Frost Window Film Applied for Increased Office Privacy in Pico Rivera, California

We recently installed Frosted Window Film to the offices of Century 21 in Pico Rivera, CA.  to block visibility in to offices. In addition to full frost we printed and installed their logo out of frost.

Frost window film is commonly applied to homes and commercial properties because it provides privacy day and night by obscuring the view without blocking light.

How does Frost Film work? If privacy is a concern, frost window film is a great solution because it blocks visibility while still allowing 73% of light to pass through.

Where can Frost Window Film Be applied?

• Conference rooms
• Office Windows
• Lobbies
• Retail Stores
• Shower Doors
• Closet Doors
• Exterior windows
• Partitions
• Verandas

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We provide completely free estimates for both homes and businesses. We’ll come to you, measure the glass areas, show you the sample films, and answer any questions you have. We look forward to speaking with you.

Etched Glass Decal

Etched glass decal made with frost window film

Frost Window Film Applied To Office For Privacy

Frost Window Film Applied To Office For Privacy, Pico Rivera, CA

Before applying Frost Window Film


Privacy Window Film Added To Century 21 Offices in Pico Rivera, CA

Office Window Privacy Window Film

Office Window Privacy Window Film

Office Window Privacy Window Film