Frosted Privacy Window Film in Los Angeles

Enhancing the look of your home or office with window film to help make your space more desirable and unique. Using a Frost Window Film or Dusted Crystal Film will help turn any ordinary space, with glass, into a unique one that will become more enticing. 

Here at Window Tint LA we provide home and business owners with film options that can convert a boring office, conference room, home, or even a bathroom into a exciting new space with beautiful surroundings.

Without losing the natural light, Frosted and Dusted Crystal Films can transform your home or business with a new fresh look. This film can be added to a conference room for more privacy in the work space or to a glass shower for extra privacy. It can be used to decorate any glass that might need a make over/fresh new look.

light frost window film

Frost film installed to increase privacy for Los Angeles home.

film to frost windows

Frost film added to residential bathroom windows.

complete privacy window film

Bronze frost window film. View of window from outside (left) and view from inside (right)

frosted glass film

Privacy film added to garage door to block visibility.

privacy window film opaque

Frost film installed to provide privacy in a Los Angeles office space.

daytime privacy window film

Frosted film added to shower door to increase privacy

day and night privacy window film

Frost window film provides total privacy both day and night