Los Angeles Office Window Tinting Services Prices and Benefits

Frost window film is decorative and functional

Frost window film is decorative and functional

We are proud to provide Los Angeles office window tinting services to companies all across Greater LA. Office window tinting is one of the smartest moves a business owner/operator can make, and we will be glad to answer your questions over the phone or to schedule a site visit to your Los Angeles commercial location to discuss what window tinting films can do for your business.

The benefits window tinting Los Angeles offices can provide are so numerous many people hardly believe what such a simple process can do for them. From lowering electricity bills to providing enhanced privacy and security to improving the aesthetic appeal of your Los Angeles office, window tinting is just about the best value your business can get with such a relatively modest investment.

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Commercial Window Film installed in Los Angeles office

In a city that sees as much sun and heat as Los Angeles, your office is wasting money every time you open the blinds and let light stream in through untreated glass windows. And in a city of this size, there are always going to be issues with break-ins and vandalism from time to time, and what is the easiest target of any building? The windows, of course. Basic glass windows offer only an illusion of security: the determined criminal can shatter and breach them in seconds. And then of course there is curb appeal to discuss: window tinting can do wonders for the looks of your LA property, and we all know that in Los Angeles, appearances do matter!

Los Angeles Office Window Tinting for Energy Cost Reduction

Commercial window tinting can help lower you power bill by absorbing and reflecting the solar energy

When the sun shines bright in lovely Los Angeles, the energy costs go skyrocketing for your place of business. Especially in a high-rise or complex with multiple windows, more sun means more use of the air conditioning systems and that means a bigger blow to your business’s bottom line. But keeping your employees, patrons, and visitors cool and comfortable yet surrounded by pleasant natural light is crucial to maintain proper daily operations, so what’s to be done? Tint those windows with solar window films! Our window tinting films can block up to 99% of the infrared rays that heat up your Los Angeles office and up to 99% of the UV light that can fade flooring and upholstery and damage skin after prolonged exposure. Yet our window films still let in plenty of the bright, visible light you love about LA. Office window tinting will provide immediate savings on cooling costs during the warmer months, and it will even help your business save cash during Los Angeles’s cooler times of the year, as window films add a layer of insulation to help keep treated air inside.

Los Angeles Office Window Film for Enhanced Security and Privacy

Reduce 99.9% of harmful solar UV rays while increasing the security of your business with safety / security window film


Whether the damage comes in the form of a break-in by burglars, an act of vandalism and destruction during a time of civil unrest, or from a violent natural disaster like an earthquake, the windows of your Los Angeles office are the weakest, most vulnerable part of your commercial property if left untreated by security-enhancing window films. Security window film renders your windows all-but shatterproof, meaning it will be all-but impossible for thieves or looters to enter your Los Angeles business even if the windows are attacked. Much like the laminate that keeps a car’s windshield from coming apart into pieces during an accident, our security window films coat the glass of your property’s windows with a strong, bonding layer that will keep the window intact even if it is cracked. When struck, the glass will stay in its pane and no dangerous shards will go flying about your property, keeping your employees, patrons, and property safe.

In a city with as many people as Los Angeles office window tinting also makes sense to preserve the privacy and comfort of all who are within your business. Privacy window tinting can totally block the view of those outside your offices who might try to look in while still affording your employees and visitors a crystal-clear view out into lovely LA. We can even install window films that will offer your Los Angeles office window tinting for security and privacy and solar reduction for lowered HVAC costs all at the same time!

Los Angeles Office Window Film Architectural/Design Options

Frost window film provides privacy and increased aesthetics. Custom logos and design are no problem. Call for a free consultation (310) 935-1748

The better you look, the better you perform – that old maxim is as true for a place of business as it is for a person. If your Los Angeles office needs a little “facelift” for added curb appeal, don’t overlook the windows as you consider what type of improvements to make. We source all different types of decorative window films (often referred to as architectural window films) that can greatly modify and improve the look of your business. From stylish metallic window films that will give your business a modern, mirrored appearance to a gentler frosted finish that will provide a pleasant look, pleasant interior light, as well as offering privacy from the street, any finish you can imagine for your windows, we can make it happen.

And we’ll be glad to work with you to determine the ideal window tinting for your Los Angeles office. From gyms that want a sleek, shiny finish that also blocks the view of passersby stopping to gawk to dental or medical practices that want to look warm and welcoming yet also totally private for their patients’ wellbeing, we’ll find the decorative window film that’s right for your LA business! Don’t forget to ask about color-enhancing and patterned window films, too!

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Window tinting store front in Los Angeles

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Solar UV commercial window film application using scaffolding

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Frost window film being applied to Los Angeles office

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Window Tint will reduce 99.9% UV Rays – Protect your skin, floors, and furniture from fading.