Frosted Privacy Window Film in Holmby Hills (and Similar Neighborhoods)

“Holmby Hills residents like to think, and often act, independently.”

Not every homeowner considers frosted privacy window film, but Holmby Hills and Los Angeles neighborhoods of similar makeup seem prime candidates. That is, homeowners with sense of style, and also of privacy. Frosted privacy window films do what’s noted in the name of this window film type. They add a cloudy tint to glass that otherwise might let prying eyes see clearly into your home. As opposed to window tint shading which is uniform and darker in color, like the popular charcoal shade, frost tinting comes in different colors and styles.

Extra Crime-Deterrent Measure

An affluent neighborhood in what is known as the Westwood district of Los Angeles, Holmby Hills is bordered by Beverly Hills on the east, Beverly Glen Boulevard on the west, Bel Air on the north and Wilshire Boulevard to the south. The famous Sunset Boulevard basically cuts Holmby Hills in halves north-south-wise. Clearly some prime real estate, which owners want to keep that way. Residents here are cognizant of crime-deterrent measures and are apt to contact authorities for anything suspicious. They are willing to take extra precautions to protect their privacy and safety. Some residents may or may not have considered frosted privacy window film for their home windows; but they should.

Reinforce Home Windows with Frosted Privacy Window Film

Unfortunately too many home owners overlook the least secure element of a property: the windows. These large openings are protected only by a thin sheet of glass. For larger properties, that means a lot of openings, sometimes quite huge. To bolster windows, window film can be applied which reinforces the glass and usually holds broken pieces to the frame in case of impact. This can help deter in-progress burglaries, and also protects people and pets inside from flying little pieces of sharp glass. Reinforcing windows with frosted privacy window film is both a crime-deterring as well as safety home improvement.

Be Like No Other with Distinct Frosted Window Film

Many residents are proud that Holmby Hills can be recognized by its different type of street lamps. The lamps, plus speed bumps on neighborhood streets, make the community different from most others. In that vein, Holmby Hills residents like to think, and often act, independently. If that means making their home windows look like no other, so be it. The aesthetic improvement to the exterior of Holmby Hills homes with frosted privacy window film would be noticeable, a head-turning (or car-slowing) style element. Frosted window film is an option over costly etched glass and is available in a seemingly endless list of designs, colors and tint shades to match home styles.

True Protection from the Sun’s Power

Finally there is protection from the sun’s power for frosted window film in Holmby Hills. Most quality window films block nearly all of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays), which are known to cause skin cancer, as well as a good portion of the heating infra-red rays (IR rays). As well, privacy frosted window film helps reject heat from the structure, keeping the insides cooler and ultimately saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in electricity bills as air conditioning units are turned on less often. A Holmby Hills residence can really differentiate from others in the neighborhood with distinct frosted window film.

Privacy Frost

Privacy Frost will add total privacy to this bathroom

Privacy Frost

Total day and night privacy with Frost

Privacy Frost

View of the front door after frost was aplied

Privacy Frost

Tinting your skylights can give your privacy and also block harmful UV Rays from coming in