Energy Savings & Window Film Rebates

From Santa Clarita to Santa Monica, from Burbank to Beverly Hills, and in fact in most every community anywhere in greater Southern California, air conditioning costs account for as much as 50% or more of the monthly electric bill during the region’s many warm months. That is due partially to the elevated ambient exterior temperatures warming a property slowly throughout the course of the day, but is also due in large part to the persistent sunshine that passes through glass windows and warms up interior temperatures quickly.

The cooling costs caused by solar heat can be even greater for location with large windows, such as a retail storefront window or commercial building with a large lobby area, or for buildings with multiple window-lined rooms such as a school or factory.

Fortunately the owner and/or manager of light commercial, industrial, and residential Los Angeles properties all have a low cost, highly effective, and totally noninvasive way to retrofit their property for better solar heat management, and that is with energy saving window film. Los Angeles experiences more than 280 days with direct sunshine, so that means more than 280 days during which energy saving window tint could be lowering your electric bills.

Energy saving film can block out up to 70% of the solar heat (largely caused by invisible infrared light) that is responsible for warming up an interior. These specialty solar window tints offer much greater reflectivity than glass alone, meaning much of the sun’s heat is simply deflected away from your property’s windows. Solar window film is also absorptive of the sun’s heat, retaining warmth but not passing it along and into your property. The combination of these reflective and absorptive properties means a cooler interior that requires much less reliance on air conditioning for climate control. Simply put, that means smaller electric bills for your restaurant, retail space, or residence.

Energy saving window film is a great choice for even the largest commercial properties, as it has such an excellent ROI (or Return On Investment). Solar heat window tint will usually save a property so much in reduced cooling costs that it will pay for its installation in just a few years. Thus even for the government property working on a strict budget or the commercial business carefully minding its bottom line, energy saving film is well worth its initial expense, as it will be cost positive before long, and will keep on generating savings for up to twenty five years, the average effective lifespan of quality energy efficiency window film. For a large building such as an office complex or warehouse, the initial cost of a window tint installation may seem large; but with energy modeling predictions breaking down the installation price against the potential monthly and annual savings on HVAC costs, it becomes clear that energy saving window film is a great investment for future cost savings.

And keep in mind the same window film that reduces the electric bills every month can also make most any Los Angeles home, business, or other property more pleasant and productive every day: window tint means cooler, more comfortable interiors, and specialty window film can also help control the sun’s glare and brightness, great for a museum or theater, and can add enhanced privacy and security, benefits that will be appreciated by any school, medical practice, or other facility where discretion is important.