Day and Night Privacy Window Film

Window film can provide 24-hour total privacy with light blocking window films. This Los Angeles spa wanted to add privacy for and darkness to enhance the customer experience when visiting the spa. Our client also wanted to add their logo to the door of their storefront.

Our consultant visited the spa to provide the client with a free consultation. During the consultation the windows were measured, we provided film samples for the client to keep, and answered any questions that the client had. We also provided a free mock up so that our client was able to see exactly what the finished product will look like after the installation is completed.

Our client decided on 100% total light blocking window film. This film blocks visibility both in and out 24-hours a day. While providing privacy the film also blocks 99% of UV rays.

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privacy window film opaque

Image the mock up provided to client for approval before installation.

storefront window tint

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non reflective privacy tint

View of windows from the inside

commercial window tinting

Close up image of the window film

commercial window tinting near me

Window film installed to increase privacy both day and night

decorative commercial window film

View of windows after professional installation