Frost Your Windows For Privacy

Are you looking for privacy but are tired of drapes? Then applying window film is a great way to go. Window film doesn’t require all of that dusting and cleaning. Its fairly easy to clean and maintain. Still giving you total day and night privacy. The film will also block UV rays which are the cause of fading of the floors and furniture.

What does Privacy Frost do?

Blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays

Reduces glare by 19%

Rejects up to 25% solar energy

Still allows 73% of light in

Total day and night privacy

Privacy Frost

Before window film was applied. Without frost people are able to see into any room

Privacy Frost

Before and After Photos

Privacy Frost

Before and After pictures of Frost

Privacy Frost

Get total privacy day and night with a Frost and still have 73% of light come into the home

Privacy Frost

Privacy Film gives you total day and night privacy


Privacy Frost

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