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Installation of Privacy Window Tint

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Window Tint LA services commercial and residential window film in and around Los Angeles including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Hollywood Hill, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Culver City, Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Bel Air, Calabasas, Hermosa Beach, and more. We install window film on homes, townhouses, condominiums, residential, commercial, apartment complexes, schools, offices, churches, colleges, commercial buildings of all types and sizes, small business and more.

Privacy film is installed over an existing window to increase privacy and reduce the chances of experiencing criminal activity. The film has adhesive material on a single side that allows it to be rolled onto existing windows. This protects existing windows from scratches and other damage that could accumulate over time. Best of all, the film can easily be removed. For many businesses, this means that privacy film can even be used on leased property. Unless the lease contract specifies otherwise, business owners can usually install privacy window film without any problems from the landlord. In fact, landlords are usually delighted to hear when tenants are installing window glass on their properties. This film protects windows from damage and reduces the chances that the landlord could experience catastrophic loss.

Privacy film can be installed on any glass windows that a business desires. It can be used to obscure views from both outside and inside of a property. In certain applications, the film can also be used to reduce glare to make the interior of a business more visible to the outside world. This can be effective on commercial properties that need to have their storefronts visible to pedestrians on the street. Since privacy film is usually installed on the inside of a building, business owners do not need to worry about weathering or vandalism.

Increased Privacy with Window Film

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Architectural frost window film installation helps block provide privacy when needed, whether it be in an office for partitions, a commercial building, hotel, bathroom, or store front window. Frost window film comes in many different styles, shades, densities such as dusted crystal, Huper Optik Architectural Frost, Deco-Frost, Gradient Frost, Sparkled Frost, 3M Fasara San Marino Frosts and more.

One of the primary benefits that window film can provide is increased privacy. Especially in downtown Los Angeles, many business owners have to fear the possibility of prying eyes watching their important work for the outside. These risks could be experienced for both businesses that are at street-level and in high-rises adjacent to other buildings. While business owners often neglect this, the leaking of critical information could cause severe problems to an established business. For this reason, many businesses are choosing to install privacy film to reduce the chances of information leaking out.

Many businesses are also installing privacy film because it increases comfort inside the office. Especially for employees working on bright computer monitors, their sensitive work could be visible to the outside world. In some cases, this could cause employees to avoid important activities because they fear the consequences of the outside world seeing what they are doing. Customers could even feel more comfortable inside of an office that is shielded from the outside world. For businesses looking for a way to maintain competitive advantage, this could be a contributing factor. Although businesses cannot base their entire business strategy on privacy film, it could certainly earn a substantial return on investment.

Glare Reduction / Increased Comfort

For many businesses, seducing customers to shop at their store requires them to see what the business has to offer from the outside. Unfortunately, the sun can create so much light that customers simply cannot see inside. To prevent these problems, businesses can simply install glare reduction film on their windows. This minimizes reflected light, allowing the interior a business to be clearly visible to the outside world. For many of today’s businesses, this can be an effective strategy to draw more customers into the store.

Glare can have a big impact on a individual’s ability to see inside of a building. Many businesses neglect this, but it is truly important to understand. If customers cannot see inside of your business, they may be unable to see a compelling reason to come inside. Especially for retail businesses that experience very low margins, this could have a big impact on profitability. When compared to the business across the street that has similar offerings, finding small differentiators such as glare reducing glass can be very effective.

Reduced Air Conditioning Costs

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The sun was roasting Caffebene in their Los Angeles California coffee shop until they hired Window Tint LA. WE installed a reflective ceramic film to maintain the aesthetics and comply with the management company requirements of the shopping plaza. Customers can now enjoy their lattes and espressos with 72% reduction of heat coming through the coffee shops storefront window glass allowing customers to spend more time in the coffee shop.

When light comes into a building, it naturally increases the interior temperature. Unfortunately, this can substantially increase the costs of energy bills in the long run. To prevent these problems, businesses can have UV-reflecting privacy film installed on their windows. This will minimize the amount of UV light that comes into the building. Since UV light can increase the interior temperature, business owners can therefore expect window film to reduce energy bills. This can be especially true for businesses located in Los Angeles, where temperatures are generally warm all year long.

