Commercial Safety Window Film


commercal-safety-bigWindows are traditionally the weakest point of any business, from a security and safety standpoint. A potential intruder with a sledgehammer, a rioter with a cinderblock, or windblown debris hurled aloft by a storm could all potentially shatter a window. And a shattered window not only invites in unwanted “guests,” but could also pose a grave risk to the safety of those near the broken glass.

The application of safety window film can radically strengthen and reinforce the windows of your business, making them almost shatter-proof. And even if a window treated with window film is broken, it will typically hold together in one mass, rather than forming jagged, dangerous pieces. The security of your business and its workers and/or patrons, not to mention all of the valuable materials within, will be greatly enhanced even as you save money thanks to lowered HVAC bills, all thanks to window film!

There are numerous benefits to having beautifully large open glass panes in your work and residential quarters. You can enjoy the sunlight, blue sky, a night view, and feel like you’re at one with the movements outdoors. While glass windows offer you these wonderful experiences, in order to really enjoy the view and benefits with a sound of mind, you must have secure safety and protection of your living and working environments. In order to keep the two places you spend the most of your time in, consider installing a window glass that has a protective filming by Huper Optik. The Huper Optik Safety and Security film has numerous benefits. Below are some reasons to consider having a glass pane installed with the Huper Optik Safety and Security film in place.

Increase Safety and Assurance

Commercial or residential high rise buildings offer a spectacular view but they are also extremely vulnerable to the unpredictable conditions of being exposed to the elements. With the growing rate of unpredictable weather forecasts such as hurricanes, extreme hot or cold temperatures, and the possibility of earthquakes in certain parts prone to such natural disasters, buildings surrounded by glass must stay protected. The Huper Optik Safety and Security film offers exactly that: safety and security. When a hurricane’s strong winds causes an object to fly through a window, the shattering glass can wind up causing more damage than just the breakage. The flying glass can cause injury to those inside the quarters, and destroy anything else inside the unit. Broken glass that flies in all directions are also extremely difficult to clean. This can potentially wind up costing you more time and money than necessary. The Huper Optik Safety and Security film helps you to avoid this disastrous problem ahead of time. The film offers an extra layering of protection so that if an object does fly into the window, the changes of breaking is decreased. Should the force of the object flying in be so strong that the film-protected glass does break, the film keeps the breakage firmly in place so as to avoid flying glass, preventing damage and injury.

Protection and Prevention with Safety / Security Window Film

Whereas high rise buildings and their windows are subject to natural wear and tear from the extreme weather conditions they may be exposed to, the Huper Optik Safety and Security film offers protection against the harms from nature. With its long-lasting adhesive, the glass pane will have an extra hard coat that remains resistant to scratches, giving you a clear window view to enjoy. Not only that, but the protective glass layering offers your most valued furnitures with protection from the sun so you won’t have to worry about fading and sunlight damage. The strong Huper Optik technology behind the safety and security film provides additional assurance if and when weather extremes bring on strong winds, hail, rain or snow storms. Strong winds during a hurricane are usually the biggest culprit behind broken windows. This is why most people either place strips of duct tape or paint tape across their entire window. A firm Huper Optik Safety and Security film keeps the glass firmly held together so that it is more resistant to any movements or vibrations that might cause a disruption leading to breakage. If you’ve had your glass sealed with Huper Optik Safety and Security film already, the next time a hurricane blows through your neighborhood, sit back and relax with a cup of tea, knowing your windows are protected.

Safety / Security Window Film with Dow Corning 995 Attachment System To provide the ultimate glass protection on your commercial grounds, the Dow Corning 995 Silicone Sealant can absorb any strong blows against the window. It not only keeps the glass from breaking everywhere causing potentially irreparable and costly damage, but it also provides glass resistance which keeps the entire window from shattering. A sealant from Dow Corning is especially useful for high rise buildings where unpredictable elements can cause severe damage from hurricanes, extreme temperatures and gusty winds.

The silicone sealant is made from a diverse formula containing elastic rubber and silicone. It easily applies to glass, metal and painted surfaces. It also comes with the Dow Corning lifetime guarantee.

The Dow Corning 995 Silicone Sealant has been an effective part of commercial building codes when reconstructing high rises in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. It has also been an effective part of protecting blast zones for bomb tests. Given its high quality resistance to impact, the US State Department took action to protect government property with the Dow Corning 995 Silicone Sealant to provide protection for its employees and citizens in the area.

Save on Electricity with Window Film

There’s nothing that brightens up the mood than unhindered sunlight coming through the window. The downside to this, however, is the heat. If your living or work space is confined, built up heat can not only make you more lethargic but it also forces you to turn up the air conditioning. In order to enjoy the bright sunlight in your living or workspace while also being protected against the heat and saving on your electric bill, the Huper Optik Safety and Security film has a solar control technology behind it that provides solar heat control. A part of this technological advance is to stay in line with environmentally-aware initiatives taken at Huper Optik. Huper Optik Safety and Security films come with a multi-layered ceramic film intelligence that provides not only reduced heat (which will in effect reduce your electricity bill), but also help prevent glare, so you can enjoy the view without spending money on blinders and curtains. It also reduces infra-red radiation caused by the sun by up to 96%, thus reducing heat and lowering your energy costs.

Compliment Your Interior’s Aesthetics

The Huper Optik Safety and Security films are available in neutral tones so that you won’t have to compromise the overall interior design of your office or living space. The neutral tone of the film compliments the look of the original glass. Whereas other window films might come with extreme colors in order to feature the same benefits of Huper Optik’s, Huper Optik Safety and Security films are available to consumers with the foresight to compliment interior looks and enhance the look of glass panes, not compromise them. Furthermore, the Huper Optik Safety and Security film is a 100% free of dyes and metallic formulas so that discoloration, fades or chemical changes over time won’t become a headache to deal with later. There are no reflective mirror-like sights–only a clear view out of your window pane. The Huper Optik technology ensures that no distortions or reflective qualities will hinder your view upon the safety and security film’s application.

Protection for Your Eyes and Skin

Ultra Violet (UV) rays are the cause of skin and eye damage every year. For enhanced protection of your eyes, skin as well as for your colleagues or family and loved ones, consider the benefits of Huper Optik Safety and Security Film technology. The film reduces the entrance of UV rays through windows by up to 99% so you can soak in the early morning or afternoon sun and enjoy the view worry-free.

A Smart Solution Commercial Window Film

High rise commercial and residential buildings aren’t the only types of construction that are susceptible to window glass damage. Large commercial storefronts are just as vulnerable to break-ins by burglars. The cost of cleaning up after a break-in is mighty high, usually because of the glass damage. In order to avoid this headache beforehand, the Huper Optik Safety and Security film offers firm protection so that glass doesn’t shatter in all directions. Furthermore, given its value, the Huper Optik Safety and Security Film can easily be written down as a line item as part of your business expenses. The longterm benefits that offer safety, protection and reduced cost of clean up, you can run your business with a peace of mind. Store fronts that are vulnerable to extreme heat and sunlight can also benefit from its canceling of UV rays and infra-red heat build up to save on energy costs. The low reflection quality it brings will also let passersby see your storefront window with clarity and ease to give trafficking a boost.

Professional Courtesy from Your Los Angeles Window Tinting Experts

Window Tint LA is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with any questions regarding customized installations, upgrades and other relevant topics as they come. For the safety of you, your colleagues, your family and friends, consider adding the Huper Optik Safety and Security Film to your windows for assurance that you and those around you are protected against any damage caused by weather or intrusions.