial Blackout Privacy Window Film in Los Angeles

Commercial Blackout Window Film

We work with businesses, schools, and government facilities all across Los Angeles installing commercial blackout window film that improves security and privacy, lowers HVAC costs, and can help with everything from film shoots to protecting a retail store to providing the type of discreet environment needed in a law office, medical practice, or spa or fitness center.

Commercial Blackout Window Film for Privacy

Whether you are trying to obscure the merchandise or equipment in a storage room or warehouse, or if you need to prevent people inside your commercial facility from being seen by those outside, blackout window film is the affordable, reliable way to do it. Blackout window tint makes windows of all types and sizes, from huge sheets of glass to multi-pane windows, impossible to see through, thus making the interior 100% private.

Blackout Window Film Tint Los Angeles

Blackout Window Film Tint Los Angeles

Commercial Blackout Window Film for Reduced HVAC Costs

Blackout window film will save your Southern California business enough money on your energy bills that it will pay for itself many times over as the years go by. Blackout window film can reject a huge percent of the solar heat that would otherwise warm your facility’s interior, therefore reducing your need for air conditioning and leading to lowered electric bills.

Blackout Window Tint for TV and Film Production and Photography

In Los Angeles blackout window film is extremely popular with film and television production crews and with photographers: there is no better way to ensure a set’s lighting is accurately controlled than by rendering the windows totally opaque. Blackout window tint allows less than 1% visible light transfer even in direct sunlight, thus blackout window film helps with shooting interior night scenes during the daytime, and it generally ensure a project’s lighting design has the exact look and “color temperature” the crew hopes to achieve. With blackout window film a film crew can shoot night scenes any time of the day, helping keep the production on schedule and on budget.