EnerLogic Commercial Window Film


Reduce your business’s energy costs and enhance sales and efficiency all year round thanks to EnerLogic window film. 

Window Tint LA proudly offers our commercial clients EnerLogic 70 window film, a cutting-edge window tint that can reduce your facility’s heating and cooling costs and improve the productivity of a workplace, a retail location, or any other commercial enterprise.

EnerLogic 70 window film can reduce a building’s climate control costs in both the warmer months and in colder seasons because beyond serving as a window tint alone, this film both blocks unwanted solar heat and adds a layer of insulation to a facility’s glass windows, helping maintain the desired interior temperature.

We work with Los Angeles commercial window tint clients of all types and sizes, and after a careful assessment of their facility and a consultation to discuss their business’s needs, EnergLogic window film is often the choice at which the client and we mutually arrive. Please feel free to request an in-person meeting to discuss the potential cost savings and other benefits your business could gain from installing this high quality window tint.

Heat Rejection

The more windows your business has, the more solar heat is getting in, and the more you are wasting electricity to keep your employees, customers, and/or clients cool by running your HVAC systems. EnerLogic 70 window tint blocks more than 40% of the solar heat that would otherwise enter your facility, rejecting much of the warming infrared solar rays chiefly responsible for elevating interior temperatures. From an office building to a warehouse to a retail location, if your business has windows, you stand to save money with window tint.

Enhanced Insulation

Commercial window film can reduce a business’s annual electrical costs by as much as 10%. With EnerLogic window film, much of these savings come through the reduced need for heating. Applying EnerLogic 70 window film to a business’s windows is as effective as adding a whole new layer of glass. EnerLogic window film helps keep heat inside your business even when exterior temperatures drop, maintaining a comfortable workplace or customer experience and reducing the need for use of central heating.

Enhanced insulation is also a great benefit to your business when the weather turns warm: untreated windows allow uncomfortable hot spots in areas of a building near glass windows, and allow the cooler overall interior temperatures to dissipate. In the summertime, not only can EnerLogic window tint prevent your commercial location from heating up, but it can also help preserve the cool interior air you achieve through A/C systems.

Return On Investment

Windows account for the vast majority of heat entering a building during the warm seasons or lost from your business when it is cold out. A typical window is 30 times less efficiently insulated than the wall that surrounds it. Newer, modern windows do offer much better insulation properties than older windows, but due to the cost of window replacement, it will be an average of at least 15 years before your business recoups its investment in new windows through reduced HVAC costs. On the other hand, EnerLogic window film we usually pay for itself through heating and cooling savings in less than three years.

Ultraviolet Ray Rejection

Over time, UV light can cause severe damage to your facility’s interior and to the property and/or merchandise therein. Ultraviolet light fades and discolors floors and carpets, it damages upholstery and window treatments, and it can bleach and discolor paperwork and artwork, including photographs. EnerLogic window tint blocks 99% of the UV rays that would otherwise enter your business, protecting furnishings and merchandise and helping to keep your staff and visitors safe from skin damage, too.

Glare Reduction

EnerLogic window tint allows in approximately 70% of the visible light that makes your business a pleasant and productive place for employees and visitors, but it also reduces the sunlight’s harsh glare by as much as 22%. That makes it easier for office workers to see computer screens, for for retail customers to browse inventory, or for safer operation of machinery in industrial settings. Reduced glare means less eyestrain and might even help reduce fatigue and stress levels.

Commercial Window Tint Installation

For many types of business in Los Angeles window film installation is a single day project or at most a several day undertaking. The entire process may last just a few hours for commercial clients like a restaurant or retail outlet, and that is true even if your business has a range of windows in myriad shapes and sizes. Every window in your business receives a custom-cut sheet of EnerLogic window tint, so ensuring a proper fit is never an issue.

The window tint application process is almost disruption-free, so work can continue even as our installers do their job. Window film installation and materials leave no mess behind, and the process is free of harmful, damaging, or odor-causing chemicals. Call up Window Tint LA today for a free, no-obligation estimate of what EnerLogic window film can do for your business.

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