Safety & Security Window Film

For any type of building anywhere in Los Angeles, be it a residence, a school, a business, or a government facility, the most delicate, easily damaged aspect is always the same: the windows. Glass windows provide a view out into the world and let in the sunshine that makes a property pleasant and productive during the day, but windows are also a huge liability from a security standpoint. Windows are easily shattered by thieves or vandals, and can be damaged during storms, by an accident, or in the event of a natural disaster. Shattered windows mean more than just property at risk, too: the glass itself can present a severe hazard to everyone nearby.

Specialty security window film is the best way to upgrade your Los Angeles property’s windows, making them shatter resistant and reducing the likelihood of a break-in or an injury. Security window film is a must have for storefront windows, for shopping malls or other retail destinations, and for any office manager or homeowner that wants to make sure their property’s occupants are safe and sound at all times.

Security Window Film Prevents Theft

Once the windows of your Silver Lake wine shop, a Hollywood restaurant, or any other commercial or residential property in greater Southern California are treated with security window film, they will stand up to even the most determined break-in attempt, resisting the smash of a hammer, brick, or crowbar. Glass windows treated with security film will break into into a series of spider web-shaped cracked patterns, but they will not fall apart, thus barring entry into your property and keeping your merchandise or possessions safe. It’s much cheaper to replace some glass windows than it is to replace all the goods lost to theft: security window film will pay for itself many times over the very first time a crime is prevented, and when a criminal fails to complete a burglary at a given location, they are unlikely to return. From a

Safety Window Film Protects Against Broken Glass

When a normal windowpane breaks, it cracks apart into jagged shards of glass that present a severe danger to anyone nearby when the window shatters or to anyone who happens by the strewn pieces of glass later. Safety window film prevents individual shards of glass from breaking away from a pane, greatly reducing the chance for injury or property damage caused by broken glass, and making the process of clean up and window replacement easier, faster, and much safer, too. Safety film can help lower the injury liability of a business and it can help keep your family safer in your home.

Safety Film for Other Commercial Window Film Applications

The benefits offered by safety film don’t stop with windows: these same types of films can be used to strength glass display cases, glass desktops or tabletops, screens and/or monitors, and in a host of other applications. From the glass cover a Redondo Beach restaurant’s salad bar the mirrors of a public transportation hub in Downtown LA, safety film can prevent glass shattering that could lead to property damage, injury, and the great expenses that can come with both.