Frost Privacy Films and Porter Ranch, Ca

“Porter Ranch residents care for the public safety in their hilly haven.”

The concept of frost privacy films in Porter Ranch, Ca is intriguing for a number of reasons. This community of the City of Los Angeles is the most affluent of the city’s San Fernando Valley neighborhoods. The $120,000-plus median household income means these residents invest greatly in their homes – and their neighborhood. Try walking around streets vacantly for an extended period of time and you won’t be left alone. Someone will visit and talk with you. Porter Ranch residents care for the public safety in their hilly haven – and frost privacy films make perfect sense to the safety-conscious.

Porter Ranch Homeownership High; as is Care

Of all the housing units in Porter Ranch, almost 92 percent are occupied by their owners. The lack of renters means home ownership is important to these residents and they will be cognizant of their property values. In that vein, deterring crime and keeping crime rates down carries value. Frosted window film prevents potential thieves from peering into windows, and seeing valuable items inside. That alone can thwart potential burglaries or break-ins. One might say, “Well we keep the blinds drawn all the time.” Are you sure? Even so, frost privacy films in Porter Ranch always leave that peace of mind that it doesn’t matter if you remembered or not.

Privacy for Security, Safety and … Special Time

Then there’s the increased sense of seclusion with frost privacy films in Porter Ranch and nearby communities like Northridge, Chatsworth and Winnetka. Preventing thieves from seeing expensive items like antiques and clocks is important; but so is whether passersby will see private moments or family members exiting the shower. Frosted window film can be ordered in many thickness levels. The film obscures the vision of those on the outside, making it ideal for homes on corners, near heavy traffic areas, trails or parks. And Porter Ranch’s location among the hills means there’s plenty of open space and trails nearby.

Home Exteriors can Get as Exotic as You Want

Finally, there’s the aesthetic improvement to the exterior of homes with frost privacy films in Porter Ranch; the added safety in case of window breakage; and of course protection from the sun’s dangerous rays. Frosted window film is an alternative to the more costly etched glass, and comes in an almost endless list of designs to match any home style. Frosted film is available in many colors and tint shades to highlight any window or door area, and even mirrors! A home can really stick out among all the other subdivision models in the 91326 Zip code.

‘Calm Outpost’ not Always so Serene

This so-called “calm outpost of Los Angeles” (according to the Los Angeles Times in 2008) is not so calm when Santa Ana winds come howling through each late summer and early fall. Winds have been clocked as high as 70 mph can take down trees. If winds kick an object airborne, and your home window is struck, the impact inside is lessened if window film is applied. With a film, a window tends to hold in the frame and prevent sending glass shards into people and pets. And last but certainly not least, decorative frosted privacy window film can block nearly all ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer, and keep home interiors cooler so you save on electricity bills by keeping the air conditioner off.

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