Sun Control Window Films

Glass windows provide a two basic functions that every residence or commercial property needs: they offer a view to the outside and they let in sunlight. But glass windows alone, left untreated by sun control window film, also have a number of shortcomings, including overheated interiors, sun damage to flooring and furnishings, and too much bright light that can make your property unpleasant.

Especially in a region like Los Angeles sun control window tint is a must have in order for your property’s windows to perform up to their maximum potential. This specialty window tint is a low cost, highly effective way to make your residence or business more comfortable, pleasant, and even more cost effective. Sun control window tint offers better reflectivity than glass, rejecting much of the unwanted types of sunlight and allowing in only as much visible light as is needed to create a well-lit but not overly bright interior.

Sun Control Window Film for Interior Comfort

Sun control window tint can block as much as 60% or more of the warming infrared light that heats up your property and necessitates the need for artificially cooled air. That means a home, offices, or retail space that’s more pleasant for everyone inside. Window tint meanwhile allows in as much as 70% of the visible light that makes your property inviting and productive, yet you’ll notice at once that this same window tint offers glare reduction. With less interior sun glare, your eyes will be more relaxed and comfortable and computer or television screens will be easier to see.

Sun Control Window Tint for Energy Efficiency

By blocking out most of that unwanted infrared light and curtailing the need for the use of fans or HVAC systems, sun control window film can cut your cooling costs so much that, for most customers in Los Angeles, sun control window tint will pay for itself in two to three years just in terms of your reduced electric bills. Your home or business will be more cost effective and will have a smaller carbon footprint, too.

Sun Control Window Film Reduced Hotspot

If your property has more than one room with windows, chances are those rooms are rarely the same temperature during the day. That’s because glass windows allow for uneven heating of different parts of the same property: direct sunshine on one window can make a given room too warm even while another part of the property is too cold because of the AC needed to mitigate the sunshine. Sun control window tint can reduce the uneven “hotspot” heating effects of sunlight, keeping your property more evenly warm or cool in any season.

Sun Control Window Tint for Interior Protection

When UV light touches materials ranging from cloth upholstery to hardwood flooring to a framed photograph, a photochemical reaction takes place that, over time, will lead to fading and discoloration. The process can be slow and subtle, but it is steady: move a carpet and look at the floor underneath it compared to a section always exposed to light to see ultraviolet light’s damaging effects. Only by blocking UV light with window tint, which has as much as a 99.9% effectiveness against ultraviolet light, can you be sure that your interior is protected while still enjoying bright, pleasant sunlight.