French Doors Window Film

Window film is a lot more sophisticated then it was in the early 1960’s. Originally the main objective of having window film installed was to control the temperature imbalances that resulted from solar radiation. As time went on there were new and exciting developments in the window film industry. Some of the improvements included the ability to reduce inferred heat, glare, add privacy, add security, reduce energy costs, and add a decorative touch to a home. Window film expanded to complement architectural designs.

Having French paned doors add an elegant touch to any home. The unique and classy touch of French paned doors also adds property value. Adding window film can increase the value even further.

You can choose from a clear film that won’t obstruct your view, decorative frost for privacy, security film, stained glass, etched glass, abstract and geometric design, floral designs, mosaic’s and many more options. You can go as classy or as eccentric as you would like. Adding a decorative touch to your French paned doors is all about your style.

Decorative film looks just as expensive as decorative glass but at a fraction of the cost. Adding window film is a great way to add décor and privacy to any room. Most of the decorative films offer up to 99% of UV Ray protection. The ultra violet rays are responsible for the fading of floors and furniture. So not only can you achieve a great look you will also be protecting your belongings from fading.

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Security Film

Security Film was applied to the doors and windows.

Decorative Frost

Frosted film was applied to this door for privacy

Decorative Frost

Decorative frost was added for privacy and decor

Mosaic film

Decorative mosaic film was added for privacy.

Decorative Film

Beautiful Abstract Decorative Film added to front door.

Frosted Film

These French Doors had a decorative frost applied to them for privacy. This film blocks visibility in and out while still allowing up to 73% of light to shine in.

French paned windows with Huper Optik Ceramic 40% Window Film Installed

French paned windows with Huper Optik Ceramic 40% Window Film Installed