EnerLogic Residential Window Film


Keep your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and more cost-effective all year round thanks to EnerLogic window film. 

Window Tint LA is proud to offer EnerLogic 70 window tint, a cutting-edge window film that can dramatically reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs. Notably, unlike with many types of residential window tint, EnerLogic 70 window film can reduce your climate control costs in both the hot summer months and in colder winter weather. That’s true because beyond acting as a mere window tint, this film actually adds a potent layer of insulation to your home’s glass windows. So whether you are worried about the heating costs of a mountain cabin enduring the cold of winter or the summer cooling costs of a residence in the valleys of Los Angeles window film is a wise choice for your home. This fine window tint also offers a host of other benefits for its residential clients, all of which help our clients decide that EnerLogic window tint is a logical choice for their family.

Heat Rejection

EnerLogic 70 window tint blocks more than 40% of the sun’s heat, rejecting much of the warming infrared solar rays that elevate interior temperatures during the warm months and necessitating the costly use of air conditioning systems and electric fans.

Enhanced Insulation

Residential window film can save you 10% or more off of your annual overall energy bills, with much of these savings gained by reduced need for heating. Applying EnerLogic 70 window film to your home’s windows is as effective as adding another pane of glass. This window film helps keep heat inside your residence, maintaining a comfortable interior and reducing the need for central heating or power-hungry space heaters. This enhanced insulation is also a great benefit during warm weather when untreated windows allow uncomfortable warm spots in parts of your home and let cool interior temperatures dissipate in general. Thus in the summertime, not only can EnerLogic window tint keep your home from heating it up, it can keep it cooler, too. (Keep in mind that the claim of 10% off energy bills is not only of your HVAC costs but indeed off of your residence’s entire electrical bill.)

UV Light Blocking

Ultraviolet light can cause irreversible damage to your home’s interior. UV light fades and discolors hardwood floors and carpets, it damages upholstery and window treatments, and it can discolor and damage artwork, photographs, and documents. EnerLogic window tint blocks 99% of the UV light that would otherwise enter your home, protecting all your prized belongings and furnishings, not to mention your own skin.

Glare Reduction

While EnerLogic residential window tint allows in 70% of the visible light that makes your home a pleasant place to spend the day, it reduces the harsh glare of the sun’s light by as much as 22%. That makes it easier to see screens, to enjoy reading or writing, or simply to enjoy interior spaces without the need for drawn blinds or closed curtains. Reduced glare makes your home more pleasant, and also lessens eyestrain and may even reduce fatigue and stress.

Residential Window Tint Application

For most residences in Los Angeles window film installation is a single day project. In fact, the entire process may last only a few hours, even if your home has multiple windows in myriad shapes and sizes. EnerLogic window tint can be customized to fit on almost any type of glass window, whether it’s single- or double-paned, plate glass or made up of multiple panels, rounded, and so on. The process is clean and almost disruption-free and once the job is completed, there is no residual impact on your home other than windows that work better to protect your interior space and save you money on heating and cooling costs.


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Residential window film can save you 10% or more off of your annual overall energy bills.

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The film will also keep the warmth in your home in the winter.

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EnerLogic film will keep your home cooler in the summer.