Control Heat Gain With Skylight Window Film!

Skylights offer large amounts of natural light and also increase the aesthetics of your home. When making the decision to install skylights, most do not consider the negative effects. Skylights can cause severe heat build-up, problematic glare, and unnecessary air conditioning costs.

Tinting your skylight will solve your problem. Adding exterior window film to your skylights will allow you to appreciate the things you love about your skylights, and significantly reduce the things that you don’t love as much. HanitaTek offers exterior skylight films that are specifically designed to undergo horizontal or slopped exterior rooftop applications.

Here are some specs for the window film:

Visible light transmitted: 17%
Ultraviolent light rejection: 99%
Total solar energy rejection: 81%
Glare reduction: 81%

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tinted skylights

Skylights before installation.

how to tint skylights los angeles

View of skylights from inside the home

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Our client placed a cloth over the skylight to block heat, prior to installation

how to tint skylights los angeles

Professionally installed skylight window tint

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Window tint installed to reduce heat and block UV rays

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Close up of skylights after installation