Culver City Window Tinting: The Most Affordable Property Update

Culver City, California is one of the most popular spots in the greater Los Angeles region today. Like so many cities in this unique area, Culver City is a standalone city that happens to be carved out of the city and county of Los Angeles but which is fully independent. Culver City has its own police force, its own elected officials, its own school system, and more. But one thing Culver City shares with Los Angeles and all of Southern California is of course the climate. That’s why Culver City window tinting is so popular: this town sees more than its fair share of sunshine.

Because of all that sunshine, most homes in Culver City expend more than half of their electrical budget on air conditioning. Keeping a residence cool enough to be comfortable and safe is critical for those who live there, but it can also be quite expensive. While the primary reason for that expense is the warm temperature standard in LA, most homes pay much more than they should for electricity due to the windows. Windows allow solar heat into a home and are almost always the most poorly insulated part of the residence; these factors combine to drive energy costs up. (And that’s true both during the summer and the winter; poor insulation lets cool air seep out during the summer and warmed air escape when it’s cold in Los Angeles, which does happen every year, contrary to popular perception.)

With residential window tint Culver City homes stay cooler even when the sun is shining for twelve hours a day or more in the middle of the summer. Window tint rejects most of the invisible near infrared solar radiation that passes almost unchecked through regular glass windows and causes interior temperatures to rise. By blocking this solar energy, window tint keeps your Culver City home cool. And you don’t have to run the AC or fans to cool down a home that didn’t heat up in the first place.

Beyond that prevented heat gain, window film adds additional insulation to the windows — so much so that a single-pane window will act like a double paned window once window tint is applied (and a double-pane window will work like a tri-paned model). This helps to keep the interior temperature you have established at a constant, meaning less frequent and shorter use of HVAC systems.

Because window tint blocks out much of the hot portion of the sunlight spectrum you want to keep out of the home, ironically window tinting often allows you to enjoy a brighter residence: window tinting will not noticeably reduce the amount of the visible light you love, so once your Culver City window tinting job is completed, you will be able to open the drapes and raise the blinds more often, enjoying a home that is both brighter and cooler.

Reduce Heat

Applying window film to your windows will reduce the amount of heat that you are feeling in your home

Reduce heat

Keep your home cooler in the Summer with window film

Reduce Heat

Your home will be brighter and cooler after applying window tint to your home windows

Privacy Film

Window film can also give you privacy for your home with privacy film