Daylight Redirecting Window Film

Adequate lighting has been proven to make workplaces more productive, to make retail spaces enjoy better sales, and even to see elevated test scores in schools and universities. There is no better source of light than the sunshine: it is highly abundant in Los Angeles, it’s free, and it’s naturally stimulating. Unfortunately, even in stores, office buildings, or residences with plentiful windows, the benefits of sunlight can only reach so far into the interior, diminishing as its brightness fades and must be replaced with artificial lighting. That’s because bright sunlight only reaches so far into an interior when shining down through windows, and of course is even further reduced when shades must be drawn to block direct, unpleasantly bright beams of light.

There is a better way to light your California propery’s interior than simply by turning on electric lights: get the most out of the sunlight and your windows with daylight redirecting window film. When properly applied to glass windows, this specialized “daylighting” window film can refract and redirect sunlight deep into a space, shining the redirected light off of ceilings for optimal brightness.

How Effective Is Daylight Redirecting Window Film?

Daylighting window film can direct bright sunlight as far as three dozen feet away from a facility’s exterior windows: that’s often more than enough light for mid-sized large restaurants, retail outlets, or office suites to use little or no artificial light during peak daylight hours. Your daylight window film team can create a customized installation plan tailored to the needs of your property: this might include applying these films to half of a window, for example, generating maximum light near the window as well as further into the space.

Energy Savings with Daylight Redirecting Window Film

Artificial lighting can account for as much as 15% of a business’s total electric costs. Thus reductions in the need for additional interior lighting thanks to daylighting window film can mean an impactful reduction in your overall energy costs each and every month. For most businesses, installation of daylight redirecting window film will pay for itself over time, thanks both to the reduced need for electric lighting and thanks to the solar heat blocking properties also offered by window film.

Glare Reduction with Sunlight Redirecting Window Film

The sun’s glare can make it unpleasant to sit at certain tables or desks, it can cause difficulty seeing computer or TV screens, and too much light can make it generally hard to enjoy an overly bright, washed-out interior. Daylight redirecting window film can help direct excess light away from “hotspots” or areas getting too much light, instead offering more diffuse brightness to areas of the interior located farther away from the windows and where it will not negatively impact a given property’s employees, shoppers, or residents.

Reduced Carbon Footprint with Sunlight Directing Window Film

Daylight redirecting window film means less use of electricity, and that’s good for more than just your budget: it’s good for your planet, too. Daylight redirection film means less energy use and thus less carbon released into the atmosphere. Daylighting window film and other specialty window tints are a must have for the home or business that is serious about being greener and more eco friendly.