Conference Room Glass Frosting – Wells Fargo, Irvine

Conference Room Glass Frosting | Wells Fargo, Irvine

3 Reasons companies add Frost Film to glass walls.

1.) Safety

Glass walls divide a space beautifully, allows a lot of natural light into the office and gives it a sense of openness. If you have beautiful glass walls in your office it has probably happened to someone in the office- walking into a glass wall. Walking into a glass wall is embarrassing, awkward and at times downright painful.

If you’re the business owner watching someone walk into the glass isn’t as humorous and many businesses are taking precautionary measures to keep everyone safe. Businesses contact us constantly to add Frost Film or decals to glass partitions. Adding visible markings will help people see the glass preventing them from running into the glass and protecting your company from potential lawsuits.

2.) Privacy

Adding frost will create privacy by blocking visibility in and out without blocking natural light.

3.) Decor

Adding frost will transform your office – Color printing and custom design available.

We do everything in house and provide completely free mockups. Logos, designs, colors and textures … we can get it done quickly and perfectly.

We also offer large format digital printing which means we can offer large, full color, picture quality printed signs, window perforation and more.

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Recently Completed: Custom frost band for Wells Fargo, Irvine. 

frosted glass conference room and office

Frosted glass applied to Wells Fargo, Irvine


conference room privacy glass

Frost adds privacy and style to any conference room

glass frosting film

Custom frost for Wells Fargo, Irvine

conference room graphics

Conference Room Glass Frosting


Custom Frost band for Wells Fargo, Irvine

conference room graphics

Frost for conference room- color printing and custom design available

conference room graphic installation

Frost installation in progress

conference room graphic installation

Installation in progress

glass frosting office

Transform your conference room with Frost Film