Enjoying Sunny Santa Monica with Window Tint

Santa Monica is one of the most famous towns in Southern California. In fact, people all across America and from around the world have heard of this lovely ocean-side city and have seen it in movies and television shows and heard its name in songs. Real estate in Santa Monica is extremely valuable, and those people who live there know that they are fortunate to call such a desirable area home. If you are looking to make an update to your Santa Monica home that can increase its value even more, one of the best ways to do so is to update the windows with window tint. And think of this: window film might be the only residential improvement that ends up paying for itself in just a few short years.

Most days of the year (after the morning fog burns off) sunshine fills a Santa Monica home with light, making the property bright and inviting. But sunlight also fills a home with infrared solar energy, which can send the temperature soaring and make a residence too warm for comfort without the use of fans and air conditioning systems. Most homes in fact expend as much as fifty percent of their power bill on climate control. Residential window tint blocks as much as sixty percent or more of infrared warmth primarily responsible for heat gain, and keeps interiors cooler whether the sun is shining directly on the windows or not (infrared energy is not directional, so it can warm up your home even if the sun’s rays are coming right through the windows). The reduced use of AC will in turn reduce your energy bill enough to see window tint covering the cost of its own installation in time.

The other invisible portion of sunshine is ultraviolet light; this type of sunshine does not cause as much heat gain as infrared light, but it is the primary cause of faded and damaged interiors. UV light can discolor wood floors, bleach carpets, drapes, and upholstery, and fade (and eventually ruin) artwork and photographs you have hung on the walls. Museums and galleries use window film to protect the fine wares within their walls, and you can protect the furnishings in your Santa Monica home in just the same way. And when you don’t have to repair, restore, or replace the flooring, furniture, and decorations in your Santa Monica home, that means even more cost savings you will enjoy thanks to window tint. (And of course some things in your home can’t be replaced, so you need to protect them from ever becoming damaged.)


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