EnerLogic Window Tint for Home and Business

EnerLogic Window Film

Window Tint LA is proud to offer EnerLogic window film, a product that can improve the energy efficiency and interior comfort of your Los Angeles residence or commercial location. Window tint reduces solar warming and creates a cooler, more pleasant and glare-free interior. EnerLogic window tint goes a step further, actually enhancing the insulation properties of the windows to which it is applied. That means lowered cooling costs thanks to reduced initial warming and a greater reduction of both cooling and heating costs thanks to better thermal insulation, and all without any noticeable effect on the appearance of your home or business.

EnerLogic Window Tint – Heat Reduction

To combat the steady warmth of the sunshine in Los Angeles window tint is a must-have update for the home or commercial location. Window tint reduces the amount of warming infrared sunlight that passes through glass windows, preventing the interior space from warming and curtailing the need for fans and air conditioning, thereby enhancing comfort and reducing electrical costs.

EnerLogic Window Tint – Enhanced Insulation

Applying EnerLogic window film to a glass window provides as much insulation benefit as adding another pane of glass. This thin, almost invisible film helps to prevent the change of interior temperatures, so the cool air your create with HVAC systems during the summer and the warmed air achieved through heating systems during the winter will be better maintained, meaning lowered HVAC costs all year round.

EnerLogic Window Film – Visible Light Transfer vs. Glare Reduction

Bright, natural sunlight helps to make a business more efficient and productive and a residence more pleasant and inviting. However, too much light can make computer and television screens hard to see and rooms too bright to occupy without blinds and drapes or without squinting and eyestrain. EnerLogic window tint allows in more than 70% of the natural light that leads to positive feelings and productivity, yet it reduces the harsh glare of direct, unchecked sunlight that makes interior spaces unpleasant.

EnerLogic Window Tint – UV Reduction

Ultraviolet light is invisible but it is far from innocuous. UV light is the chief culprit behind the photochemical reaction that leads to fading flooring, upholstery, and wall decor in sunlit rooms. Preventing sun damage to the furnishings and materials in your Los Angeles area home or business is as simple as applying sheets of EnerLogic window tint, which effectively blocks 99% of the UV light that would otherwise fade and discolor numerous elements of the interior.

EnerLogic Window Film – Installation Process

Applying EnerLogic window film can save your Los Angeles area facility or residence as much as 10% off overall annual electrical costs. The entire project, from materials to installation costs, usually pays for itself in terms of savings in just 2.5 years, and for a business or home of standard size, the installation process usually requires only one to two days. Every single pane of glass receives a custom-cut sheet of window film, so you can count on EnerLogic window film providing a seamless, all-but invisible update that will make interior spaces cooler, more evenly temperate, and more energy efficient. The process involves no dangerous or strong-smelling chemicals. Your updated home or facility will also be more eco-friendly, thanks to the reduced carbon footprint.

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Lower your energy costs with EnerLogic window film.

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All the films we carry block 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

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EnerLogic film will help keep the business cooler in the hot summer days and warmer in the cold winter days.

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EnerLogic film for businesses can also help lower energy costs.