Especially for businesses that have a large storefront, air conditioning costs can be very substantial. To reduce these costs, businesses should therefore be constantly searching for opportunities to minimize these expenses. Instead of investing thousands of dollars on expensive new windows, window film is generally sufficient to get the job done. Since window film can be removed, it can also give business owners the flexibility to remove it when necessary. If technologies advance in the future, businesses can simply install the latest UV privacy glass that minimizes energy consumption.

Increased Safety with Window Film

Another big advantage of privacy film is increased safety. While unfortunate, it is a reality that crimes do occur on a regular basis. Businesses that utilize privacy glass can become less of a target to criminals on the outside. Just like how customers can be attracted to a business by the merchandise inside, criminals can think in the same way. Therefore, businesses that do not need to attract customers from the street can employ privacy film to keep their employees safer from the outside world. This film can also protect property from theft and damage after the business owner has gone home. When the outside world cannot see what is inside, criminals are much less likely to see a business as a target.

Even when criminals know what is inside of a business’ establishment, they still can be deterred by privacy glass. The uncertainty about whether someone is inside can keep criminals from attempting their crimes in the first place. Most importantly, this window film can still allow individuals on the inside to see what is going on outside. This means that threats can be dealt with without allowing the perpetrator on the outside to see what is going on. When criminal activity is seen outside the building, staff members can safely watch from the inside without being visible to the criminal himself. This can facilitate an environment where the perception of safety is experienced by a company’s employees and customers.

Security Advantages for Los Angeles Businesses

architectural frost window film

Architectural frost window film is a great alternative to replacing the glass when increased privacy is desired. Frost window film provides privacy while maintaing light and blocking ultra violet rays. Included is a 15 year commercial warranty and lifetime residential warranty.

In the city of Los Angeles, it is an unfortunate reality that many businesses find themselves vulnerable to routine crime. With tens of millions of city residents, criminals often prey on businesses that have poor security practices. If you want to keep your business safe, privacy window film is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing vulnerability to criminal activity.

Privacy film can also have tangible security benefits to protect a property. When potential criminals on the outside do not know what is happening on the inside, they are often deterred from committing a crime. In the event of an emergency, privacy glass can discourage attackers from targeting a particular business establishment. After the business has closed for the day, privacy glass can also make it difficult for criminals to loot a building. Since they do not know whether there is a security guard inside, privacy film can hinder In the city of Los Angeles, it is an unfortunate reality that many businesses find themselves vulnerable to routine crime. With tens of millions of city residents, criminals often prey on businesses that have poor security practices. If you want to keep your business safe, privacy window film is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing vulnerability to criminal activity.

For most businesses, the benefits of privacy film far exceed the costs of installation. From reducing energy bills to minimizing criminal activity, privacy film can have a big impact on business performance. In fact, these benefits can even lead certain customers to make additional purchases from a business. Even if businesses do not need to worry about attracting customers into their office, privacy film can still nurture a more productive atmosphere that is facilitated by an improved perception of safety. Contact us today to schedule a completely free consultation.

Why Privacy Window Film Deters Criminal Activity

Like rational business owners, criminals prefer to pursue the low-hanging fruit. This often makes businesses that demonstrate poor security practices the first targets for crime. While security cameras can be an effective way to keep crime away, they are also very expensive. In today’s world, most businesses with operations in high crime areas probably already have video cameras installed. Additionally, many of today’s criminals simply do not care whether they are being recorded. Therefore, deterrents are the key to keeping crime away.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars on deterrents that are likely to impact sales, business owners can consider investing in privacy glass that can actually benefit customers. This means that privacy glass can both deter crime and drive additional sales due to its advantages. While many business owners choose to replace their clear windows with specialized privacy glass, the reality is that window film can be equally effective. Compared to window replacement, this film can save substantial amounts of money. It can also reduce utility costs, reduce energy consumption, increase privacy, block UV light, and create a sense of security. Below is a full overview of how privacy film can have big advantages for businesses in Los Angeles.



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