Frost Window Film in Anaheim Hills

“No-gooders from adjacent areas, tired of hitting the same places or unhappy with the loot they get, take to the roads to find greener pastures.”

Think frost window film in Anaheim Hills and you don’t have to let your mind wander too far away. You can almost envision frosted windows somewhere at nearby Disneyland, or maybe even Knott’s Berry Farm. But unlike its namesake, Anaheim Hills was not developed (almost haphazardly) over many years. This planned community in the eastern edge of Anaheim is organized, relatively new and very affluent. Which is a reason why frost window film might make sense. The affluence along with clean, open and well-lit streets makes it ripe for unwanted visitors.

Make Your Home Less Attractive – to Would-Be Burglars

Too often we hear of a series of break-ins in some usually safe and quiet community. Basically no-gooders from adjacent areas, tired of hitting the same places or unhappy with the loot they get, take to the roads to find greener pastures. Anaheim Hills is not all that close to troubled areas – it’s near Yorba Linda, home of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, as well as Villa Park and Anaheim – but you’d be surprised how far seasoned burglars in the Los Angeles area will go. Adding frost window film to your home makes it that much less of a target, because culprits can’t see inside to pre-plan. Why let passersby see into your home?

Frost Window Tint Adding Style to Anaheim Hills Homes

Aside from the security angle, frost window film in Anaheim Hills can add touches of style. Look around newer planned communities. You see almost cookie-cutter subdivisions, with a few styles of homes peppered among each other. For the most part they all look alike. Now, put a shade of frost on some windows and you have added a touch that will stick out from the other house models. Believe it or not, the population of Anaheim Hills approaches 60,000, so there’s a lot of home models and making yours stand out is quite the challenge. You can only do so much with landscaping and new roof colors.

Distinctions with Frost Window Tint in Anaheim Hills and Nearby

And how exactly would frost window tint in Anaheim Hills homes make them more likely to differentiate? Frosted window film is a decorative alternative to frosted and etched glass – but frosted films also are functional. You can choose from an almost unlimited number of window film designs, which makes it easier to align with styles of your home’s décor inside and out. With frosted window film remember they look different from the inside, too. Frosted window film comes in many colors and shades also, so you can look up and down the street to see which shade will be unique.

Save Money, Too, with Frost Windows in Anaheim Hills

The median household income in Anaheim Hills is about $125,000, way up there in the scale comparing American communities. Residents there are affluent, and know what they want. What they desire is to one-up their neighbors and colleagues. Adding frost window tint helps make that distinction from the outside. Something to consider is what you don’t have to tell your neighbors: frosted window film also helps save money. They shade and otherwise reject sun rays and solar power, therefore keeping a home’s interior cooler and the air conditioning unit off. The savings on electricity bills can be considerable.

frosted window film

Frost film applied to closet doors

white frosted privacy decorative window film

Frost film comes in various different colors and designs

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Frost window film provides total privacy day and night

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Frost film applied to front door to increase privacy day and night

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Protect your home from burglars with privacy film