Frost Privacy Window Film for Hawaiian Gardens Homes

“These residential window films do not have to be shiny or otherwise detract from your home’s exterior impact.”

Its homeowners can be ever-vigilant for that little edge for their property – a reason why frost privacy window film in Hawaiian Gardens is like a best-kept secret. Homeowners eyeing re-sale time want the most value for their property. In neighborhoods with many same-style structures, differentiation is key. You can make your home stand out, especially from the ever-important curbside view, with a decorative frost window film on all the street-facing glass. Think about how much square footage visible from the street is unimproved, rather boring glass. Why not put it to work?

Functional as well as Decorative

Frosted window film is decorative, certainly, but it also is a functional option over the more-expensive etched glass. What is attractive for owners of homes in Hawaiian Gardens or nearby communities like Cypress, La Palma or Lakewood is the nearly unlimited number of window film designs to match home décor, or establish a totally new look. A frosted window film also does not impair visuals from inside to out as much as you’d think – so passersby on the street can’t see what’s inside your home providing an element of crime deterrence. Not that Hawaiian Gardens is unsafe. Don’t leave it up to chance, by bolstering your privacy.

Always Combating Ill Effects of too much Sunshine

Like other window films for Hawaiian Gardens property owners, frost privacy window film provides other benefits such as rejection of harmful sun rays, and a constant cooling effect on the interior that ultimately saves a lot of money on energy bills. Quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer, plus a good portion of the heating infra-red rays. Hawaiian Gardens gets plenty of sunlight during a majority of days in the year, and leaving all that solar energy unaddressed means running the air conditioning unit more often.

Frosted Window Film can Add Value to Properties

Aside from the savings, there is potential to add value to your home with a frost privacy window film in Hawaiian Gardens. Frosted film is available in many colors and shades, which can be applied to highlight a window or door area. Or simply go with a regular residential window film but in a decent tint shade like 50 percent charcoal, which still lets in half the light but without the solar energy with it. These residential window films do not have to be shiny or otherwise detract from your home’s exterior impact. Contrary, many top-quality window films come with strong glare reduction performance figures.

Options Galore for Residential Window Film Treatment

Contact us today to talk with one of our experienced technicians about which residential window film might be best for your Hawaiian Gardens property. The frosted window film option provides a lot of privacy inside, while also perhaps deterring crime in the process. Frosted window film comes in many thicknesses, so owners of homes on busy traffic areas are keen to add a bit of visual obstruction to view lines into rooms. You’re also protecting humans and personal items inside from potential damage from the sun’s rays, and go with a scratch-resistant coating to easily replace the film. You have many options for window film on Hawaiian Gardens homes and commercial properties.

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